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  1. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    He does make a good point
  2. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    Ok thanks for the feed back I know your not offended but if more people start not to like it I'll remove enemy.
  3. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    like I said it's not mine just add because nostalgia I loved the idea doomx mod but it's to bad it's been long abandon for so many year just add the enemy because that's what I remember the must of it.
  4. Tom_Smothers

    still need help

    for more info
  5. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    That's all of it for right now I need help on this thing
  6. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the last map that has bin modified for UDMF format Map 32 "Gangsta Grosse" note when made some the levels that I made I made it look like that they Interconnect I like for it to stay this way if any like to help me with the map project. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for Monster reskins for my Modified Western Patch 2.0 the original unmodified one here https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons/the-western-patch-for-doom-ii Zombieman, Shotgun Guy, Revenant, Chainguner, Imp, Baron of Hell, Hell Knight, Mancubus, Arachnotron, and Wolfenstein SS sprites all done the people who made Western Patch 2.0 originally and gave them credit for it. Cacodemon was done by some one else and gave that person credit for it. Gangsta Grosse enemy was made by who ever made the long abandon DoomX mod I just add this enemy in because of nostalgia. But I did add In Two death sounds in it and Sprites Pain elemental I call it "Tax Man" Lost soul I call it "Mr.L T Soul III" Arch-vile I call it "The Fool" Still working on the vile's other sprites. note added music form a game called Lucas Arts Outlaws.
  7. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    Map 05 "The Slime Processor" Map 30 "The Icon of Steam" Note this is a temp lay out of the map I have plans to things in to make it look more steam punk -To be continued in then next panel-
  8. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    ok here from Fistful of Doom but modified for a UDMF format Map 01 "A Trip to The Bank" Map 02 "Fistful of Tacos" Map 31 "Daja Ja Moo"<- This map had no map name so I gave It this one ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here The ones that I so far made still in UDMF format Map 03 "Retribution" Map 04 "No Wood" -To be continued in then next panel- note I forgot to mention that it going be a mix of western and steam punk
  9. Tom_Smothers

    I need help

    I need help with a my western theme map pack. map 1,2 & 31 took form the fistful of doom map pack and gave credit to the people who made them. So far I did map 3,4,5,& 30 and I modify map 32, I also am modify a already existing Monster mod pack that also western theme called Western Patch 2.0 to add more western them monsters. I just came to realization I can't do this map pack on my own it's very exhausting so if you like to help with map pack and or modify monster pack just say you like to help me and I'll add to the discord group for the project.