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  1. ThunderOrb

    What everyone looks like.

    I figured no one would see it on that post, so I started a new one. so far I only have one pic up. I am holding my 2 week old sister b4 she moved away with my mom to Montana. It is very early in the morning. This explains my disheveled appearance and lack of combed hair. I will put up more pics as soon as I find them. Heh heh heh. Be warned. http://thunderorb.tripod.com/wildernessloftsandaviaries/id4.html
  2. ThunderOrb

    Paradoxes and long posts to try to answer them

    OK. Work with me here. "I love you so much I hate you...yet I hate you so much I love you." Would this be a paradox. Is it too emotional? I ask the latter because isn't it true that emotions aren't true reality? Don't paradoxs have to be reality? Give me some thoughts. (I know I sound like an idiot half the time...if not all.)
  3. ThunderOrb

    Wouldn't eternal bliss get boring after a while?

    OK. So. I've have OBE since I was a child I'm taking it? I would be laying in bed half asleep and all the sudden feel like a bee was buzzing at me and I'd shudder awake. I have this all the time. Now it seems to be I'm half asleep and I walk and trip and shudder awake. Sometimes it's I'm simply half asleep dreaming of being asleep and falling out of bed and I shudder awake. The weird thing is I feel like I'm falling out of bed even when I'm not near the edge. Does anyone kno what causes these things?
  4. ThunderOrb

    Wouldn't eternal bliss get boring after a while?

    If you think about it. Wouldn't the nothing behind the window BE white? Afterall, white is the absence of everything. JMO.
  5. ThunderOrb

    sexual morality

    Sorry to tell you, but I'm over @ my fiance's house on weekends. I can get it whenever. Doesn't make me feel inadequate. If anyone should the rest of you should b/c I can sit here AND get it @ the same time. Nanee nanee nanee!
  6. ThunderOrb

    Just curious...

    I don't think it can be too much of a learned thing. I think it can have more to do with the person instead of their parents. I make a perfect example. Everyone in my family shuns gay people and people of different races. My mother even told me if I dated a black girl she'd disown me. I on the other hand, am one of Chris's close friends. I was the first to find he was gay. He is not my only homosexual friend. Also, I find women of other races attractive. Oh well, guess I don't have a mother anymore. Not like I ever really had one to begin with. So, this being said, it doesn't truly matter what you are raised to believe, it is what you believe yourself. JMO P.S. This goes with my religion topic, too. My family is highly religious and I highly doubt religion.
  7. They say that death is supposed to be so great and that life is shit and all. Ya know, in the bible, going to heaven...best thing to happen. So tell me this, if death is so great then why do we have doctors? doesn't that defeat the purpose of dieing? Doctors are there to save lives. Death is great, but low and behold, we want you to suffer here on earth longer! I think doctors are hiding something from us. Damn governments. Damn liars. Damn population. Damn doctors. Damn random thoughts that turn into rants. Damn it all. P.S. Damn
  8. ThunderOrb

    Another Random Thought Of The Day

    Ya know. This really does make me wonder why we are here. If there is no God, and there is nothing after death. Why is there a such thing as life? How big is the universe? How can something go on forever as they say the universe can? So much to learn. So much to never be taught. I'll be so happy when someone is able to give me a simple scientfic answer rather than a religious one. I know I know, big bang theory, matter, etc. It still doesn't make sense.
  9. ThunderOrb

    Another Random Thought Of The Day

    Well, I mean...seriously. People are afraid of death. Why is this though? We are always told that when you die you go to heaven or hell. The fear of death isn't exactly a worry of going to hell. So what is it? Is it an unexplainable instinct to survive and pass on your genes? As for doctors, they are a contradiction. We are told it is a great thing to die, yet we have all these doctors there to save our lives. I know I am thankful for doctors, but that is besides the point. The point is we say one message, yet display another. It doesn't make sense. Why have doctors if death is supposed to be so good? Just IMO.
  10. ThunderOrb

    What annoyed me today

    I also forgot to mention 2 more annoyances I have to put up with. I got a charliehorse 2 days ago. I guess I pulled a muscle because the pain is as strong as when I got it. Also, I finally found the RPG maker. Here is the really annoying problem. I watched Chris do it the other night, but as of yet have no friggen clue how he did what he did. I guess I will eventually learn. P.S. Damn communists... (Random thought of the moment) P.S.S. Chris, you need to send me all my fish again b/c as you know my comp crashed and I lost all my pics. (If you even still have all my fish..knowing my luck you'll add another annoyance to my list entitled friends that let friends let their lives go to waste.)
  11. ThunderOrb

    What annoyed me today

    You all have your annoyances. Have my grandma. Add her to your list. She's the top and only thing on mine. You try living with that woman. She needs to go on Oprah or something.
  12. ThunderOrb

    SUPER RPG: The Doomworld Adventure.