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  1. Yay exciting Xmas quiz with possible prize, though highly unlikely.

    You have to guess how much I was quoted to insure this car for one year;

    The quote starts on 01/06/2006 when I am 23 years old, with a licence held for 6 years and 6 years no claims bonus. That's all the info you get!

    If you can guess the exact figure in pounds AND pence that I was quoted I will send you a scale model of this very car. Only one guess per person!

    This is also my "Merry Christmas everybody" thread, so there we go.

    Good luck!

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    2. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      pritch said:

      You have to guess how much I was quoted to insure this car for one year;

      Ah you have got good taste an sierra rs cosworth nice ride man, I drive an ford escort rs 2000 in case you where wondering :)

    3. pritch


      Kudos for the RS2000, which model year?

      The asking price for D204EYU is £7000. Bear in mind that's a close to mint mk1 and although I think it's done 140,000 miles it looks pretty well cared-for and that Cosworth YB engine is a good 'un and he's throwing in a spare turbo.

      All the same he's pissed about with a few after-market engine mods that spoil the purism a bit, OK you need a bailey headgasket for safety and it has the necessary cat 1 alarm/immobiliser but I prefer them as factory as possible. Not that I'd ever touch one anyway, costs involved are too carnage. Plus I've sat in one and couldn't get comfortable, the interior was great in 1982 but I wasn't even born then...

      There's a peach of a one for sale with only 46000 on the clock and in totally original condition for eleven grand.

    4. Dutch Doomer

      Dutch Doomer

      pritch said:

      Kudos for the RS2000, which model year?

      Its from 1992 and its black(the only good color an RS2000 comes in imo), I could post some pics from my car if you want.
      Its pretty fast it reaches 200kmph easily, about 150bhp it has lowered suspension and neon lights underneith.
      Neon lights outside the car is illigal over here, so they better not catch me with it :)

      Before this one I had an toyota celica 2.0litre 16valve twin cam from 1986.
      Not as fast as the rs2000 but still it was very nice to drive arround in, sadly I wrecked that one some years ago :(
      There must be some pictures of that car lying arround here somewhere too.
      [edit]the car I really want is an subaru impreza 2.0 gt turbo, my friend has one and its very fast.