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  1. this is another one of my earlier wads that took about maybe 1to2 weeks to make i cant remember but anyway this wad is to be run with doom2


    story- doom guy has come to the local food market to get some things and everything is going fine until he sees people runing away from the market screaming DEMONS RUNN!!!
    looks like the demons did not read the NO DEMONS sign but whatever saving the people will make the town happy and they give you some money that will pay for the gas for the next month.
    so now you get out of your truck and get your super shotgun out of the back of the truck and prepare to rip and tear once again enjoy!!


    bandicam 2019-08-13 20-03-28-301.jpg

    bandicam 2019-08-13 20-04-01-502.jpg

    bandicam 2019-08-13 20-04-52-955.jpg

    1. DuckReconMajor


      Ran through this a couple times. It was fun while it lasted. 

    2. pop13lolol


      im glad you liked it