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  1. Ive just started the game, but keep hearing this annoying clicking sound when im walking... Its very loud.. Like move 2 steps "click" move another 2 steps "click" Did anybody have this problem when starting?? or notice strange noises... Thanks..
  2. Jertsy

    UK Doomers.

    looooooooooool m8... That's well funny. But i kind of know ur thinking... But i have to say my mrs is the opposite, she bought me loads of new hardware just for this game, but hey, we dont have a little one to look after... Good luck m8, oh, and yeh.... never give in to guilt, no matter how well ur getting on.. ;)
  3. Jertsy

    What are you looking forward to the most?

    Yeah, that's my thang right there m8. I want to hear spooky noises and atmosphere.
  4. Jertsy

    UK Doomers.

    *Grabs his fiancée, and shows her highlanders post* "See, see, look other people are like it aswell, its not just me" . "Look, he's 35" . "shows you how special this game is" . . . . . . "Can i get some more ram" . "no" . "Biotch"
  5. Jertsy

    UK Doomers.

    Hey m8, hehe, The thing is I dont wanna wait!!! sheeeesh, im 28 and acting like a child.
  6. Jertsy

    UK Doomers.

    Hi there, This is basically for anybody in the UK that wants to get there hands on D3 before the UK release. I have just placed my order from here. http://www.importmadness.co.uk/cgi-bin/prod?Item_Number=130666 Its cost's a total £48.00, and It will be delivered to your door 2 days after the US release... Sorry if this has been mention/done before, if it haz, then let this thread die......... Peace.
  7. Jertsy

    Can't find GeForce 6800 Ultra anywhere!!

  8. Jertsy

    You thieving bastard!

    This is a breath of fresh air... Normally id expect there to be loads of warezer's giving it... But the general feeling is one of buying this game, and rightly so! As someone mention before, im looking forward just to having the box in my hand.. This in-it-self is making my heart go alittle, as i speak....well type. Add to this feeling that im finally going to be using new hardware aswell.... I mean, sheeeeeeeeit, I have not really even thought what’s its going to be like actually playing the game.... Well, I know im gonna be scared!! Especially with the new 5.1 headphones. Every gamer should buy this game... If they say they have not got the money, BS, they have had long enough to save!! Jertz.
  9. Jertsy

    Who should've been responsible for the music

    I have to agree with you there m8, ur 100% right about the ps1 music... I have "yet" to find something as scary as that... Silent hill is different scary.... But it was not music really, more a constant moan, grasp.. I think anyways... But yes, great indeed..
  10. Jertsy

    Is anyone else a giant pussy?

    hehehe, im the same m8... Ive still to finish Silent hill 2, I just cant bring myself to do it!!! LoL, and im 28. But with doom, i dont think of being scared for some strange reason!! The thought of playing silent hill 2 "scares" me more than doom3. But I supppose ill have to wait until its about 12.00am with me headphones on to see...
  11. Jertsy

    Doom 3 released August 13th in the UK

    Can't we ship it over from the US when it comes out there??? Jertz.
  12. Jertsy

    So what´s your rig ?

    YEEEES, bless my Finacee. She knows i have been waiting for Doom 3 for ages. I just spoke to her about this thread and how my card 9800 is crap. So she said (im currently not working, college..) she will lend me the money to get a new card... :), heheh. Within 2 mins of posting here, I now have £300.00 to spend on a new card. Any recommendations... Im thinking I might go to nivida's camp.
  13. Jertsy

    So what´s your rig ?

    AMD64 3200 & Zalman UltraQ Rad 9800 1024-400MHz 80G-7200-2MB Audigy 2 ZS & Logi z640 Antec TP 550W MSI DVD 16x Lite-on 52x32x52 iiyama 22" VisionMaster Pro Sheeeeeeit, the 9800's leting me down. I wanna run everything at max. sheesh, should have waited...
  14. Jertsy

    Music & Sound

    I could not agree with you more about the Ps1 music... i can re,eber playing with me headphones on, very creepy indeed... The PC version sounded like a fruit machine to me...I could not play it... Jert
  15. Jertsy


    AMD64 3200 & MSI Neo x2 512 3200 Antec TP 550w Liteon 52x Giga Rad9800 (425/360) SB ZS & Log 640's Maxtor 8mb, 7200 17" standard, but soon to be 21" as soon as my bird gets her finger out of her ass. lolol. me's awaiting the game.