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  1. Yeah so here is my blog for recent events.

    I got a 2:1 in my degree, which means I now have an upper second in english literature and creative writing. Basically this means I can do a Masters at uni next year so off I go in September all being well. That's really pleasing.

    I'm planning my bachelor pad for next year already but money is tight so I need to find a cheap place asap. I also need a frigging laptop, I can evade the damn things no longer.

    What else? Oh yeah I'm getting a new tennis racquet - Babolat Pure Drive Team. Had a go with it and it was so sweet I've got to have it and replace my aging Dunlop Rev. Tour ISIS. I know just how many of you are die-hard sports fans here and will really care about that.

    I'm earning $15/hr eqivalent on a telephone donation thing at the moment. In the first week I've raised 20 times my wages (£4000) so I feel underpaid but I guess that's why these things are in business.

    Oh yeah and I bought Frasier season 1 on dvd from HMV for £15 reduced. Bargain, my favourite show of the 90s and frickin' genius IMO.

    So that's it.

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    2. Zoost


      pritch said:

      Ah. The voice of youth speaks.

      I am 33 and have 2 kids. I think I'm just old-fashioned.

      pritch said:

      Trust me, this way is much easier

      I believe that! And I suspect that Numbermind is right.

    3. Melfice


      I just now read this thread but its sort of ironic as me and a close friend of mine online were talking about long distance relationships. I've tried them before, and it's true, they don't work. When you actually love someone or feel deeply for them, being so far away from them and not being able to be near them tears you apart. Not to mention that if there's been trust issues in the past, you have no idea what in the world they're doing. I can't even cope with a relationship an hour away, which I was just experiencing and had to end because of problems with the other guy. Ultimately though in the end the distance itself and not being with that person just damages relationships to the point of extinction. There's quite a few people I'd love to go further than friends with if they're who they seem to be online but I don't let myself do that because I know from personal experience what ends up happening. If we only had teleporters like in Doom...I can think of a person I'd like to see right now, but they live way north of here...

    4. pritch


      Zoost said:

      I am 33 and have 2 kids. I think I'm just old-fashioned.

      You are? ROFL, apologies. I must have been confusing you with someone else.

      Maybe you're just a die-hard romantic :P

      Kid Airbag said:

      But yeah. Whenever you get your pad we can chill and watch Spurs together!

      Heh, that would be eleet. As for the other thing you said, well they say if in doubt follow your nose, maybe going out and following your penis is a more interesting version of the same :P