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  1. There is also an issue with selecting the berserk fist too. In these new ports when you have the chainsaw you cant reselect berserk once youve changed away from it. In vanilla doom the chainsaw replaced the fist but allowed free access to it for the duration of the level with berserk from memory. I found it to be a bit of an annoying handicap personally since its my go to Pinky killer.
  2. DarkScythe13

    Worst Doom Level

    Doom E1M6 - Central Processing: i find it really boring. Its just the level design overall. Feels like a chore. E4M6 - Against Thee Wickedly: too much exposure to lava awkward demon placements and you kind of just need to know where to go with limited resources. Doom II MAP22 - Catacombs: feels too confined for the amount of hitscanners and placement of the revenants.
  3. DarkScythe13

    Best and wort levels.

    BEST -------- Ultimate Doom: Episode 1: E1M5 - Music is fantastic, atmosphere is fantastic. E1M2 - The first room, red key area, and outdoor area are unforgettable. The maze left an impact on me as a kid; I both liked and feared it. E1M7 - The first 'review' level before a boss level. Took some of the best parts of Knee-Deep in the Dead and expanded on them Episode 2: E2M4 - Mysterious music and environment. Love the COMPBLUE textured halls, the crusher room is more iconic the Doom II's name sake map. E2M2 - Love the crate maze, the music feels pretty sinister and tense. Punching out Imps within the maze is pretty fun and satisfying. E2M5 - The mix of hellish and UAC rooms is absolutely perfect IMO. Music fits the big feel of the map. So many routes and rooms to explore. Episode 3: E3M5 - The doors and rooms kind of remind me of E2M5. Of course yet again reuses the same music and again it works. Kind wish the outdoor teleporters led to more or different rooms, but still a level that sticks out to me. E3M6 - My favourite 'outdoor' level. I feel iike it's not a coincidence that both E1M6 and this which happen to have a reasonable amount of outdoor rooms use the same music track. the FIREBLU texture seems to go hand in hand with this level. Outdoor structures are interesting and relatively open to exploration. E3M9 - I kind of appreciate the added spin to E3M1. The new areas make the map a lot more interesting. Episode 4: E4M4 - A nice breather level. I appreciate the 'suspense' track playing again. Wish it had more rooms, but I like what it has/ E4M7 - I like the wooden theme of the level. I always remember the level being larger than it is for some reason. E4M9 - I kinda like the openess and design of the level compared to others. It has its strong points and flaws IMO though/ Doom II MAP28 - Best hell'ish' level by far. Music really is 'tense'. Only draw back is the need to shoot the textures near the end, but the rest of it is just so memorable and detailed. MAP15 - It's always been a fun idea to me; a city-like level with the hitscanners populating the 'streets'. The normal exit structure is also really memorable. MAP17 - Tough choice, but i'll put this here. I like a lot of the ideas thrown into it; each room is so detailed and looks so dinstinctly different (yet somehow all meshes so well) that i'd almost feel that each could be expanded into their own map. WORST -------- Ultimate Doom Episode 1: E1M6 - I don't know why but I never really cared a huge amount for it. It's a decent level and some interesting design choices. It's just the one i have the least interest in. E1M8 - As a kid I mainly disliked it because you had to die at the end, and the music seems really depressing (it's good though). E1M9 - To me this one sticks out like a sore thumb as being the most uninteresting secret level of the original 3 episodes. It felt like E2M9 and E3M9 had interesting gimmicks or level designs that made them feel 'special' or unique in some way (E2M9 provides all weapons, is a small arena and promotes infighting, while E3M9 is a surprise revisit and expansion of E3M1) Episode 2: E2M1 - Honestly I just want to finish it to get to the rest of the episode. It's the weakest of Episode 2 IMO. E2M3 - I like bits a pieces of the map, but I also get a bit bored of it. I dont care for the amount of Lost Souls in it especially. Episode 3: E3M4 - I like the idea of the blood room with corpses in it. The initial pinky area with flesh is interesting also. But it feels like a really slow level otherwise. As a kid I always felt a bit unnerved by the track too as i associated it with E1M8. Episode 4: E4M1 - I've learned to pass it pretty consistently with decent health, but the red skull trap with shotgunners is still a bit of a pain. No medkits and shotgun guys galore is a bad combination. E4M2 - I like it in theory, but I think the thing that I like least is the yellow key room with 4 barons and only having one radiation suit for most of the level. The only place you can really (reliably) stand your ground (unless you shoot through the doorway and autoaim messes things up) is to grab the suit and shoot from the lava pool. The other thing that annoys me is that all the caco corpses you end up leaving at the beginning end up littering the the start area, and ive been carelessly hit by imp fireballs when fighting off the horde of Cacodemons in the sheer chaos, especially on pistol start - that's only a minor thing though. E4M6 - I dont really care for the sheer amount of lava. I think that the opening 'moat' is a bit cheap. especially with the unpredictable spectres which will sometimes remain inside and be out of range, requiring you to quickly make quick work of them and depleting your health. Cyberdemon is nothing when you grab the Invulnerabiity I find.
  4. DarkScythe13

