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  1. HeadshotTAS

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    I couldn't resist the idea of making a map for Doom 64's 25th anniversary, so I decided to join in! Here's 5 screenshots of what I have so far (a couple of these are already slightly outdated but you get the idea): I'd say this map is currently anywhere between 50-60% complete right now. I gotta say, it's incredibly rewarding when you get things looking and playing right in this game. I'm having so much fun making this map that I might seriously consider making a Doom 64 mapset entirely on my own in the future. I'm not sure if I would have thought to do that if not for this being a thing. Thanks to everyone involved in setting this map jam up for giving me the inspiration!
  2. I need to preface this post by saying that the discovery in question isn't the most groundbreaking, glitchy or even significant discovery in this game's history. With that being said, this seemingly obvious thing has never been documented in the entire time that this game has been released, and the way it was made known to me has a very nice story attached to it which teaches us that even someone who is playing for the very first time can teach those of us that have been playing this game for years. Here is how the story goes: It's a lazy monday morning, and I decide to go on Twitch to see if anyone is playing Doom 64. Indeed there was, so I decide to join the stream and enter the chat with fellow Doom 64 fanatic @Immorpher. For a while, everything was normal until the streamer made it to MAP07, Research Lab. The streamer in question made it to the blue key and proceeded to fall off the platform, only to notice a second later that the soulsphere secret was lowered. However, since he already was off the platform, it was made inaccessible to him. It was still possible to collect the soulsphere with one of two methods, but neither of these were ideal. The first method is to jump across, which in the 2020 release is mainly done using a rocket jump to gain some extra speed. Immorpher initially suggested this method to the streamer, but he failed to execute it since it's a precise setup, so that was off the table. The second method is to take advantage of a little-known trigger that can be used through the wall inside the secret area containing the rockets and berserk. The downside of this method is that where exactly this trigger is can't be communicated easily, especially not to someone just playing the game for the first time. So it seemed like getting the soulsphere was out of the question. However, a few minutes later, we saw something out of the ordinary: he teleported to the room, only to find that the bridge was raised. How was this possible? The only known way of raising the bridge again was not used at all. It was a mystery. Unfortunately, the streamer's internet happened to cut off for a bit during this level, so at first I wasn't confident that I was able to understand what happened. At the time, I wasn't paying full attention to the gameplay, so I wasn't able to connect any dots when this happened. Later that day, however, I decided to look back at the footage that Twitch did manage to save, and I ended up finding a lead: the switch that raises the bridge had already been used, and the streamer appeared to have used it again. With a new idea to test, I decided to replicate it for myself. So I played the level as normal, got to the blue key, intentionally did not get the soulsphere, backtracked to the switch, and lo and behold: the switch was indeed usable for a second time, and yes, it was in fact this switch which was responsible for raising the bridge! With further testing, I was able to find that not only was the switch made usable again when the blue key is picked up, but it was actually disabled if you then got the soulsphere. So yes, the level was designed deliberately so that if you missed the soulsphere, you would be able to get it again by backtracking to the switch and pressing it. Additionally, the aforementioned hidden trigger that is usable within the secret was also disabled when the soulsphere is grabbed, clearly demonstrating a connection between this trigger and the switch. What I had initially dismissed as some kind of leftover from the game's development was actually an intended part of the game design that hadn't been acknowledged for over two decades. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of you reading this were actually aware of this from your first playthrough of this game, because it's exactly the sort of thing that would only happen to someone who is playing the game for the first time. With how easy it can be to get lost in the game's levels, it's easy to imagine going back to that room at some point, pressing that switch again and proceeding to the soulsphere without a second thought. But for an experienced player, why would you fall off the platform to begin with unless you were doing a speedrun and wanted to save some extra time? You would already know to just wait for the soulsphere, and wouldn't think of finding an alternative method of getting there that involves raising the bridge. Even myself, after spending hundreds of hours researching this game, I only ever managed to find a hidden sector outside the game's intended play area before being made aware of the developer-intended way of achieving the exact same result. So don't ever assume that you know everything about any particular subject, because every so often, you'll be surprised by what you don't know! Here is the video demonstrating this discovery: https://youtu.be/lB1PV_cLiLQ
  3. HeadshotTAS

