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  1. If games 90 become canon, then there will be a bunch of holes. Why could ordinary people go through this “section” if it could only Slayer? Where does the 2 Tower of Babel come from, if this is one object? Like an ordinary marine, he could kill how many demons that surpassed him in strength and quantity. Where did bfg 9000 come from in classic games, if then no argent at all? I can bring many examples and in general the canon of the id games universe itself is violated
  2. Doom slayer had armor from Doom 2 in the game, when it should be from Doom 64. Here either restarting the old parts and the games 90 is not a canon, because of them there are a lot of plot holes
  3. If no jokes, then these hellish gods and lords are very strong (I think at the level of the biblical lords of hell that I can destroy the universes without any effort). The Doom Slayer in the game is really weak compared to them and I don’t think that they are afraid of it at all
  4. After reading the codex and watching the game's plot, I realized that Hell in the game is an unreal strong world that captures exactly a billion worlds each time, while sending ordinary demons and Titans to these worlds. And the lords of hell and the gods of hell remain in hell, growing stronger(as well as Hell itself, because it is a living entity) Doom Slayer was able to save only 2 worlds-this is the Earth from Doom 64 and the Earth from Eternal,while he was not able to save Argent D'nur. As we know,Doom Slayer killed the most powerful Titan,but this Titan is definitely unrealistically weak compared to the 6 hellish gods. If Doom Slayer was potentially dangerous to hell,then any lords/gods of hell would start a personal war with it,rather than sending ordinary demons at it
  5. Uter Lokales

    Hell in Doom Eternal (lore)

    SPOILERS FROM THE ARTBOOK 1. In the artbook doom eternal, it is said that the first 6 demons were created from the dark heart (perhaps it means that the first 6 angels were enslaved by this heart).We can now understand that the very concept of Evil came from the dark heart, and it is possible that this "idea" existed before the creation of the first world and manifested itself only there 2. Further artbook says that Hell is associated with the forces of Chaos. It is possible that Chaos is the personification of the original state of the world before the appearance of anything in a disordered state. It is likely that hell wants to continue this concept, but only in the worlds created by a god or other being 3. Hell is a living entity that feeds at the expense of other worlds, bringing them suffering. There is also a "nameless One" who has been taking over other worlds for eternity to satisfy his hunger and dominate souls 4. the Dark Lord has unlimited control over all hell and he manages, for example, Archdemons(anologichny on status, as Archangels, but only in hell and all demons obey them), but in the game Lucifer is already confirmed, which means he is not the main demon in the hierarchy
  6. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    In General, Doom Slayer has a connection between 4 super-beings that are depicted on its symbol at the corners (most likely-this is maykrs)
  7. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    Even in hypothesis at all impossible, to Hayden as the was able harm with the help bfg 10k heaven. One cherubic angel could destroy the entire universe, and there is a whole army of angels with different ranks (but if,of course, heaven has a relatively biblical concept)
  8. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    According to the description of the artbook, it is their initially organic body, and not cybernated. There is a certain "Father" there, but he was hardly a person in terms of physiology In general, it did not say that they capture the worlds and destroy them, but only that they wanted to unite the worlds into a single collective mind. But after they discovered Argent Energy, they believed that it was the energy of hell and started a civil war in Argent D'nur to capture it. And in Doom Eternal Khan Maykr recognized some kind of prophecy and thereby united with hell
  9. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    I just looked at the Doom Eternal artbook and I can say that they do not fit the description of "angels created for Doom" They are creatures with great power, but not all-powerful and mortal. They are not the creators of Argent Energy and they think that this energy is hell. Initially, their plan is the unification of all worlds into a single collective mind. In Doom Eternal, they teamed up with hell because of some kind of prophecy
  10. Uter Lokales

    The artbook doom eternal spoiler

    https://mega.nz/#!AUkRGDgL!c4WLUYXL o8-zOaij_MiY3Pb0ZBAZzKlMrJMakpRF1Rw
  11. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    in the plural of this noun will be "серафимы", that is, with the ending "Ы" also google translator translated the word "серафим" to "seraph" :
  12. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    Here is one of the evidence. I know this language pretty well and it is written “Seraph”, not “Seraphim” (you can also see for yourself with the help of a translator). I looked at other languages, and there in the same way in the singular https://efemer.org/codex-doom-full-version/#a67
  13. Uter Lokales

    I do not want Doomguy from Doom 1,2,64 to be Doom Slayer

    Do you understand my words normally? I looked at other localizations of the Doom 2016 codex and everywhere in the singular, and not in the plural (they could not be mistaken in any way, because they definitely ask the developers of the original codex about this). The English interpretation is just a little confusing and accept this fact that the game was given the power of the Seraph, not the seraphs (I can provide evidence of this)