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  1. I'll keep that in mind, and will update the post as well.
  2. I would assume so, yes. To be honest, I don't know anything about ports beyond GZDoom since I never used them.
  3. I'd love your thoughts on this map I made!
  4. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    Bump, since it's now finished!
  5. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    Thanks! :) The lack of ammunition is unintentional, something I wasn't quite sure how to go about, and will thankfully be fixed once I release an updated version of the map, hopefully later today. I never thought that I put quite THAT little ammo in the map lol Oh, and the secrets will hopefully be fixed. You ran right by both of the intended ones :P
  6. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    Sometime soon, maybe, since I've now decided what I'm going to do with the third section, roughly. Nice find. I have no idea how that happened but I'll add it to the list of things to fix.
  7. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    Because its map01. I've actually just figured out how to change the skybox so will be replacing it with something more hellish later on down the road.
  8. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    That's what I was going for! I'm a big fan of the things made possible with sector lighting.
  9. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    I know exactly what I did, and that must have been when I marked the Berserk as a secret and then accidentally kept that box checked while adding other stuff. I actually spent a lot of time worrying about giving too much or too little ammo and simply wasn't sure about how to go about that beyond giving what I needed to beat it, but knowing exactly whats around the corner gives me a bit of an advantage. I did feel like I was being a bit stingy, but since I now know I was I've got the jist of it now lol The exit switch was placed there just as a means to end the level instead of sitting in limbo forever. Once the map is finished it will lead to another of the four sections, one which I'm hoping to make a bit more monolithic and hectic. and thanks :) EDIT: Oh, and that secret wall will lead to something special once everything's done
  10. TravyB

    Abaddon's Nightmare (Finished!)

    Jeez... thats one thing I didn't even think to test for... damn crates. I'll upload a fixed version soon.
  11. Abaddon's Nightmare is a large, somewhat lengthy (I can complete it in about 13-17 minutes) and difficult map for GZDoom. Originally, the plan was to create something similar to Plutonia's map 12, "Speed", but that turned into both a proving grounds for everything I've learned about using Doom Builder, Slade3, etc. over the last few months and to experiment with lighting and design. Some of these work a bit better than others, in my opinion, but I'm happy with how everything turned out. Much of the map was not pre-planned and what little was ended up being changed as I started plotting it out in DB and adding details. I've used various textures and 'things' taken from the packs available on Realm667, to whose creators I of course give full credit and thanks, but the gameplay is completely unchanged. The map also features a lot of work on the lighting in a few parts so I'd recommend playing with the software renderer for maximum spookiness. I also only ever play with both mouselook and jumping turned off, but using them yourself shouldn't break anything (I hope). Screenshots I hope you enjoy the map and I'd love to hear your thoughts, both the good and the bad. Gameplay-wise I'd say its pretty difficult but I tried my best to make sure everything was fair. Keep an eye out for secrets, traps and enjoy the archvile. The song is Baron's Province by James Paddock Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/utxhlsw9mxzjcd5/ABBADON.wad?dl=0 Original Post