    Doom 64 90's Press Archive

    This is fascinating. I've never seen many of these beta screenshots that appear in a lot of these older magazines -- makes me wonder how exactly they obtained them to begin with. Here are some things that I've noticed while looking through here that catch my interest: While I've seen the infamous beta pyramid shot, the other screenshots that appear alongside it (starting with the June 1996 Nintendo Power) make me believe that the level that was contained in may have been an early version of Blood Keep. I'm basing this on one of the screenshots of that issue which features a scene similar to that which can be found in Blood Keep. Some of the screenshots of this level depict scenes unlike anything we got in the final product, which makes me wonder what happened there (assuming it actually is Blood Keep and not a scrapped level). The beta status bar that appears in a few shots. Instead of red, it's a white color, and it looks bizarre. Looks cheap and doesn't really fit the game at all. Glad that was changed! Apparently one of the beta versions of the Terraformer had cacodemons in it, and the red key door was in a different place to where it is in the final versions. Interesting. Beta medikit sprite in Scan Magazine February 1997. Looks incredibly different to what we're used to. The March 1997 Gamefan article mentions that the screenshots they used were pulled from a video. I was not able to find this video on YouTube. Do we have evidence that such a video exists? If so, maybe we'll have actual beta Doom 64 gameplay footage, which would be incredible. Some of the screenshots look insane and are unlike anything I've ever seen before. January 1997 Edge - Altar of Pain's sky is orange here for some reason, and what even is this screenshot? The floor is lowered well below where it should be, which is a thing in the final release, but you're not supposed to see it like that! By the time you reach that area, it should look normal. Very odd. April 1997 Computer & Video Games - A hell knight fights a cacodemon in Main Engineering. What? I guess an earlier version of this level had hell knights. Crazy how many of these exist. Far more than I would have expected. Fantastic job for compiling this thing!
  4. HeadshotTAS

    Doom 64 now has a WMD-Max speedrun!

    With the 2020 rerelease of Doom 64, there's naturally been a surge of interest in Doom 64 as a speedgame. In 2019, I made a post detailing the (now slightly outdated) ruleset for the WMD-Max category, which hadn't been investigated by anyone else up until that point. Fast forward to now, and the runner WinDEU has put in the effort to make a full-game WMD-Max run a reality on the PC version of the game, getting a time of 1:58:30. The run is by no means perfectly optimized, but it's an excellent showcase of this game being maxed with some cool routing and strategies to make it go way faster. Those of you who may have read my original thread will notice that the fun levels are now excluded from the run. This is for a few reasons. First, these levels add more tedium to the run overall, since they're essentially three ILs stacked upon eachother. Furthermore, the features menu acts differently in the 2020 rerelease of the game, because once you unlock it, it becomes permanently added to the menu, unlike the N64 version where upon resetting you lose it. This means that we don't actually take the secret exit in Hectic, instead only killing the required monsters. Still, I would apply this change for the N64 version since it would make it a more approachable (and subjectively enjoyable) run. Of course, all three demon keys are collected, which means we get to see The Absolution in its truest form, and the overpowered fully upgraded unmaker. Huge shout-outs to WinDEU for doing this historic run and all of the routing that went into it. This is just the beginning of WMD-Max as a category, and I hope to see it get optimized even further down the line. For now, at least, we have a solid foundation to build off of. This run deserves more appreciation, so I hope you enjoy!
  5. Nice Iglooghost profile pic! :)

  6. HeadshotTAS

    Shall we congratulate Kaiser...?

