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  1. Nexushellfire

    Wad Editing Troubles

    Thanks for your help! I figured out and now I loaded correctly my new monsters, but now I have problems loading textures, specifically the texture pack called "nmtext2.wad" Any advice? Thanks you again tho.
  2. Nexushellfire

    Wad Editing Troubles

    Darn, yes I did it sometimes, but if I remember good I closed my wad's tab on SLADE before opening the map with DB, but maybe I forgot to close the tab one time or another. What should I do now?
  3. Nexushellfire

    Wad Editing Troubles

    I think the format that I made this WAD is: MAP 01 => GZDoom: Doom2 (Hexen) //This is how I started making my map and I changed later to UDMF because more customization. MAP 20 => GZDoom: Doom2 (UDMF) Both with ZDoom ACS scripting What do you mean with saving a new copy of that WAD? Should I copy all the stuff into a blank WAD from SLADE, and then open it with GZDoom Builder?
  4. Nexushellfire

    Wad Editing Troubles

    Greetings! I'm working in my first WAD and I tried to add some custom stuff (textures and monsters) with SLADE and when I open gzDoom Builder those assets didn't show up, so I tried to delete some things that I won't use at the moment (1st question) and when I deleted those things, I try add the monsters and textures again... and guess what, nothing shows up and the things that I deleted previously are still showing in the gzDoom Builder (stuff inside the red circles in the image attached) (2nd question) So I have some questions: 1.- Is there any limit of the size of a WAD, or any limit on custom stuff that I can put into a WAD? (I have like 9 custom midis, 2 custom items, 1 custom weapon, 2 obstacles, 4 decoration objects, 4 fully custom monsters and 6 monsters that inherit from custom and vanilla monsters) 2.- What can I do to delete permanently those assets that I deleted before and to show the things that I've added? Is this a SLADE error or a gzDoom builder error? Should I start from zero again? (I have finished one map, the second one is at 25% progress, and I DON'T want to start a new map again :c) Thanks in advance and please forgive my awful english.