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I use them both these days but had grown up calling it plasma gun. Plasma rifle sounds more suitable from a lore perspective, but in game where i grew up with terms like ‘shotgun guy’ and ‘chaingun guy’, calling it plasmagun isnt so odd or unusual to me still.
  5. DarkScythe13


    Suspense. I used to find it a bit boring as a kid. But ever since I heard the reference to it in Olivia Pearce's theme in Doom (2016) and came to really appreciate it. Then I heard Andrew Hulshult's version and it felt like he had brought out the true potential of the track. It's since become my favourite theme in the game. Such a dark song, and it fits perfectly with the level, especially the last (dark) area of the level. In fact I feel the Classic Doom 3 mod really did a fantastic job in further playing up the creepiness of the level with it's decorative additions to said room.
  6. DarkScythe13

    Angry Video Game Nerd: Chex Quest

    It was a pleasant surprise of a review, and it was nice that he also mentioned GZDoom (and well sourceports) as a whole. He and Mike have put out a few Doom videos under James & Mike Mondays, but it'd be nice to see an actual tribute episode to Doom and Doom II. You can tell the guy really respects Doom, mentioning it a number of times and it shows in the videos they've done together.
  7. DarkScythe13


    1) Getting Too Tense - the perfect title for it really. The level itself has a tense atmosphere and the track is IMO the second most 'hellish' song in the game (after Opening to Hell) IMO. Somehow it feels like a more serious song than most of the other songs in the game which somehow just sound more fun and lively. This one sounds dramatic to me. 2) Waiting for Romero to Play - I feel like this is another fine choice for both maps. A mysterious courtyard, and a large relatively dark and mysterious level in Monster Condo. 3) Shawns Got the Shotgun - I like the use of it in a lot of large open levels. Hard to describe but I always felt it just kind of 'fit' somehow. 4) The Ultimate Challenge - I know its a Wolfenstein track, but as a boss track I quite like it. 5) Opening to Hell - I never used to like too much. Its relatively slow to start with. But once it gets going it has a really nice 'evil' and intense sound to it. Ive come to appreciate the the start also which has an eerie sound to it and perfect for a level which is meant to contain the ICON of SIN. To be perfectly honest, while I prefer the original Doom's Soundtrack overall, I definitely prefer this as a final level theme.
  8. DarkScythe13

    What is your favourite episode 2 level?

    It's a really tough choice for me, since I really do appreciate Episode 2 as a whole. I would go with E2M4 as my favourite though. Of the original 3 episodes it's one of the few with a unique music track, and the music track really adds to the overall intrigue and mystery of the level itself. I love the idea of a lot of the rooms, from the first crusher room, to the nukage pathways, and with my favourite area personally being the large COMPBLUE halls. Theres a lot of variety in the map, yet it IMO it flows really nicely. Helps that the version I used to play opened with a demo of the map each time too. As for the rest of the episode: E2M1 - It's... okay. I don't dislike it. I look back and kind of appreciate the detail of the player going from the regular UAC installation setting, through to more of the hell-based green marble area. It introduces teleporters to the player in a reasonable way. E2M2 - If not for E2M4, then this would have been my other favourite level. I love the crate maze. It's the perfect time to introduce berserk. Again another nice transition from the UAC storage area into the hellish central hub at the centre. I quite like the different secret and alternate paths also. The row of wooden crushers is rather iconic to me. The music is quite sinister and tense; perfect for the environment. E2M3 - A bit of a mixed bag. I actually quite liked the tunnel near the key room (the one with the plasma rifle and lost souls). I dont mind the side room near the start, and the hellish room with differently timed elevators was interesting. But that's really about it. I didnt care overly about the dark maze and the rest doesnt feel all that memorable to me. E2M5 - A really nice complex map with a nice emphasis on exploration and smaller rooms mixed with halls. The music from E1M7 (another large map) fits well in what may or may not have been a bit of a theme. It makes the map feel like a big deal in its position as in the middle of the episode. The perfect level to also stash a secret exit into. I particularly like the reddish area of the final (normal) exit area. I actually go out of my way to to clear out before going to the secret exit, and kind of wish there was a bit more of it. Something about the side tunnels in particular seem interesting, not to mention the divide between it and the wooden Zombieman room. E2M6 - I like the idea of it being one of the few levels which can be done in any real order. I also feel that this level really has (IMO) the best 'dark' area of the game. The wooden 'maze' and how it sort of sits along the grey halls as kind of an extended area is cool. As a kid, I used to be wary and on guard when passing, hoping not to alert any of the enemies from inside it. The fake exit area is also pretty cool and not entirely an unfair trap, at least probably once youve learned from the first time. It's also a map that best showcases how Doom can sometimes be full of surprises; having the demons being alerted and roaming about, particularly making your way back toward the exit. It's music track lends really well to the atmosphere also. E2M7 - A pretty nice penultimate level. It feels like a review of sorts, and a bit of a mish mash of ideas from previous Ep 2 levels (or maybe the others were inspired from this?). A nice reuse of a crate area (this time with Pinkie). My favourite area is actually the part around the Yellow Key door (the areas with blue carpet), and the use of the blue circle flat (I recall E2M2 had something similar). It's also one of the few later levels that I seemed to recall used all Keycards for the level. E2M8 - Good for what it is. A boss arena. I kind of appreciate it and E3M8 for being relatively straight forward. And its intermission graphic being built is probably my favourite little 'feature'. E2M9 - I hear this level is rather disliked by quite a lot of people. I suppose for a secret level, it's a bit harsh throwing you in the range of four vicious Barons, ready to catch you unawares, but aside from that, it also feels like the emphasis on using infighting was also a nice detail (the corpses in opposing rooms) I recall the original Doom novels referenced this. It's also an opportunity that gives the player access to most (if not) all the weapons, and a decent amount of ammo. A bit of a shame that there is no berserk though (or at least not that I recall). A nice short level otherwise.
  9. DarkScythe13

