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  1. Flametrooper

    Why is Doomguy... left-handed ?

    1. Switch to fists 2. Press fire 3. It's funny. Laugh. WHY IS DOOMGUY LEFT-HANDED ?
  2. Flametrooper


    I don't believe it is possible to finish Hexen under 7 hours, when playing first time. Not because monsters, but switches and puzzles. They aren't that hard, but switches are very hard to notice and often placed in dumb places. What about getting cave key ? I had problems with that when playing 3rd time. I would not be able to simply FIND all switches in 7 hours. Picking up that torch isn't ALL you need to open the pass. I recently played it, and the path was closed despite picking up the torch. I had to return to Guardian Of Ice (trap room) and then to GUardian Of Steel via portal. First moments of playing as Cleric (skill5) are fun.. Mace isn't that great, and if you run out of flechettes - ouch ! Anyway, what are benefits from visiting Bright Crucible ? -fun -reference to Heretic -opportunity to see brown serpents and stalkers -opportunity to find discs of repulsion - reference to level31 (DARK crucible) Is that all ? ------- Does anyone play Hexen1 multiplayer still ?
  3. Flametrooper


    Check out jHexen. It works great, but don't bother with model pack, it's not worth it. Google is your friend. Check there before asking anything. Does anyone play Hexen1 multplayer ?
  4. Flametrooper

    This is what makes Doom Doom

    http://toastytech.com/dooma/ Run one of those and you'll know. If you still don't get it, I'll tell you: very good graphics, textures and monsters very good sound once amazing, now just good, engine. As you can see, doom alphas COMPLETELY LACK OF DOOM SPIRIT. One thing that is sweet about them - the way the monsters look like. Lots of funny stuff to read there. DooM was going to have Hexen-style hubs, but it was cancelled because of lack of time.
  5. Flametrooper

    Some never learn or don't care!

    On the topic: one map players suck big time. Long time ago I was making q2 maps, but none of them were played (except one, which was used on rail arena server). Not to mention q2dm1 closemindness. At the moment I think there's no "real", new fps game worth playing, so I don't make maps. I tend to play Enemy Territory. Enemy Territory ! Damn impressive. Have you seen how much maps are played in that game ? At least 6 on most servers, unbelievable ! Campaign and exp system does wonders ! So I wait for DooM3 until I start making maps again. One of my ideas is to make whole multiplayer levelpack with semi-random item and weapon spawning. Think about it, it's not that stupid as it sounds. It's going to FORCE players to alter their strategy depending on circumstances. Mastering fps multiplayer game is usually about learning tricks that work on just ONE map. Such players are often so inflexible they won't play anything else. Semi-random item spawing can change that. I would love to play multiplayer (j)Hexen1. I could not find any message forums or communities, could you help me pleeeease ? I played multiplayer Hexen1 only few times :< People may say my controls are weird, but they're perfect for me. Movement - del home pgup pgdown attack mouse1 jump mouse2 use - ins, inven - pgup other functions are on arrows, enter etc, ir numpad. I can reach more keys than on arrows movement, and my movement keys are nicely lined up, I like that.
  6. Flametrooper

    Worried about Doom 3

    Anyone saying that "doom was all about graphics" must be completely deaf, and/or enjoy Heretic1 sounds. Not even Ramborc will convince me they are fine. Not to mention lots of new features comparing to WOlf - lights, diagonal walls, different floor heights etc.
  7. Flametrooper

    Why P2P network code ?

    Have you heard about CTF or Team Fortress style gameplay ? Or played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory perhaps ? That's what I call real strategy, you have to adjust your playing style to make it effective. Unlike DM/teamplay with items respawning on map, which is all about camping certain items, using same tactics and methods over and over. Just look at Q2DM1. Hideous. I hope they are going to somehow limit item camping in DooM3 - spreading valuable stuff farther from each other or (my dream) implementing semi-random item spawning. There is a hope. DooM3 multiplayer maps are to be co-developed by Splash Damage, team formed from Quake 3 Fortress creators. Also creators of Enemy Territory. In ET, they proved they can make BOTH great-looking and balanced maps.
  8. Flametrooper

