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  1. doomkr

    A simple wad

    That was mainly the idea yep. Btw what sourceport did you play?
  2. doomkr

    A simple wad

    Was an improvisate map, I made few of them like this (maybe just two, this and another I made) About this wad not will be expanded more, but thanks by feedback ;)
  3. doomkr

    A simple wad

    I highly recommend you start with DB and learn at least few size of textures and how works height of ceilings/floor to work without 3D (which wadauthor don't have for example)
  4. doomkr

    A simple wad

    Doom Builder is so simple sometimes is bored. Was a challenge in nutshell. Before wadauthor i tried with edmap (which i couldn't save a testing wad) and windeu didn't work. Then I remembered wadauthor ;-)
  5. doomkr

    A simple wad

    Hey hello! Map was completly improvisated, and about last you said. Nope im not beginer, i made anothers (some of them simple)
  6. doomkr

    A simple wad

    Took me days... Now i understand how frustrating was make doom map before Doom Builder. You must have more idea about size of textures, height of sectors... But i must say you i had to use doom builder by something very specific and was by reason about a sector wasnt closed.
  7. doomkr

    A simple wad

    Sorry, here I can't put name of wad because have a swearword... Is simple butwith a great surprise at ending. This wad replace E1M1. Software used: BSP, WadAuthor and Wintex 3.4 the_wad.zip
  8. Basically on testing and trying textures have correct size on map
  9. doomkr

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    My habit is check every second/minute mini map of doom
  10. doomkr

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    E1M1 und Map01
  11. doomkr

    Doomer vs Noob

    Welp... here a video about people when defeat cyberdemon on E2M8, enjoy and sorry by my bad english pronunciation :b Doomer vs Noob
  12. doomkr

    Ultimate Doom Builder

    Me I began use wadauthor xd
  13. doomkr

    Biggest mistake for Doom

    Unpopular opinion: To me biggest mistake have doom is 4th episode of Ultimate doom... In my opinion, wasn't necessary, With Knee-deep in the death, Shores of hell, Inferno and secret levels to episode 1-3 were enought. To me looks more like an extra. What ya think?
  14. doomkr

    DOS box for doom is trash,change my mind.

    DosBox is a trash in overall