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    GZDoom Appimage

    I'm having this same problem trying to make older versions work on Ubuntu 16.04 for testing purposes. It always falls into "dependency hell" scenario. And downloading massive hundreds of megabytes for compiling older versions seems to me like an incredibly counter-productive way of doing things. Appimages would solve all of these problems and make older versions interchangeable in order to detect problems. It was tough enough finding the page with Linux builds in the first place, in case anyone need it, it's here: http://debian.drdteam.org/pool/multiverse/g/gzdoom/ I don't know why these files are not present in the "main" download section of the home page. In case anyone asks why I'm doing this in the first place, I'm heavy slowdowns on some WADs like Pirate Doom and Winter's Fury, on scenes with complex geometry on sight (turning dynamic lights off don't help, nor using software renderer) The catch is that these problems didn't happen when I used Windows, in this very same hardware.
  2. I registered just to thank you, I can finally tolerate Hexen now, those Centaurs were the bane of my existence... How could I edit enemies even further? And is there a way to disable enemy respawning altogether? I wish something similar existed to get rid of the Slimey thingies in Quake episode 4, that would be awesome.