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Everything posted by mariopepper

  1. mariopepper

    What are you reading now?

    I am reading Arch of Triumph and I almost done with it. Have anyone readd it before? or write any works about using this book? I am not a big reading fan but I was asked to read and write paperwork by using content and the main part of the book, use quotes etc... It was really hard enough for me so I asked professional essay writers for some help and after all I got what I needed. Now I can certainly say that this book worth reading.
  2. mariopepper

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    dota 2.. really nice game for me. Didn't expect
  3. mariopepper

    What is your hobby?

    My favorite hobby is wood work. I like working with chainsaw as a real man. It's hard but very impulsive hobby of mine. I also like to work with different tools and now I am going to take a new chainsaw. Thanks to poulan chainsaws I have a lot of different opportunities what to buy. Here is my strange but lovely hobby. I also like collect coind and old books. Is there anyone with simillar hobbies?