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    The Spirit World As a kid this level left me a little unnerved. I think it might have mainly been the music. The level is easily the best "hell" level in Doom II (in my opinion) and IMO perhaps the most 'hellish' feeling level in the game. The rooms and atmosphere are just great, though as a kid I found the need to 'shoot the symbols' to get to the exit to be confusing. I think a little more could have been done to telegraph this. Otherwise its a fantastic level all round. Industrial Zone My favourite of the 'city' levels. I appreciated the 'zombie' population and the structures (for the most part) were pretty interesting. A lot of Doom levels have distinct and unique features that set them apart from one another. The parts that stand out to me most are damaging floor divide separating the to halves of the level, as well as the wooden (non-secret) exit building. Its also one of the few Doom II levels I recall, to actually use the dead marine corpse. The Chasm I always really liked the whole ledge thing; both visually and the idea itself (as a younger kid I used to use cheat codes so there wasn't really an inherent frustration). I also like a lot of the side rooms like the one reached by running down the red 'pillars'/ledges also. Overall I thought it was a pretty appealing level visually, though in a way I feel it didn't really fit with the hell theme, regarding its placement in the level order. Monster Condo I kind of liked all the various little 'interactive' secrets and areas of the opening area. Its kind of cool how it also did TNT's Wormhole gimmick in the green marble area before Final Doom was a thing. The music stands out as being pretty unique to me and had this kind of mysterious feel to it as you explore. The final corpse room was also rather memorable. Tenements While I dont care or the Red Key room too much, I like the rest of it. I particularly always liked the 'cave' parts in the Blue Key room and the 'maze' near the exit room. As a kid I was kind of interestedin expanding upon the idea of the various tunnels featured in the map
  10. Partial Invisibility sphere. That thing hurts far more than helps. Increase the chainsaws rate slightly (or change the pinky) enough that they cant sneak a bite in with it. At least the Pinky anyway. I feel that Pinkies are more than plentiful enough to surround you in numbers anyway. One immobile pinky shouldnt matter. If without berserk I tend to hold backwards while chainsawing just in case. Increase the Pistol damage to perhaps be a minimum of 10 dmg per shot. I feel dont feel it would be too much of a game changer as many enemies and level layouts would mandate the use of any other weapon anyway, but its enough to pick off a few weaker enemies more reliably in the process. Slightly increase the Pinky's melee range or speed. It kinda sucks that the thing struggles to even hit slowly moving enemies because they move slightly out of the melee range. Not to the extent of its fast monster behaviour, but something in between, enabling a decent opportunity for the player to dodge, but also increasing the Pinkies efficiency too. Additionally, I'd nerf the lost soul health slightly, enough to be able to take them out with a single well placed shotgun shot but only just.
  11. DarkScythe13

    What is your favourite episode 3 level?

