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  1. J9_2R

    What is your hobby?

    My hobby is making music for video games, and I suppose the reason why, really falls down to the fact that I believe no game deserves to have a poorly made soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm some grand supreme musician like Nobuo Uematsu, but I am someone that believes in putting 110% into his work every time.
  2. J9_2R

    .mus to .mid?

    Oh really? Well dang, I didn't know that. I thought it only allowed the export of .mus Much appreciated DoomKid
  3. J9_2R

    .mus to .mid?

    Because that way I can hear these songs in different styles and sounds. What are you implying that I would do with them if I converted them to midi? I just want them as midi so I can hear them sound differently than what they currently sound like. Like sure, I can listen to them right now, but I want to know what would they sound like if played through Piconica or something.
  4. J9_2R

    .mus to .mid?

    Let me start off by apologizing for possibly posting this in the wrong spot, but I wasn't entirely sure which forum section it is supposed to go into. ANYWAYS... So I've been actually stockpiling a BUNCH of old DOOM WADs, most of them happen to sadly use the .mus format still for the music. I noticed there are a few programs which convert .mus to .mid, but sadly, all of these were ONLY made to work on DOS, and frankly, I don't feel like going the extra mile just to set up a DOSbox just to convert these files. So, more or less, I just want to know, is there a way to convert .mus to .mid on a Windows 10 computer? Or is it like... "Sorry dude, you're screwed" sort of situation? I know there is a WAD editor tool (of which I have), but that doesn't seem to have a .mus to .mid converter built into it, so I'm kind of just unsure as to what I should do, or if the only option is to go through a really obnoxious process of setting up a DOS emulator just to get these files to the proper format. OBVIOUSLY I know they are some kind of modified .mid format, and I'm guessing you can't just rename .mus to .mid and them work as hoped for, so any suggestions are appreciated, especially ones that direct me to a converter that I can actually use, cause despite Windows 10 having that "compatibility" thing, it doesn't actually seem to work with literally anything out there, aside from a few XP and Vista programs.