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  1. Xyz

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    There is no way in hell 99 bullets can fit in that magazine. Not even 60, but hey. I can't disagree with id Software.
  2. Xyz

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    I'm waiting. I just gave my opinion on what was released so far in comparison with the title. I even said I don't want to bash his work. It's just that I expect some greater improvements other than some re-balacing and bigger muzzleflashes.
  3. Xyz

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    With all due respect to you and your work sir. How does this differ from the countless mods which re-balance the game . Mods like Phrozo, DentonMod, Fixed Edition,and lots of other mods that don't come to mind but there are plenty. Thing is with the name being ``Golden Edition`` and the work put into that trailer we kind of expected something to live up to the title. This is just Fixed Edition (Your Way). I don't want to bash your work. It is not my intention. So don't take it that way.
  4. Xyz

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    So is this just a rebalance ? As in change the damages and the variables of enemies weapons and others ? No new features added ? You can add new features that won't take away from the gameplay.
  5. Xyz

    DOOM³ Golden Edition

    Show it. I dare you.
  6. Xyz

    What's with all these sound folders?

    You are not guessing. Brutal Doom uses Doom 3 sounds. They have a messed up folder structure. Maybe they didn't care. It's hard to track all those sounds at some point.
  7. Xyz

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    We need a laugh/rofl reaction for these kind of posts specifically.
  8. Xyz

    DOOM 3: BFG Edition should've been a console exclusive...

    This is a worthless post. Even if it's on PC or Consoles or both it does not affect absolutely anything.
  9. Xyz

    Mods that make the game harder?

    Always keep your modified files in the last pk4 to overwrite the other ones (or delete the other ones) If Trent Reznor also has new sounds defined in the def you would have to re-define them in your new def too
  10. Xyz

    Mods that make the game harder?

    Oh. I just read more of this conversation. I tought you had only the Admin pinky have the HP problem. But if you have the same problem with every pinky that spawns then look in the .pk4s . Try the last pk4s you have, maybe one of them has another ``monster_demon_pinky.def`` that is replacing the one you edited.
  11. Xyz

    Mods that make the game harder?

    Probably the monster was given set amount of HP in the map. You can open the map in the editor search for the pinky and change the HP
  12. Xyz

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Interesting... So HDoom took place in the 69th dimension then. Jokes aside, parralel universes mean usually you have a parralel to a character too. Maybe they'll get around to those loopholes eventually.
  13. Xyz

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Wait Disregarding Final DOOM and other official WADs of the time. It make Doomguy killed the Icon of Sin in Doom 2. Didn't he killed another Icon of Sin before Doom 2016? Son of Betrayer ? Then the makyr resurrected the son Icon ? Manuals of OG Dooms state events happen somewhere in 21st century . NuDoom's ones are 2140s , (like Doom 3). I believe that can/probably will be fixed with some retconning by id. But at this point earth was invaded 2 times and almost wiped out of existence. I refuse to believe parralel universe bs.
  14. Xyz

    Mods That Make Doom 3 More Like Classic Doom?

    There are plenty of SP maps that are not linear, I think some mods are there too. Tested/In Hell/Teh Base . You might up the speed of the player so you can move faster than default Doom 3. They are what you are looking for.
  15. Xyz

    Seems like id wants to keep making new Doom games...

    What I meant is id does the titles that Beth wants. If they want a Doom For3ver they do that. Or a Quake game they do that. Gameplay is left to id pretty much.