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  1. So after going for a job interview to work on cars and car audio this summer I tell the manager I'll go home and think about it. See, I could earn more typing and doing admin for the town council but it's boring as fuck.

    Anyway any visitor to the EE forum will know the rest. I sit down to a nice relaxing game of coop doom with my good Scottish comrade and partner in crime ZarcyB and it happens. Legacy takes a shit all over my life.

    One rant and a frantic driver download later and normal order is restored, but now it's too late to ring the guy at the store back and tell him yes, so I appear rude. Great. That and a bizarre slip in the bath which nearly killed me and I'm starting to suspect something weird is going on about today. There was an odd couple parked outside in a car too. What gives? Holy shit is this the Truman Show?

    Anyway #coop is still alive and kicking and if you still want to use Legacy (you sick, disgusting fuck) go for it. I am going to try and convert it to skulltag though. See you round, and keep smiling.