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  1. DeathWalkerGT

    Doom 3: Phobos

    It shows a lot of potential. Tell you what... it could revive Doom 3 a bit.
  2. DeathWalkerGT


    Well first of all.. sorry for the delay... I was away from this site for quite a long time... but who cares anyway.... So... about sigil... I found it being a good addition in the original doom with some levels being good others being a bit less good but who cares... Personally I liked a couple of levels here and there but all of them shared (in my opinion) something special and that is that each level has the creativity of John Romero in it (Its his own work so....its natural). PS: I know i did not helped you with my answer.
  3. DeathWalkerGT


    So.... I know what you might be thinking.... "Where was that guy "hiding" when sigil came out..? Well lets just say I did not bother with at all at the begining but now I "fell" upon it again yesterday....so I wanted to ask you guys if its worth playing it or maybe just have it for "ceremonial" reasons... I ask of this cause I have seen kind of mixed fellings about it like its crap or too dark or even unplayable.... So I'll be glad to hear your point of view on this matter...
  4. DeathWalkerGT


    I write this while listnening to Doom I soundtracks so.... I thought why not ask all you guys here... Wich is your favourite track from Doom I ???
  5. DeathWalkerGT

    Midi Dump (for use in WADS or whatever you like)

    I like them very much....Also Oxygen (part 8) reminds me (I don't know why) the theme park level from Streets Of Rage 2....
  6. DeathWalkerGT


    Trust me when it comes to perfect games these kids don't understand anything....sometimes I feel that they don't even know what REAL gaming is like....Anyway Iam not going to start a whole different matter here....I'll just let it be.....
  7. DeathWalkerGT


    Poetic.... ;)
  8. DeathWalkerGT


    Yeah I kind of enjoy more the MIDI versions than the real versions it kind of fits more to Doom....
  9. DeathWalkerGT


    Thanks to all of you guys.... I will download it soon...
  10. DeathWalkerGT


    What is the first thing that comes into your mind about Doom??? Mine is a bit obvious.... Demons.....
  11. DeathWalkerGT

    Is it Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    Doomguy....(I think) Do not forget that the purpose of this unamed character was to insert YOU,the player into Doomguy's boots.
  12. DeathWalkerGT

    Sketch, demons

    They are awsome...!!!
  13. DeathWalkerGT

    Mechanized - My Newest Doom 64 Inspired Album

    Man.....I tell you this..... PURE GOLD!!!!...... Reminds a bit of the Painkiller game ambient music.....your work is very atmospheric... well done
  14. DeathWalkerGT

    Ultimate Doom on Nightmare Mode, but if I die, the video ends

    Well....at least you tried....better luck next time..... :)
  15. DeathWalkerGT

    AD MIDIs (updated 2020-07-14; 36 new MIDIs!)

    I like all of them but Hydrocarbon and Hard Drive are my favourite....
  16. DeathWalkerGT

    My Doom pixelart

    This is awsome!!!
  17. DeathWalkerGT

    Would anyone care for a "Dracula 2" WAD?

    Yeah I would like a sequel....Feel free to create what you have in mind.... I think that if I tell you what I want in it....it will kind of spoil your imagination for the map but if you want so...make it big and with enough monsters so the potenial player would say that the map has many monsters but to the "playable level"..... Also please make more maps.....
  18. Hmmmm..... It is a world filled with....very nice and bloodthirsty demons ready to tear you apart but you always will have the last laugh. (usually) Now for the serious part you can say that a WAD is a file containing all of a game's files you can also call them mods I guss from the fact that a WAD can contain some minor or huge changes depending on the creator's liking..... I have not answered your question and I know it.... -_-
  19. DeathWalkerGT


    I have a question to make....what is the difference between The Doom Builder and Slade 3? (I think is called...) And if there are please explain them to me and also wich of them both do you recommend.
  20. DeathWalkerGT


    Thank you that really helped....
  21. Oh.....that was fast.....uhhhh great I can not wait....
  22. These look very good...promising in fact.....Keep it up... Are you going to keep creating more and posting them here?
  23. DeathWalkerGT


    Can anybody tell me a good site were I can find some good MIDIs???
  24. DeathWalkerGT


    OK.... since these have become my most viewed topics I decided to take an other step regarding music from the games from the Doom era... What I mean is that I am going to ask wich is your favourite track from these games: -Wolfenstein 3D\Spear Of Destiny -Heretic\Hexen -Duke 3D -QUAKE I\II PS: I know this place or more like forum is dedicated to Doom but I honestly don't know what to write here.... :)