    As someone who has spent countless hours playing Doom 64, Kaiser's seemingly endless work to port it to modern hardware from the Absolution TC to Doom 64 EX has always been hugely appreciated. Now that the game is finally getting an official rerelease, it's going to get the attention that it deserved for all these years. It's truly amazing to see, in all honesty. Huge props to the Nightdive team for their efforts. They managed to lift this game out of its exclusivity on the N64, and deliver what may very well be the definitive version of the game in doing so. And the new bonus levels? Wow. Now I just feel spoiled. Seriously, they didn't have to make a whole new batch of levels for this game, and yet they did anyway. Words fail to express how grateful I am that this game is being given this amount of love. I don't even remember the last time I bought a game on its first day of release. This will be the first time I do just that in many many years. Huge congrats to Kaiser and everybody involved in this project for their high quality work! I say with no exaggeration that all the work that lead up to this point has been one of the Doom community's biggest achievements. You are all legends.
  7. HeadshotTAS

    Self-Improvement and Making the World a Better Place

    Books are only "boring" from the perspective of someone whose only prior reading experience is from school and only prefers more outwardly stimulating mediums like videogames or movies. In reality, books are one of the greatest mediums out there, especially with hundreds of years of history to take from. The problem is that if you aren't already accustomed to it, you have to learn how to love reading and appreciate a good book. At first it's very demanding to read something, and it can be quite daunting if what you're reading spans hundreds upon hundreds of pages. We live in the age of convenience, so of course reading a book that takes hours to read isn't going to be as preferable as simply turning on the news and watching for maybe 10 minutes. You don't get a lot out of it by doing this, though. Even the news at its best usually isn't as good as reading about the subject from a great, detailed book. I like to think of this subject like I think about food. Some random YouTuber's clickbaity video or some stupid article about a topic that will never be important to you is the informational equivalent to junk food. Meanwhile, a great book or even a great, informative article will be packed with "nutrients" or high-quality information. Taking the time out to read a book that you enjoy will also assure you that you'll remember it and its contents the next day, month, year, maybe even your whole life, while huge amounts of internet content is made to be profitable and disposable. That is valuable. As for the whole influencer thing, you briefly touch on what is really the source of the problem, which is a lack of interest in knowledge. The actual influencers themselves have nothing to do with the real problem, and in fact are just the symptom of it. The real problem is that we don't intrinsically know the value of knowledge when we're born. That is something we have to learn as we go along. I would be lying if I said I know the solution to this, but there is one element to it that is evident, and that's that people are interested in the things they are because it captivates them in some way. People most usually find themselves captivated by entertainment of some kind (whether that is influencers or the very game this forum is based on) while knowledge ends up being secondary. Arguing with someone is considered entertainment for a lot of people, as it turns out, so it's no surprise people treat it as a game to win rather than a genuine exchange of ideas. Some people even end up being caught up in tribalist mentality and will become irrational just to defend their preconceived notions. But I do think that if people start to become captivated by knowledge, to the point where they start to actively seek it out, that would help greatly and help make the world a better place as a result. As I said above, it is difficult, but like any skill you can become better at it over time. I would recommend this video as a good starting point to try and motivate anyone who isn't satisfied with their reading habits to pick up that damn book. I found this to be pretty captivating, and perhaps you will too.
