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  1. inflame the dragon

    What is that one Doom level that you love but everyone else hates.

    doom1's E2M2, E3M2, E3M3, and doom2's MAP18. i enjoy open maps that is fast and easy to complete but has alot of optional areas!
  2. so so so so pretty!!! ^^ i loved, the gameplay is so smooth, it doesn't push me to my limits, but it's really fun to play, both in combat design and level progression! the looks are incredible too!
  3. inflame the dragon

    looking for doom console command on ending a level

    on gzdoom type on the console "nextmap" to go to skip the level you are in. ah, and to use the cheat IDCLEV, just type IDCLEV and the level number. - to map25: "IDCLEV25" if the level number is just one digit you type "0" first, like this: - to map01: "IDCLEV01"
  4. i used to download chocolate-doom from the ubuntu repository then i was really young. in 2018 (probably earlier) i got curious and decided i wanted to play the game again and learn a bit more about it. nowdays it's a big part of my life! ^^
  5. inflame the dragon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    *i know... i know i let you down, i've been a fool to myself. i thought that i could live for no one else...*
  6. inflame the dragon

    Started map making (also changed the music)

    yo! this is cool, i played both maps on prboom+ on UV "ultra-violence" this is really creative and cute. the maps have alot of charm with their little details and doomcute! but the mapping quality is a little wanky "alot of hall of mirrors, texture misalignment, and weird doors/sector movement", but i had fun playing it anyway. you really have a lot of talent! and AtticTelephone is right, do maps for vanilla and boom, it's good do play around with doom's limitations, it helps you better understand the game. study and play a lot of wads from different people too! get inspired, it's super super important! i'm excited to see your next maps! ^w^ ps. i saw that little ralsei on the ground, i like him too! ^^
  7. i'm playing it right now, it's so cool to see our project reach this point of polish! thank you for continuing it! ^w^ ps: this effect is really cool!
  8. inflame the dragon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Picked up a medikit that you REALLY need!
  9. inflame the dragon

    DOOM II: HoE

    Doom2 or just D2 is shorter, but i liked DIIHoE/D2HoE, sounds and looks cooler!
  10. inflame the dragon

    Mods that are cool but trigger your ocd

    back around in 2020, i was used to use this input setup: WASD, mouselook, mouse1 to shoot, spacebar to use. when i played some gzdoom mods, "on gzdoom i used to leave spacebar to jump and E to use" i usually missed jumps by pressing the use key instead of the jump key. and when this kind of thing happend, i used to change the keys to: use on spacebar and jump on alt, then i missed my jumps anyway... -w-" it went back and forth until i just gave-up. now i just use "e" to interact in every sourceport... ah... well my ocd... my ocd was having jump enabled at all. >w<" i don't mind it nowdays.
  11. inflame the dragon

    What are you listening to?

    i love video-game music, sometimes i prefer vgm over normal music. this is a remix from a pokemon dungeon-crawler game were you join a world were only pokemon exists. (and you turn yourself into one) the story has you uncovering why you are in this world, but the real focus is the friendship of you and a friend. you meet him since the start of the game, you both make a rescue team to help pokemon in need while soving your own mystery. in this part of the game, after a missunderstanding, you and your friend have to run away as fugitives from a really poweful team, they think you are the cause of the disasters around their world... after running away for 3/4 entire levels without any pauses for buying/resupply your character starts to give up.. in a really snowy tundra, this music starts playing and your friend starts convising you otherwise, remembiring the teamwork and friendship you both have, showing how far you both come. i can't discribe how it goes exacly, my english is pretty bad nowdays. but this part of the game is what sells it to me. it's so magical. i can't do justice to tell how good this part is. is geunily beutiful! and ye! i really like this music, sounds like someone saying something from the heart~ the original: (sorry for the horrible english, i don't have any word corretion on my phone's browser
  12. inflame the dragon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    furry wild doggie with a radiation suit powerup
  13. inflame the dragon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    lushly green ruins, it's a remake of a map i did back in mid 2021, this remake is for a vanilla compatible wad i'm making. (screenshots from chocolate-doom and dsda-doom)
  14. inflame the dragon

    Ideal WAD Length? - Poll

    i really enjoy the idea of doom1-like episodes, i prefer then more then +20 maps in a row.
  15. inflame the dragon

    akashic migraine [-CL21] [RC1] (now on idgames!)

    i completed a UV 100% run on dsda-doom, and i really really really loved this! the atmosphere/ aesthetic, the music ( that is freaking awesome! did you sample a revenant screaming? i loved every second of it ), the difficulty that is just on the right spot for me! this is a 10/10 for me. it was really fun to play, this wad is awesome. good job!