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  1. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was looking up discussions about Jim Dethlefsen (Evilution MAP05: Hanger, Icarus MAP26: Weapons Bay) on the forum, because I am trying to make map in his style and wanted to find some interesting observations. In the process, I stumbled upon a thread from 2004 in which, among other things, Ty Halderman mentioned that TeamTNT knew about the missing yellow key in MAP31: Pharaoh, and gave id a fixed version at least a month before they packaged Final Doom up. For whatever reason, id simply didn't include it.
  2. A.H. Sankhatayan

    What are some good MegaWADS

    Icarus: Alien Vanguard and Eternal DOOM
  3. A.H. Sankhatayan

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - Beta 1.2 is live!

    I'm going to give this a shot. Although I've never tried making a map with so few sectors. Well, we will see.
  4. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Any good wads that focus on exploring?

    Daedalus: Alien Defense is a great one. Lot of emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving, although it may get a little too confusing at points. It is a sequel to Icarus: Alien Vanguard, which is also pretty great, but there is still lot of shooting and less of exploration and puzzles.
  5. @LucidLocomotive So, it's been quite some time since this thread started. Did you finish Evilution? How did you feel about the rest of the levels?
  6. A.H. Sankhatayan

    "ISOLATION" speedmapping project - BETA 2 RELEASED

    Sorry this took so long. My computer died and I had to get a new one. I put the exit into the big open area, removing the need for backtracking, added some block monster lines to fix monsters getting stuck and adjusted some textures. SPV5.zip
  7. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Which moon do you think TNT Evilution takes place on?

