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  1. Personally, I prefer the second release with Clandestine Complex. But, It doesnt hurt to download all 3 versions and play the levels your chosen version didnt have with Idclev
  2. halb

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    Thanks a ton for this! As a new player who wants to get quick fast, this post is an absoloute godsend. Ive beaten all the original games, sigil and eviternity all on uv pistol start, and I started scythe after being recommended it on reddit. So I think I might jump into the trial by fire that is Hell Revealed soon!
  3. halb

    10 Levels : 10 Monsters Each (Doom 2 wad)

    Just came across this wad and finished it on UV. I didnt expect that much of a challenge, with only 10 monsters. But god damn was I wrong, that was tough! Very pretty levels, and the ammount of tough but fair difficulty gotten from so few monsters was impresive. The first fight of map 10 felt a little unfair, but thats probably more on me being bad then the wad.