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  1. Thanks for all the help, everyone! Changed the name to MAP01, works fine now! Alright, I'm gonna maybe call all this stops for a day or three, I'm probably gonna be doing life stuff, we'll see. But I'm definitely gonna keep messing around, following tutorials and seeing what's possible. I'll drop a line if something comes up I need help with technically. If it's some sort of design question I might ask in one of the Discord servers instead. Thanks again!
  2. Alright, update time. I now have GZDoom Builder Bugfix. I can make a test map, and hit the save button as many times in a row as I like without crashing, and I can reopen GZDB and actually see my wad and map. However: Um. This happens when I try to run my test map in GZDoom through the test function. "Could not find map MAP00". Uh, what?
  3. Unreason

    Let's build your ideal map.

    Alright, stream of consciousness (and wall of text) incoming. I like levels you can't very easily get lost in, that give the player a strong sense of direction, with one single progression path, or maybe two or three that are all mandatory to do but can be done in an order of your choosing. Give me the backpack early please, two hundred bullets and fifty shells just aren't enough storage space. Relatively plentiful health and armor (whether medikits and green armors, or supercharges, megaarmors and megaspheres depends on the map), and plentiful ammo of at least one type. Map authors usually throw shells at you, which is a safe bet, but it's nice to have levels that really let you go wild with the chaingun, people never seem to want to give out enough bullets to use it as the workhorse gun for a level. I love the super shotgun as much as the next person, it feels amazing, but have you ever played a level that has a few thousand bullets laying around to shred demons with? I haven't, and I want to. Don't make me run unarmed through gauntlets of enemies to get something better than the pistol, arm me before you start trying to kill me, please. And no heavy-duty platforming or puzzle-solving, I'm really just here to shoot demons. Don't have me kill the same one or two kinds of enemies for a lot of the map, be sure to have plenty of demonic variety, and don't go sparse with the enemies, a good healthy population with plenty of monster closets and teleport waves is the way to go. Ambushes, multi-directional assaults and anti-cheese measures are all very welcome. Slaughter isn't my preference, largely because I'm not actually that good, but having slaughter sections or slaughter finales can be fun, I'd just rather not have it start to finish. No inescapable damage pits, go ahead and throw in a teleporter or elevator to get me back up, dying with full or nearly full health because you fall off a ledge isn't very fun. If I'm going to die I'd rather just be killed in battle by demons. Visual-wise, have a strong theme that the level follows, with lots of attention to aesthetics and detail. Being able to look out and see a beautifully detailed area you can't actually go to, that only exists to be pretty, is always a big plus. A good map should be fun to stroll through with nomonsters on, just looking at the architechture and color and vistas. It doesn't necessarily have to look or feel anything like a real place, as long as it looks and feels like it has its own internal logic that dictates its form and appearance. If it actually feels something like a real place, like a base or cavern or temple, then great, but something more abstract can be equally great as long as it's pretty. I don't like for the entire map to look claustrophobic. Even if the gameplay *is* claustrophobic,there ought to be at least one spot somewhere where you can look out and see something bigger, even if you don't get to go there. Oh, but the detail should be designed in such a way that it's not excessively easy to get stuck on it while shotgunning hell knights or something. Oh, it's also cool if the level features two or more distinct aesthetic styles, with some sections of the level done in one style and some in another, with some distinct dividing point between them, like if you spend the first half journeying through a black void filled with rusty metal structures and walkways that uses keycards to open security doors, and the second half through a black and teal stone cathedral with lots of stained glass that uses skull keys to activate demon sigils that open the path to the exit. Level-length-wise, probably something that a UV-maxer can beat in somewhere between two and a half minutes and twelve minutes, would be about my ideal playtime (it'll probably take me three to four times as long, including saving and loading, depending on exactly how hard it is). And difficulty-wise, ideally I'd like the map to kill me exactly once. If it gets me to really low health and makes me sweat, good enough, or if it kills me once each in two or three different spots, that's cool (as long as I wasn't lazy about saving, but that's on me). And, um...I guess that covers it, actually! So yeah, there you have it.
  4. So I just grabbed the new version of DBX from Anotak that he dropped a little bit ago, opened it up, made a big empty room with a player start using Doom 2 as the game configuration and resource, then set the Doom 2 wad as a resource under game configurations. I saved the map. It saved. Then I hit save a second time and this happened: I reopened DBX and got this: I had to manually reselect and re-add the game configuration and resource, and it still doesn't see any map. I have no idea what's happening. :(
  5. Thank you for the Discord suggestion! I'll maybe drop in on them and see if they feel like helping a poor clueless soul out. As far as read-write permission, I *think* I should have full permissions, DBX is just installed in a folder on my desktop. Guess I'll try uninstalling it and reinstalling it, maybe in a different spot, to see if that helps.
  6. I've already run into some sort of problem. So I made a big empty room with a pillar and a player one start in it, then saved it as a wad. Then closed DBX. Then tried to run the wad in GZDoom. And I got Entryway. So I reopened DBX, and went to open my wad, and got this: Apparently it doesn't remember the game configuration or resource, and when I re-add those things it still doesn't show a map for me to select. It's as if the wad exists, but is empty. I thought I followed Linguica's instructions pretty closely. I'm bewildered. No idea what I might have done wrong...
  7. I noticed that the buttons Reference Manuel and About this Editing Mode under the Help menu in Doom Builder X don't seem to do anything when clicked. Can anyone shed any light on that?
  8. Thank you both for the responses. Do these editors have node builders included?
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm Unreason, I've been playing Doom for a decade or so, and I've finally decided I want to try tinkering with making a map. I went and found Linguica's [Vanilla Level Editing] Lesson 1: Preliminary Reconnaissance thread, where Linguica recommends GZDoom Builder. When I follow the link, I get a forum post where the "easy" link to a version of GZDB is broken, and the working link is this: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/doombuilder2-gzdb/ Should I just grab the most recent file there and see what happens, or is there a different path I should follow? Is there some more up-to-date program? All guidance will be gratefully accepted, I don't actually know what I'm doing here...