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  1. So I spend £90 on a new AC adaptor for my laptop. I even say to zarkyb on #zdoom, "ooh zark, PSU is the most important thing in any PC, and I've replaced mine, no expense spared."

    Well turns out it wasn't the adaptor after all. So much for painstaking deductive process. I honestly believe it shuts off randomly like this, because it IS alive and wants to annoy me. Why else would it work perfectly when my parents visited yesterday, and they could have taken it home with them to be fixed by our local shop? No, now I have to drive the fucker all the way back home some time this week, and I need to start writing my semester essays for uni. I also have to post that adaptor back.

    I fucking hate things that don't work SOME OF THE TIME. Either work or don't work you piece of shit. You have no idea how tempting it was to beat seven shades of shit out of it this morning.

    Still, it could be worse, I could be Airraid and have lost some finger I guess. All fingers still present and correct. Or I could be ZarkyB, and Scottish. Heh.

    Anyway to give this rant some purpose other than making me feel better, when has technology let you down in the most spectacular and complete way imaginable?

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    2. NailGunner


      I've had a similar experience to what's mentioned above, with the exception that it involved a misbehaving thumbdrive. (that now resides in the county landfill.) Not all was for loss, as I thankfully had the majority of my work saved on my desktop's hard drive, as opposed to my ailing laptop. Still, you can't top the intitial cold panic you feel when a project you've been working on for the better part of the month goes "poof" in a fraction of a second. Learned a lesson in multiple backups that day.

      Not much else comes to mind as of now, but I'm sure there's been others that I've blocked out in order to maintain a semblence of sanity.

    3. pritch


      Those are some impressive stories, Janderson, I dunno what to say, that truly sucks.

      Luckily mine worked long enough since this started happening to upload my recent work to an email and save it to a memory card.

    4. Janderson


      Don't worry about it, I managed to pull out an impromptu language investigation (It was about a gifted young fellow - y'know on Doomworld... believe his name was Janderson ;)) which earned a D. I use 'wasted' liberally who knows; maybe my laptop work was an U (but then again it could have been an A :( )

      Point is, this means I can get a new improved, all-the-extras Lappy(my ex-Lappy was like second-hand and four years old or something 0_0)

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