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  1. So let's see if this new blog deal works.

    Because Ling's upgrade deleted all the previous blogs, which may or may not have been the best thing to happen since Malt Loaf was invented, I shall succintly try and repeat what I said in my last, first proper blog. But I can't remember exactly what I said, or be bothered to try to, so it shall be brief;

    Doom 64 TC: arguments = meh, TC = doesn't interest me, overall reactions = a shame. UPDATE: Melfice reaction = good. Face = saved. For = Great Justice. TC = still meh for me.

    Doom itself = win. Coop = big win. Looking for coop game? = #coop on freenode.

    I think this is actually longer than my original blog but whatever.

    1. Grazza


      You could copy/paste from your "Sent Messages" folder. Old blog posts should still be there.

    2. pritch


      You, sir, receive a pat on the back.

    3. Arioch