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  1. Hey all, just got into VizDoom by following along this basic tutorial https://github.com/simoninithomas/Deep_reinforcement_learning_Course/blob/master/Deep%20Q%20Learning/Doom/Deep%20Q%20learning%20with%20Doom.ipynb I'm having issues with implementing the system above. I get an error on the 10th cell of the tutorial. The error states (check link above for specific cell) ValueError: ('Cannot warp empty image with dimensions', (0, 180, 320)) Whenever, I rerun the cell the enemy moves left or right. However, when I attempt to run the cell directly after it to initialize tensor board I get the following error. PermissionDeniedError: /tensorboard; Permission denied I've tried restarting the kernal, completely setting up a new notebook where I copied and pasted the code and downgraded numpy to version 1.16.3 since I was getting some random error whenever I ran the first cell. None of them seems to solve the problem. Any help is much appreciated, thanks! I'm not sure whether questions like this are allowed to be posted here, if not please direct me to another forum to post. (Tried making an account ZDoom, thoguht that it was a more appropriate place to ask the question. But have been suspended because I couldn't answer the security questions to make the account. Dont know which color keys and secret weapons lay around the doom game world unfortunately)