    Another wall of text in Eastern European English incoming. Hide your grammatical articles. I think we can assume they didn't have any specific moon in mind. As Faceman2000 said, the original Doom's skies aren't exactly corresponding to their locations. Although Phobos (E1) is heavily cratered and full of grooves. The mountains in the sky could be very vaguely interpreted as such environment, but I don't think id folks really cared. Deimos (E2) is cratered, but the surface is noticeably smoother than that of Phobos. TeamTNT probably just found some nice looking sky (it is very pretty) and put it in. With that being said, I think it would be fun to try and determine which moon could be it/they may have intended it to be. That is if they did indeed have any in mind. I never thought I would be one of those people that over-analyze 'lore', especially of something like TNT: Evilution, but here we go. At the time of TNT: Evilution's release, we knew only 17 moons of Jupiter that could have been potentially used as the setting (79 are known right now (24.4.2020)). Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Amalthea, Himalia, Elara, Pasiphae, Sinope, Lysithea, Carme, Ananke, Leda, Themisto, Metis, Adrastea and Thebe. We know this about the one Evilution takes place on: 1. E1 sky texture is set in daytime and clearly shows a brown sky and snowcapped mountains 2. E2 sky texture is set at nighttime and is filled with stars, with no mountains in sight. We can assume the E2 part of the base is either far away from the E1 part, or that it is located higher up in the mountains seen in E1 3. While not directly stated, the UAC must be able to create and sustain earth-like atmosphere, even on outside areas surrounding the bases, if we go by the logic of the original Doom. That means, gravity, atmosphere and potential habitability aren't really factors, since UAC must be able to take care of that 4. In the manual, only one moon is mentioned. It is also stated it has 'rough-hewn landscape' (I don't know what that means and google results are confusing, help?) It is hour past midnight where I live, and I would really like to go to sleep instead of reading 17 whole wikipedia articles about Moons of Jupiter, of all things. So, I will continue with analysis of each moon when I wake up. In the meantime, if you disagree with something in this 'wonderful' text, or know something that might be useful in my 'analysis', let me know. To be continued.....
  9. They also made 4 other singleplayer WADs, 5 DM WADs and the BOOM source port. All for free.........
  10. Oh god, I forgot about the box texture. That one is pretty bad. Others are fine though, especially the computer textures. It may seem like I dislike Plutonia, but I actually really like it. It just lacks many things that make a truly great WAD. Still, the gameplay is fantastic, there are a few (6) levels that do have good atmosphere and the others still have the gameplay to elevate them. In context of IWADs, I'd give Plutonia 7/10, Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom 8/10 and Evilution 9/10 (Would be 10/10 if it weren't for Habitat and finale of Last Call).
  11. I disagree. Plutonia may have better gameplay (and it is really great, much better than Evilution), but it is behind in every other regard. Most of the maps are small, tight and devoid of anything interesting to explore (although there are some notable exceptions) and many of them have absolutely no atmosphere, with mostly bright rooms, and lot of green and brown. The maps don't connect in any meaningful way. You go from jungle temple to Abandoned Mines with metal textures all over and so on. There aren't even many interesting visual details. Half of the levels feel like characterless arenas, with combat being the only priority. And it gets old really fast. In Evilution, almost every level feels like a journey. Great atmosphere with fantastic use of lighting, grand locations full of secrets with many interesting places to explore with numerous ways to approach them. And, while not as good as Plutonia's, the combat is mostly okay, and there are some maps which have genuinely amazing encounters (Stronghold, for example). The music is also fantastic and helps the atmosphere. I don't see any problem with the custom textures. There aren't many of them, they are used sparingly, and most of them look great.
  12. I find Evilution to be quite underrated. I think there isn't a single bad map from 1 to 20. 7, 14 and 17 are not that great, but they're still pretty fun. All the new music is fantastic. You are very likely to enjoy 11-20, since they are mostly pretty similiar to 1-10, except they are bigger. Only Steel Works (14), Deepest Reaches (16) and Mill (18) differ from anything in 1-10, but I think they're great levels. 20-30, now that's something to talk about. Evilution's last third is definitely the weakest. Maps are much less detailed than the previous ones, mostly (*cough* Administration Centre *cough*) and the aesthetics are very different as well. Also, there are 4 (yes, four) underground cave-type levels, none of which is as good as Deepest Reaches. With all that being said, I still don't think it's as bad as everyone says. The only truly awful map, possibly the worst IWAD map in fact, is Habitat. And even that has some genuinely interesting stuff in it, and it is one of the shorter maps. Just don't try to find all of the secrets in the sewer area, trust me, it has some of the stupidest secrets ever. Administration Centre is a great, well detailed map if you take a break about halfway through and continue on the next day. If you try to complete the whole map in one sitting, it will drain all your energy and make you not want to play Doom for some time. I have a love/hate kind of relationship with this map, it has many great things in it, but it's so fucking huge and tiring.... Lunar Mining Project, Quarry, Ballistyx are mostly caves, which sounds bad but unlike the other levels, they are really short. And while forgettable, they are not bad, just average, really. They have some interesting structures in them. Especially the end of Ballistyx. Baron's Den is another underground cave level. Possible the least detailed map after Habitat. Very long, full of monotonous caves and few interesting areas between them, I kinda like it, but it's not a very good level. Mount Pain is one of the most hated levels, but it's for the same exact reasons as Metal (08) and since you liked that one, you will probably join me among the few people that love it. Heck and River Styx are the two standout maps of the last third. Large, beautiful, challenging and fun. River Styx is easily the best penultimate map of the IWADs. I have nothing else to say, just two amazing maps. Last Call is.... fine? The IoS fight is not very good, but the puzzle at the beginning and general aesthetics are very interesting and they really sell the feeling of a final level. So in conclusion of a massive wall of text with bad Eastern European English. I definitely think you will enjoy the second third of Evilution and it is possible you will enjoy the last third. I thought I was gonna hate entirety of Evilution after seeing some videos, but it ended up being my favourite IWAD, and I even enjoyed many of its notoriously hated (and supposedly bad) maps, like Metal or Mount Pain. I do hate Habitat, though. It is definitely underrated and worth playing.
  13. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Do we know who wrote the story for Final Doom?

    From Dario Casali's archived website: After our participation in the Evilution project (the other episode), we decided to construct our own, based on our storyline, rules and ideas. (https://web.archive.org/web/20061026004144/http://www.dcasali.com/games - finaldoom.html) I couldn't find anything about Evilution but I assume it was written by someone from TeamTNT (Ty Halderman, possibly?). Evilution was pretty much finished and ready to go before the publishing deal with id happened. Id asked them to change some of the levels because they were too big but I couldn't find any mentions of the story. TeamTNT also took more realistic approach to levels and design philosophy, which correspond with the text screens.
  14. It has been broken for some time now. Normally it would give you many results, especially when looking up something like Evilution.
  15. A.H. Sankhatayan

    Make A Story Out Of The Profile Pic Above You

    As Pink Floyd music becomes louder and louder, the girl from The Polar Express, grown up and thousand times more terrifying, uses the GTA cheat code that makes her head huge. Taw Tu'lki decides that the best way to fight dated computer animation is to simply run away.