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  1. PaulRazvan95

    the best looking version of doom cubed

    Doom 3. Original PC. As for mods depends on your preferences. You could try Absoulte HD but it includes Iron Sights and Weapon Sprinting animations alongside tweaked gameplay. Doom 3 Redux is a good HD mod full with HR textures and so on. You could also try simply Sikkmod only for the graphical enhancements. My go to always is DentonMod 2.02 . It's not HD graphics but the gameplay is vastly enhanced. I also use pm_runspeed 350 and pm_stamina 0 for faster sprintspeed and no stamina.
  2. Somebody give him Daikatana to sign ---> : "I made this (and I'm proud of it)". @Caffeine Freak Ifyou watch Devs Play , DOOM, you can see he barely can play his own game, he gets suprised by his own monsters . I think he has something against any id-game after he left the company. I dunno, my opinion.
  3. PaulRazvan95

    Common aspects of mapping throughout first-person shooters

    Ronnie was pretty specific about all things that make a FPS a good FPS. Instead of this thread only I'd personally just get a few good FPS games on my PC and play them to see what makes them tick. Again about the sound, since Ronnie did not mention it, it is not part of the gameplay (not part of what a level maker should work) since it's enviromental or weapon sound I'm talking, but I hope you get the idea, sounds of ricocheting bullets and decals on walls after shooting with nice sounds for a surface would make you immersed to a degree. But also, is it possible for a level maker to accomplish all this you have planned? Backtracking, arenas, keys, switches, enemy placement, sound & damageable floor placement, correct texture placement, proper architecture placement (and not just flat walls). ?
  4. PaulRazvan95

    doom wikis?

    I do not know why, but I always felt DoomWiki was the right one, felt more compact to me , so to say.
  5. PaulRazvan95

    Common aspects of mapping throughout first-person shooters

    What comes to mind directly regarding the sounds and old Doom is Beautiful Doom, which has sounds for footstep materials, sounds for various surfaces too and so on. Doom 3 by default you walk on sand it sounds like metal, you shoot sand it sparks and sounds like metal, this is what I was meaning. Sounds regarding the gameplay so it does not feel artificial at all.
  6. PaulRazvan95

    Common aspects of mapping throughout first-person shooters

    I believe you'd need to choose a gameplay type . If it's Quake/Doom -ish then there are plenty of good level designed maps and wads , I'm not even going to name them since the modding is full of them now . But changing the gameplay would requiring changing the level design accordingly wouldn't it ? Look at Eternal with it's platforming level design, they added jumping abilities alongside mantling dashing and monkey bar. Then again, there's games with hitscanner enemies that have adapted cover + regen health, OR in a good case, slow-motion (F.E.A.R) . The engine capabilities I also think have a pretty big role in this too. Particle effects, sounds also have role in this, it's all tied together actually . Gladly if you want to go for classic Doom , modern sourceports have updated their engine quite a lot
  7. PaulRazvan95

    Common aspects of mapping throughout first-person shooters

    It is called non-linear level design . You don't go from start to end in a straight path like in those modern CoD games & copycats. I'd personally think good level design consits of non-linearity for level progression and also for secrets , I'm also a fan of jump-pads but that' going towards gameplay more.
  8. PaulRazvan95

    Doom Annihilation was lame. What a disappointing movie. :/

    Stop hating on the film just because it's in trend to hate it . It's an okay DVD movie . Good action sequences, decent storyline , lots of easter eggs. Only downsides are some cheesy acting (people not acting accordingly after their squadmates were killed), plastic weapons & stupid BFG and the pre-release Tweet from the main actor (I'm not going to say that here). In rest monster designs are quite good , Hell scene looks great ! If they would've done a movie where DoomGuy is in there, you all would be mad because he has a voice and an actual character so it's better that way . They did not screw that up (except for that Sargeant who looks fairly similar to Doomguy and got killed) . Oh, and about anyone complaining about VFX it's a low-budged film, these don't count.
  9. PaulRazvan95

    [Mod] Doom 3 subtle improvements.

    I think that's coded into the dll , you'd need to edit the SDK for that .
  10. PaulRazvan95

    [Mod] Doom 3 subtle improvements.

    Hi I have not yet messed with footsteps but I have messed with particle impacts for surftypes. Doom 3 allows for 15 surface types they need to be defined in the material. Only 9 or 10 are defined in Doom 3 yet they did not add step sounds for those. (metal, flesh, glass, plastic, wood, liquid, cardboard, ricochet & stone) the rest need to be defined (they are surftype10 --> 15 ) So by default dirst won't work since it is not defined as a material. I have defined the rest of the surftypes as (concrete, sand, dirt , bone, lava slime) . You should add a `dirt / soil whatever ` parameter ot the materials of the corresponding textures. Then add the sound in def file.