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  1. A.H. Sankhatayan


    Here is the final version Map01. I removed/replaced some more hitscanners and placed some more decoration. Also 1 new secret. + some progress on Map29 A.I.M..zip
  2. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Some of the best wads you've played?

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard <3
  3. Writing about Eternal Doom so much made me want to go play it again after a pretty long time. At some point I said that Time Gate is one of my favourite levels ever, and somehow, I completely forgot how unfathomably amazing Nucleus is. Everything about that level is perfection, my god... 

  4. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    More edits to OP: Added various info about the ED music, from the thread @matador linked. Later I intend to add information about post EDIII release stuff i.e. Rich Nagel's DeHackEd patch for EDIII, Eternal Deathmatch, ED Soundtrack release. Also a section about what original TE members did once the teams merged (including EDIV). Stay tuned! That would be great. I actually wanted to become a wiki contributor, but I thought my english skills aren't up to the professional standard it has.
  5. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    I'm thinking about writing another , uhm... thing, this time putting together history of TeamTNT, if anyone wants it, that is. Right now I'm in looking through all that archived usenet stuff. I might find some non-well known information there. As far as Ragnarok is concerned, Ty talked about it a lot in the 5 Years of Doom interview. It was started sometime after the release of Icarus and was always intended to be a mod/total conversion. All-new textures, sprites, levels, music, monsters, different palette,... Also a lot of DeHackEd stuff. By the time of the interview, 25% of the work was done in the planning a designing stages. Original release schedule was around 1997, but it was later pushed to 1999. At this point, it was going to make full use of the new Boom engine's capabilities. In January 1999, development was put on hold, as the team decided to focus on their new project, OGRE (the Open Gaming Resource Engine). Ragnarok was going to be restarted and developed specifically for OGRE. And then in 2007: "We begin a permanent hold... Update 14 Oct 2007: Actually we quit doing anything on this years ago and even used some of the "spare parts" in Daedalus. Don't plan to ever see this one." At some point they released the first 8 chapters of the story. You can check it out on their site.
  6. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Witchaven 1 and 2 Now Available on GOG

    There is an awesome interview somewhere with Les Bird, programmer of Corridor 7, which contains probably the most information we have from behind the closed doors of Capstone. He says many interesting things, stories from development and so on. Remember those jumpscare monster face things that are both in C7 and Witchaven? The story behind them is quite amusing. If you are interested in Capstone or Corridor 7, you should read it. http://rvgfanatic.com/wordpress/index.php/corridor-7/ It's halfway through the article, which is a nice read by itself.
  7. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Witchaven 1 and 2 Now Available on GOG

    I agree that no game should be lost. Even though I think most Capstone games aren't very good, there are many interesting ideas and some genuinely good stuff. All of them had pretty good music for instance. One game of theirs I think is good, really good actually, is Corridor 7. In fact, I'd say it's the best game on the Wolf3D Engine (besides RoTT, but that was heavily modified).
  8. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Should I Make A Twitter Account?

    Doomworld is the only social media you need ;)
  9. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    I updated the OP to include more information you all provided and include relevant links. I also hopefully made it more cohesive, fixed some mistakes and updated info regarding EDII standalone release. That would be great but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe somebody else knows more? Check the relevant links section in the OP.
  10. You just had to post this while I'm busy with Eternal Doom history, so I wouldn't have time to talk about how Icarus is the best thing ever :DDD
  11. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    And here I thought I was gonna be preparing for my exams :D I need to get something to drink. Then it’s doom archaeology time.
  12. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    Thank you all for the positive response! Don't worry, hopefully this is just the start. I will continue to update the timeline with any information we find. Thank you for providing these. I'm already thinking about another possible source of information. In an old "Evolution of the Wad" thread, CapnClever found an old, archived Usenet posting by Ty Halderman https://www.gamers.org/pub/archives/doom/articles/art-1871. We might be able to find more at the The r.g.c.Doom Usenet postings archive hosted by gamers.org
  13. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Transparent Logo Appreciation thread

    This one from TeamTNT's Bloodlands looks like if Guy Fieri became a M_DOOM pic. Icarus: Alien Vanguard <3
  14. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    I checked them out. So ED II was released as a standalone package and also included Maps 28-32, which aren't mentioned in any textfiles. They are all the same octagonal arena in the sky with random monsters and supplies. Why? I dunno. They all use Eternal Medley as the soundtrack (same as Map27)
  15. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Eternal Doom/Team Eternal and TeamTNT (Piecing History Together)

    Some random additional closing thoughts: I've decided to add this to the OP, to make the whole thing more cohesive.