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  1. I've recently started making maps and the tutorial I followed recommended SLADE, and I absolutely love it. But I saw a little hate for it when randomly browsing these forums, and I'd like to know what everyone's opinion on it is, before my habits get set in stone and make it hard for me to switch. (I know one issue some people have is all the hotkeys, but I honestly love that. Once you get used to it you can work really fast.)
  2. creaky

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm working on my second Doom map ever, with a vague "sewage" theme:
  3. creaky

    Quad (aka: baby's first Doom map)

    Just updated the map with your changes. Thanks!
  4. After a few false starts, I finally knuckled down and ran through Eevee's You Should Make A Doom Level tutorial. The result is Quad, a teeny tiny level that took me the better part of a day to make. It's got a central arena with a super shotgun, a switch that opens up a monster closet, a balcony with a red key and a final boss room. Oh, and two secrets! Details: Built with SLADE using Doom 2 resources. Tested with GZDoom, freelook on. Has basic support for difficulty settings. Enjoy! Edit: Just updated "Quad v2" with changes from Magicana. Thanks! (Also fixed the ceiling height mistake you can see in the screenshot.) Quad v2.zip