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  1. TeknoRider

    WhackEd 4

    Hey, Whacked4 chrashes when trying to create a new file or open one. worked fine yesterday but not now for some reason. version 1.2.3, here's the crash log : Is this fixable or am i SOL like for doom builder ?
  2. Will use a VM linked with my actual HDD with a lightweight windows 7 installation and the Unity Mode of vmware. Sucks.
  3. Hey, i'm actually editing the plasma rifle in Whacked4. Everything works as expected, except that there is a cacodemon fireball explosion animation in the corner of the screen when the Fire state is activated. This is how it is inside Whecked4 (the state 204 is a cooldown.) Am i doing anything wrong ?
  4. TeknoRider

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    And now adding a lower firerate with different ammo weapon to my project, an MP5K. Since i can't work on doom builder anymore, i make graphics and dehacked stuff while i'm trying to resolve the problem.
  5. TeknoRider

    Problems with my wad

    Open your WAD with an hex editor, and the four first bytes are either "IWAD" or "PWAD". when your PWAD is 100% complete just change PWAD to IWAD and save. It's better than messing with the stock D2 IWAD
  6. TeknoRider

    Problems with my wad

    I'm doing one as well but you still should make a PWAD, and then import into it ALL the resources the game will use. menu text, sprites, textures, EVERYTHING. Then edit with a hex editor to make it an IWAD when it's completely finished and self-sufficient. Editing the IWAD caused me trouble and was just an inefficient way of working due to all the useless stuff in there + you WILL forget some proprietery doom stuff in there. Just make a PWAD while you're working on it. That can solve your DSPISTOL issues at the very least :)
  7. No, no problems anywhere else.. tried installing the directx you provided, it said i ran a more recent version so no need to install (i'm on W10) EDIT : tried reinstalling the june 2010 DX. it copied files, yet no changes. EDIT 2 : tried also reinstalling intel drivers, and uninstalling them and rebooting. nope.
  8. Tried uninstalling completely the drivers, then registry cleanup, then reinstall the latest drivers. Still not working. It seriously starts getting annoying. I just don't know what to do now. Virtual machine ? ffs...
  9. I deleted both, and tried to create a map with DBX. still closes..
  10. builderslogs.zip here they are I also did a custom clean before installing. I didn't do a registry clean however, i had the habit of doing regularly until it fucked up 2 windows installations right one after the other. So i'm a bit reluctant on doing a cleaning with it.
  11. The DB2 is is C:/Program Files (x86) and DBX is in a folder on my desktop (C:/Users/......../Desktop). I also have an other copy of DBX in my D: Drive (D:/DoomProject/DBX), which closes like all the other versions. I just tried to revert back to older drivers (the latest Creators ones, 481.something instead of 486.something, gtx 1060), tried to run DBX/2 using iGPU or GPU, no changes.
  12. I don't know, i can't tell what has changed. Eventvwr talks about a .net 2.0 error. tried reinstalling to no avail so... The DBX folder is on my desktop, freshly extracted .
  13. I have the SlimDX 2.0 x86 Jan 2012. tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it, still closes...