    I chose E3M5. Both it and E3M6 stood out to me in their design. I liked the idea of small interconnecting rooms, as well as the layout and look of the courtyard. I feel that the overall use of the 'Demons on the Prey' track was well done in Doom (typically larger maps with an abundance of rooms and which has some quiet moments between. During my 'Doomsday' days, i edited mp3 files to play for various levels and felt that Hollow (by Pantera) fit so well somehow. As for the rest of the levels: E3M1 - Short and sweet. Prefer E3M9 though. E3M2 - I like the idea of it, but never really cared for the music track and its one of my less liked Episode 3 maps. E3M3 - It's pretty decent. Music was good. Like several of the rooms. Having multiple directions was nice. E3M4 - The initial rooms are nice, and I think it was kinda interesting in the dark(er) room how there were windows showing all the various corpses. But on the whole it's otherwise just 'okay'. For some reason as a kid, I also found the music track kind of depressing; maybe because of its association with E1M8. E3M6 - My second favourite level. I actually really like the lava ocean, various buildings, open area, and the use of the Fireblu textures. E3M7 - I like the various red skull(?) teleporter 'rooms' throughout the level. As a kid I didnt appreciate the design of the level as much, but as an adult, I have grown to like it. E3M8 - Its good for what it is. A boss level. E3M9 - Favourite secret level. Somehow I think the music track fits better than E1M9. I like the added areas a lot.
  12. DarkScythe13

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    Ultimate Doom, especially Episodes 2 & 3. For starters I really like the look of a lot of the more 'hellish' levels as well as the nice blend in Shores of Hell levels. The only levels that really come close visually IMO (aside from key areas in other maps) in a similar way are MAP 28 and MAP 27. I liked the mix of labyrinthine layouts of the original Doom's maps, as well as how the larger or hub based maps were handled. I also feel that their maps had nicer use of demons at times. There are also more Doom 1 maps I prefer over Doom II overall. I feel Doom II introduced more emphasis on 'arena' maps with hordes of enemies (map 18). It still had a decent mix, but I feel at times the later games attempt to capture these moments a bit too much. I like roaming about an entire level freely and feeling as though the map is already infested with demons filling the halls and I dont like having to be stuck in arena rooms. I suppose 2016 still had its moments though. It was an also an issue in Doom III at times; it liked to 'lock doors' a lot too. But in Doom III's case, its larger issue was its style of combat; i really disliked the emphasis on enemies spawning in in dull waves one after another.
  13. DarkScythe13

    Which demon in doom is annoying to you?

    Lost Souls, Revenants and to a lesser extent, Arch-Viles. I feel Doom 64 was better in balancing their Hit Points (or at least the weapon damage compensated?). I kind of feel with the advent of Pain Elementals, that a tweak to their health would have been warranted. An example of their annoyance is in E4M2 on the right path (the part that opens with Barons and Lost Souls). They're durable enough that a rocket or plasma shots will simply scatter them. Technically id include Pain Elementals since they spam them, but I feel the annoyance simply comes from dispatching the individual lost souls themselves, especially if theyve managed to scatter. For Revenants I dont mind if they're placed strategically and not over done, but they can be over used because of their homing attacks. Theyre a bit too bulky, thin and imposing for my taste at a distance, while some maps force multiple of them within close range with little cover. Arch-Viles arent bad at all when used considerately, but they're too easily abused for difficulty IMO. I love their design though and in theory theyre pretty cool.
  14. DarkScythe13

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    Pistol or chainsaw as far as usefulness goes. The Pistol leaves you wanting literally any other weapon as soon as possible. HOWEVER, I have used the pistol at times to mop up Imps and Demons who are wounded enough to die within a shot or two of the pistol (rather than wasting a whole shotgun blast). Granted I could use the Chaingun, but the pistol has that precise control to execute them and is more satisfying in doing so. I never really liked the look of the pistol either as its look and firing animations are a bit flat, but then I do like the extended frames that have been added into mods. Meanwhile I only use the chainsaw in specific situations. Its a bit too unreliable in dispatching Pinkies and Cacodemons since occasionally they will manage to get a bite off. I much prefer the berserk fists which even allow for more efficient Baron killing.
  15. DarkScythe13

    What is your favorite Doom weapon

    The Shotgun, followed by Super Shotgun. Both (IMO) fulfill a role and complement each others shortcomings perfectly. The Super Shotgun is definitely useful against larger numbers of higher level demons, dispatching Pinkies more consistently, wiping out Lost Souls, and in being more ammo friendly and safer at dispatching groups of lesser enemies. However there are instances where the regular Shotgun does shine through. It's great at picking off lined up hitscanners, being more precise at medium to long distances and its role in my eyes is to pick off lesser enemies or otherwise mop up once the Super Shotgun has done its job. But what makes it particularly important is that it's a fantastic weapon, helping for a quick yet decently powerful response to most situations - balancing speed and power and allowing for assessment of the situation, holding your own, and bridging to other weapons - in that way it spends the most time out and is my go to default weapon.