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  1. OneDoomedMarine

    BD: BYHAE, a tale

    So I never quit loving the mod for Doom 2, Beyond Hell and Earth. back in the days of BD19, it was a wonder to see and play. To this very moment, I still cherish it in my top 5 wad packs. But I seen people were kinda curious to see what happened to it's development, and wanted to tell that story. So this was during the time that Project Brutality and Insanity's Brutality were also being born. If you notice, a loooooooot of assets from BYHAE were used in PB that were developed by the original creator of the map pack, Das_M. After playing it over and over for several months, I reached out to Das_M and asked if it'd ever be finished and he directly said to me no, because when he released the 15 map starter pack for the mod, the creator of PB and other modders helped themselves to the contained assets, despite them politely do so at that current moment. Now, one could argue, "Marine, even though it was beta, he did push the content out and ya know freedom to do as we please", etc. Well, personally, I feel like Das_M was disrespected a little bit by the modding community, and rightfully, he quit his work because people just kinda helped themselves to piggy back off their work. Now in no way is this a slam post, Project Brutality is my favorite game play mod for Doom, aside from Doomzone, so please do not take it as such. I just merely am regaling what the creator of the mod had said, and saw that people were once curious on the subject as to why we never got it. I, for one, and very sad to this very day, that we were cheated out of a finished BYHAE, despite getting BD Starter Pack and Extermination Day from SGT_MarkIV. At any rate, now ya have it, the story and my opinion on the matter!