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  1. this is a wad that i started to make in april and finished in may. this wad is to be run with doom2.


    story- After getting a distress call from one of the uac mars bases that a experament(i know ma spelling sucks) has gone wrong and opened a portal to hell and the base is being invaded by deamons
    you grab your gear and your shotgun and head to the base as fast as possable. and know its time to rip and tear once again enjoy!

    please note that the music in this wad is a midi version of a song in the starcraft ost i did not make the midi all credit for the midi goes to its creator.

    uac base.zip

    bandicam 2019-08-12 22-27-54-075.jpg

    bandicam 2019-08-12 22-29-47-800.jpg

    bandicam 2019-08-12 22-30-10-614.jpg