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  1. The first of my groups of mates has just turned 21. Scary stuff, though it has little significance in the UK now as you can do almost everything at 18, except adopt and teach people to drive (whoo-hoo.. ahem).

    Anyway we had the works last night. We threw a surprise evening of tricks for him. We told him it would be just me and two others and a quiet meal, when in fact ten were waiting at the restaurant to shout "Surprise!". After the meal and obligatory cake, out next surprise for him: we took a stretched limo round town for an hour. Then, the final surprise, even more people waiting back at his house, plus the whole place had been kitted up while he was out. Awesome, he was so happy and I was chuffed it all went smoothly. I was off my fucking face by 5am of course and naturally didn't make it into work today, so I have to pull a full weekender, but whatever, it was worth it :)

    1. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      So you didn't get fired from your job like you thought you would? Good to hear!

    2. Linguica


      pritch said:

      mates ... kitted up ... chuffed ... off my fucking face ... weekender

      crazy limey

    3. Grazza


      Heh, and that was the version using International English. In reality he got hocking gert steamed chopless.

      I got a pretty useful gift on my 21st birthday: the ability to walk. It was a very civilized trip with a few friends to a nice Chinese restaurant near Cambridge's Grafton Centre, and on the way back I found that I was able to walk without the crutches I'd been using following a severe sprain a few weeks earlier.

      My 18th was a different matter entirely: a traditional pub-crawl round Hanham with all the mandatory ingredients: curry, vomit and memory loss.