    Seeing distant battles

    DooM had no real monster hordes. Big monster hordes appear in DooM2, because... 1) People already upgraded their hardware 2) DooM1 monsters SUCKED. I don't mean their appearance, they're simply cute and produce excellent sounds. DooM1 monsters are very easy to fight against ! Let's analyze: Zombieman - uhhh... Sergeant - hmm, he can do some nasty damage but still 2 bullets are enough to slay it. Imp - very low projectile speed, moderately skilled DooM player can dodge it without any effort. Imp is potentially dangerous only in tight corridors. Lost Soul - very clumsy and still easy to dodge. Has big problems with something as fundamental as attacking - often gets stuck. Demon - looks and sounds scary, but 1)noticably slower than WALKING marine 2) can't attack mobile targets, even if they move at 10 cm per second. Spectre is fine. Cacodemon - again, slow projectile. Baron Of Hell - Stronger imp, period. His only ability worth mentioning is ammo consuming. Spider Mastermind - if you have enough place to run - laughable, huge immobile and harmless target for rockets and plasma. When it comes to short range and dodging (obstacles) Mastermind is actually much easier than Cyberdemon. On top of that spider Vs spider fight is the most silly doom experience. ...and Cyberdemon, it can be challenging depending on situation. Just as Mastermind, either devastating or totally harmless. ---------- ID must have realized how puny these monsters are. Let's take a look at new monsters, and new methods of utilizing monsters in DooM 2 Hell Knight - less tough than Baron, but deals same damage I think. This means much better health to damage ratio. Instead of using Baronds, we ocassionaly see multiple Knights. 2 Barons need 10 supershotgun hits (or direct rockets), while 3 knights need 9, but can deal 50% more damage, occupy more space so it's harder to escape when surrounded. Heavy Weapons Dude - tougher, but more importantly - devastating at short to medium range and doesn't waste time on writing pointless topics. Can't be dodged and high damage output ! Pain Elemental - my least favourite monster. I just think it's uncool. It can spam everything with lost souls, this means I have to target it first. Anyway, very dangerous when ignored. Pain Elemental surrounded by lost souls is very hard to reach. Revenant - projectile is quite hard to dodge, and the monster itself is relatively fast. Arch-ville - can't be dodged, ressurects, fast and pretty tough. Mancubus - 6 mini rockets per salvo are much harder to dodge than single projectile. Individual projectile deals high damage. Arachnotron - constant plasma fire is hard to dodge, in many circumstances impossible to avoid. In general, new monsters have either instant hit ability, or their projectiles are harder to dodge. Imps and hell knights tend to be placed in areas where running away is hard or impossible. Demons love to appear in large groups, making it possible to immobilize victim (they can't attack mobile target). Even cacodemons tend to hunt in packs. Lost Souls can be spawned like there's no tommorow. Spider Masterminds in DooM2 can be defeated without firing single shot ! Level6 - the switch. Gotcha level - fight with cyber. 23 Barrels O Fun - multiple arachnotrons, same goes for level29. Kinda sad, but it shows just how cheesy these monsters are. I wonder how much distance would it take to kill Mastermind with one imp.
  9. Flametrooper

    No Doom 3 this year?

    One more year of polishing won't make the game uglier. :D It is especially true for someone like John Carmack.
  10. Flametrooper

    Half-Life 2 vs. Doom 3

    By HL-style = Duke-style = not particulary great graphics, but lots of fancy tricks, things to toy with, etc. Examples: destroyable/highly interactive environment advanced AI interesting and fresh weapons lots of scripts advanced storyline fun stuff in general. ------------ Games like Q2 and so forth are solid, but perhaps a little boring.
  11. Flametrooper

    Why P2P network code ?

    It's weird. client-server networking model proved great for games like Quake, Quake2, Quake3, RTCW etc. Why is DooM III going to have Peer To Peer network code ? There are rumors about max number of players limited to 8, 4 or sth. QuakeCOn deathmatch is going to feature 4 players simultaneously. It seems obvious that P2P solution limits amout of players that can play simultaneously. ------- What's the reason to introduce P2P networking in FPP game ? 1) Fancy graphics and animation comes at a cost.. OR 2) ID has some extremally cool tricks to show ? WHat's your opinion ?
  12. Flametrooper

    "Original" models and levels for Doom3

    It is unlikely to happen ! Do you remember Generations mod for Quake 2 ? It was a mod that allowed to play one of characters listed below: DooM marine quake guy quake 2 guy (obviously) ...with unique weapons like super shotgun, plasma gun, nailgun, lighting gun... Mod was already playable, when development stopped. REason: ID Software request.
  13. Flametrooper

    Half-Life 2 vs. Doom 3

    Half Life 1 was created by modyfying Quake2 engine. THINK ABOUT IT ! ----- In my opinion it's going to be possible to make HL-style game out of DooM III, especially since ID keeps telling us that DooM is going to be mod-friendly. One thing that HL may be better at is max players. There are rumors that DooM 3 multiplayer is going to be limited to 4, or 8, or whatever number of players. DooM 3 Deathmatch at QuakeCon 2003 will be limited to 4 players.
  14. Flametrooper

    Doom demos and win xp crap ?

    Thanks a lot ! I can't believe it, but it works just fine. I'll check this forum when I finish watching those demos. It seems to be greatest (traffic-wise) DooM forum I found so far.
  15. Flametrooper

    Doom demos and win xp crap ?

    Pleeeease help me ! I'm desperate. I have DooM 2 ver 1.9 and some 2 nice demos I would love to see. I mean, doom2 done quick and another one, nightmare. I have windows xp here and no matter what I try I can't run any demo on this crap. I know I should run doom2 with parameter -playdemo DEMOName, but it doesn't work at all ! To be exact, I can't force xp to run any file with a parameter ! I tried thru "run command", "command line" etc - it doesn't work ! Not to mention I had to type literally "doom2 .exe" to run the game. Notice the space between 2 and dot - it doesn't work without it ! Is there any way to run a program in XP with command line parameter ? ------------------- I think it's also possible to create IWAD with demo1 and demo2 replaced. I've spent several hours trying to find right programs and create the damn iwad. I can't. COuld someone help me ? Is this possible to do in xp ?