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  1. this is going to take forever to write so i might just edit this a couple of times to finish everything i have to say... its kind of related to teamkills blog that he made today but it pertains to guys instead of women. i would just for once like to understand how your minds work. i met this guy and he is the sweetest person ever. but he is over possesive and we dont even go out. i told him i was going to the movies today with some female friends and he totally flipped out on me. he said he didnt want me going out or talking to people unless they are family or him... but yet he is talking to another girl. I know you guys are like oh god not one of these stories (girls complaining)but yea it is. that kind of stuff just pisses me off so much... not to mention that this whole MONTH has been awful for me. i have been home all day whenever i am not at work due to the fact that everytime i step out of my house other than to go to work something bad happens to me. it hasnt failed once yet this month. do you guys beleive in witchcraft and what not? i have been so stressed lately i cant even think. and whats worse is that i am having a bad week or whatever and when he calls he is in a bad mood or something and his feelins and thoughts are so negative that they start to bring me down even more :S I usually write my emotions in a notebook i have but i have written pages upon pages today and its been of no use so i am hoping that this might be of some use.

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    2. Jenblaze


      well you never know.. maybe its just cuz we arent anything now... but we will just have to wait and see

    3. Ralphis


      He could really be a woman in disguise you know

    4. geekmarine


      Jenblaze said:

      well you never know.. maybe its just cuz we arent anything now... but we will just have to wait and see

      Heh, I was just about to say that. I say give it a chance. I mean, you said yourself that he is the sweetest guy except for this possessive thing, and if he's only being possessive because you two aren't anything, then it might just work out. Of course, if he continues to be possessive, my suggestion is to drop him like a hot potato, but not until you give him a chance.