  8. This is a topic that I've recently become fascinated with, and I feel like there isn't enough discussion about it on the internet, at least from what I've seen. All of us have something that we can improve on, so I'm hoping that this thread kickstarts some inspiration. Recently, I've begun to view all of the decisions I make within the context of the wider world. How the things I do can have an impact on others, and so on. At the same time, I've manifested a strong hunger for self-improvement, doing everything I can to work towards achieving my goals and to be the best person I can be. I feel like these two ideas are strongly connected. As an example, I personally have made radical changes to my diet so I'm eating way healthier than before, taking in more fruits and vegetables and eating less junk food. In doing this, I've lost over 40 pounds and I can tell that the quality of my life has massively improved. It turns out that, according to the CDC, the number one cause of death in the United States in 2017 was heart disease, a preventable cause of death directly linked to, among other things, nutrition. Knowing this, I can advise others to make decisions that reduce their own risk of death by malnutrition. Of course, I'm not an expert and don't want to give that impression, and I myself still have a lot of room for improvement in this area in many ways, but as long as I continue to improve myself, I can use that experience and knowledge to hopefully try and improve the people around me. Speaking of knowledge, that is where I want to make my second point. I don't think a lot of people truly understand or realize the sheer power of knowledge. Knowledge, in combination with good critical thinking, research and problem solving skills, is immensely valuable in understanding the world at large and, at a larger level, facing the challenges of society. Even the greatest thinkers of human history would be wrong if they never had good information to take from. History in particular is vital, especially in a time as complicated as ours. Without a good understanding of history, nothing about the contemporary world really makes sense. Most people have at least some understanding of history of course, but that understanding is often shallow and limited to only a few specific places and events. The unfortunate reality of knowledge is that it takes a serious amount of time to get a grasp of everything, even just the things that are the most important. There's a lot of YouTube channels that, in their goal to be accessible and get millions of views, boil down knowledge to only the barest of essentials and leave all of the nuance out of the equation. When you leave that nuance out, very little is actually gained. This is fine in some cases, like if it's purely for entertainment's sake, but if that additional knowledge can be used to improve the quality of life of others or motivate them to become the best version of themselves, then that is a major loss if that isn't conveyed. It's actually quite startling, when you think about it, how ineffective the internet has been in making people more informed. The tools are there, but you have to be skilled at using them and also have the determination to wade through the misinformation and noise surrounding it all. In an ideal world, most people would be doing this, but sadly it seems that few people are. I could go on and on about this, because there is a lot to this topic, but I think I've said all that's necessary for now. I really want to see the world become a better place, but doing that requires the help of everyone. From my experience, I think these basic things I've talked about are a great starting point for doing exactly that. For those of you that may be more well versed in this topic than I am, what are your thoughts? Are there important things I'm leaving out of the picture? Do you have your own experiences with self-improvement that you would be happy to share?
  9. HeadshotTAS

