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  1. The mapset is too hard. My skill level is not enough to pass through some levels even on the HMP difficulty. It is not desined for mass variety of players, just for most skilled few amongst all doom comunity, unfortunately.
  2. BohdanZPM

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Hi, you're doing a great work. Since I'm using some cusom and HD textures for my game, your materials will not fit them. I'm willing to create PBR Materials for my HD Texture mod myself. Could you please tell me how you create them? With what software and perhaps, which settings/configuration do you use? I figured out that to use PBR materials for GZDoom you just have to include "Materials" folder in your mod with 4 folders inside: Ao, Metallic, Normalmaps and Roughness, each containing the auto folder inside with the textures. The PBR textures should have the same names as the textures they are applied to, yes? The brightmaps folder is optiaonal and just add brightmaps to the textures. That's how PBR Materials add light reftection in the game. As for Parallax mapping, which adds additional relief to the textures, the rule is the same, only this time appropriate textures should be placed into Normalmaps, Displacement and Specular folders, and without "auto" folders inside. I would be grateful if you could share your knowledge about PBR Textures and how to create them.
  3. BohdanZPM

    Using DDS textures in Doom

    I'm trying to compile my own custom texture mod for GZDoom v4.1.3, by using Doom AltDHTPv1.3 texture pack as well as some other textures of my choice from other mods. The new textures simply have the same name as the original ones, so when I add them within an archive to my GZDoom autoload list, the old low-res textures simply substituted with the new ones. However, I have noticed that using these hi-res textures affects my performance, and I start to get lags in the game from time to time. In order to solve this, I'm trying to convert all custom textures from usual PNG format to new DDS format (Direct Draw Surface). They say that this format enables the graphic card to load the texture really fast, almost instantly, although it also slightly reduces the quality of the image. So I came into a problem: after converting PNG to DDS, the Doom engine no longer sees or recognizes these textures, and vanilla low quality textures are loaded instead. My SLADE editor does not recognize this file format as well. But I know that it IS possible. To make the game see this file format for textures. The other Doom modders have already used it successfully. Any ideas how exactly it can be achieved?
  4. BohdanZPM

    Using DDS textures in Doom

    Thank you. I eventually decided to drop using DDS. I do use data/jdoom structure alongside hires folder for my mod. That is because of the Flats folder. Doom engine distinguishes flat textures and graphic texture, and when you simply put all the textures in hires folder, they are all treated as graphics, even the naming does not help. The original game had two textures with the same name but different type (Step1 and Step2): for flats, one pair of files is used, for textures, the other pair of files is used. Putting them all in hires folder resulted me in loading wrong textures for either two types of doom stair steps, of for two types of doom flat surfaces, and I only managed to make the engine distinquish where and what should be used by using data/jdoom file structure. Also, which "Software renderer" and "Hardware renderer" GZdoom settings do you recommend for better performance? I tried to experiment with some of those, but they are now too many, and I don't understands the meaning and purpose of most of them. I think I shouldn't have messed with those, and probably my issues with performance came because of this.