    PSX Doom Glitching

    This glitch is actually decently well known at this point, and is also utilized in both speedruns of Doom 64 and Doom GBA. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Linedef_deletion In short, versions of Doom based on the Jaguar codebase don't track objects outside boundaries of the map properly, and the result is that parts of the memory get zeroed out (hence why the vertices go to 0,0 on the map.) Each piece of the blockmap that is out of bounds corresponds with a specific memory address, and walking over these pieces of the blockmap is what zeroes them out. Most of these addresses correspond to different parts of the map's memory, but I've also observed texture corruption when testing the glitch to its extremes on emulator. It isn't related to the all ghosts effect, but you can get similar results by playing around with it. Of course, you are able to exit the map as long as you don't corrupt too much of the memory beforehand. The game crashes on exiting if too much of the map gets corrupted.
  10. HeadshotTAS

    New Doom 64 speedrunning category "WMD-Max"

    I talked with ZELLLOOO about it. He said he would be willing to run the category when he returns to the game, so I don't think I'll be the only one working on it. That said, routing has yet to be done, so it could still be a while before we get an actual run.
  11. There's been an unexplored area of Doom 64 speedrunning that, over the past few months, I've tried to explore. The idea of a "WMD-Max" category has been in the air for a while now, but no actual runs have ever been made. To rectify this, I've made an individual level TAS of Staging Area that follows the category rules. (If you're wondering why the secrets counter shows as 75%, it's because it's actually completely impossible to get 100% secrets in this map. It's a common misconception that the secret exit to Hectic is the fourth secret, but this is not true; the undiscovered secret is the switch sector in the soulsphere secret, which the mappers forgot to unflag.) While we're still very far away from getting a full run accomplished, tool-assisted or otherwise, this category is actually quite promising. The slower overall pace, I think, makes it more accessible than the standard categories, especially since most of the difficult skips aren't required. This also means we can obtain the demon keys and fully power the unmaker, which should make later portions of the game much easier, especially with The Absolution being cut short. On the flipside, there is no advanced HUD, so you have to rely on your own intuition to verify that all the monsters were really killed before exiting. Given the game's compact map design, this shouldn't be too much of a hassle, especially if you're already well versed in UV-Max speedrunning. I also think that since we have a category for the lowest difficulty, Be Gentle, this category could easily exist for that difficulty as well, same rules apply. There are a couple of notable differences to keep in mind for this category: While most secrets are based on touching the sector, and will thus notify you that you got a secret, there are multiple secrets that are counted by touching certain things (these can be found in MAP06, MAP10, MAP11, MAP14, MAP29, and MAP30.) Unlike classic Doom, lost souls count towards the kills% in all cases. When entering Hectic from Staging Area, the game doesn't show the intermission screen. This means we have to rely on video alone to verify that the run actually fulfilled the requirements for beating the stage. Here's the ruleset we decided on for full-game runs: Kill all monsters and find all secrets in each map unless impossible, in which case get the most possible. The features menu must be unlocked, but can ONLY be used during the end sequence after beating The Absolution to warp to Cat and Mouse. All other usage of the features menu is banned. The run ends when Playground is finished; time stops upon the start of the bleeding effect. Spawn prevention IS allowed, and avoiding monster spawns when possible is also allowed. The decision to require completion of the fun maps was kind of difficult, as without them, not all of the game's content is showcased in the category, which seems counter-intuitive; with them, the category isn't exactly consistent with typical Doom speedrunning rules, and you would need to unlock the features menu, which has cheat capabilities. I ultimately decided in favor of requiring the fun maps after The Absolution as I think it better suits the intentions of a max category, and there weren't any strong arguments I could think of against including them. This does mean that you will have to get the secret exit in Hectic to finish the run. You will also lose your weapons after beating The Absolution in warping to Cat and Mouse. With this in mind, you may be confused as to why spawn preventing enemies (and avoiding enemy spawns when possible) is also allowed. There is some merit to the idea of killing as many monsters as theoretically possible, but there's a major problem: Dark Entries. The blue key puzzle in Dark Entries can actually be repeated indefinitely as long as you don't get the blue key, and at the end of the macro, it spawns some lost souls. Since lost souls count towards the kill % in the game, this is a problem, because the map would take literally forever to complete, because you'd never reach the theoretical maximum amount of monsters that you could kill. Therefore, the best option is to reach the maximum amount of kills by however many are currently present on the map. This way, a feasible and consistent definition of 100% can be achieved. There are also cases (such as in Watch Your Step) where spawn preventing at least one monster by way of another could easily happen by accident. So doing it this way just saves a lot of headaches for the run. I would love to hear what you all think about this. Personally I'm very excited for the possibilities this category brings to the game, and even if it's not 1:1 with the standard classic Doom speedrunning rules, that's just a consequence of this game being a unique Doom game to begin with.
  12. HeadshotTAS

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Glad to see this train is still going so soon after Andy's retirement. Keep up the good work! @ZeroMaster010 I noticed that my new BTSX E1 demos are marked under a different name to my other demos ("Headshottas" instead of "Headshot".) If you could please merge those demos to Headshot and list my demos under that name from now on I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! https://dsdarchive.com/players/headshottas https://dsdarchive.com/players/headshot
  13. HeadshotTAS

    Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP03 UV-Speed in 0:32 MAP05 UV-Speed in 1:18 b103-032.zip b105-118.zip
  14. Deathless E4M5 UV-Speed in 0:31 E4M6 Pacifist in 0:27 dl45-031.zip dl46p027.zip
  15. Deathless E1M1 UV-Speed in 0:09 E1M4 UV-Speed in 0:21 E2M5 UV-Speed in 0:30 dl11-009.zip dl14-021.zip dl25-030.zip