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  1. DSC

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Sometimes, poor Doomguy doesn't really have a choice. In some places, like hellish otherworldy voids and the like, there is really only one choice to fill his stomach up... But hey, who knows, perhaps some of the demon meat is really tasty! From just looking at it, where are my opinions on how good of a snack they look: -former humans: wouldn't eat even if you paid me, for pretty obvious reasons; -imps: mediocre taste, would only eat if there's nothing better; -pinkies and spectres: very good taste! And lots of meat to eat from a single demon too. Spectre meat would also really be a nice novelty... Solid food you can see through is pretty cool! -hell knights and barons: another good tastin' bunch. I can imagine barons to be more of the deluxe option; -revenants: sorry, do they even have meat at all?; -mancubi: very fatty meat, not much appeal to me at all; -arachnotron and mastermind: eating brains is pretty gross... Can't imagine myself liking the texture; -cacos: pretty decent taste; -pain elementals: lots of bones and in general inedible stuff, because of lost souls and the structures inside that allow to create them. The meat itself is good though; -arch-viles: very tender and tasty! One of my favorites; -cybie: the king of all demon cuisine! Absolutely unparalleled in quality. Just be sure not to accidently break your teeth biting the rocket launcher!
  2. I've heard some of your standard YT reviewers calling it too long or something like that... Its only 90 minutes long. Seriously, blockbuster movies are getting longer and longer each passing year, pretty big exception if you ask me.
  3. We did reach an agreement on a meaning of the term in the first page of the thread: And funny thing is, at least according to this definition and my personal experiences, things like Fellini would precisely be the last thing in the world those people would want to watch.
  4. I have neither the talent or the resources :(
  5. Oh that, I remember it now. Thought it was controversy long past, she addressed it already on her "Cancelling" video.
  6. Wait, what?!? What happened with her to cause that?
  7. ...Excuse me? Sorry, but is that really your best argument? In a world where things like The Da Vinci Code and Fifty Shades Of Gray are bestsellers, you think that means jack shit?!? Well, I have read some excerpts from his works. They're shitty third rate Tom Clancy ripoffs. Also, to be a bit more through on what kind of a person this dude is... First of all, his knowledge on cinema: Yep, truly someone that "knows a thing or two about storytelling" /s And did I mention the fact he supported an actress he previously made fun of after she got fired for rampant antissemitism? And that he's sexist as fuck? Take a look at some of those thumbnails: Notice how he even used a photoshoped Scarlett Johansson in the first pic? Seriously though, dude's nearly a complete misogynist at this point. Have you ever seen Midsommar review? Oh, and he's racist too. Basically every single one, and I mean every single one, character that's either a girl or not white or both, he'll always point it out and whine about it. Talk about "woke" Hollywood all you want, still doesn't excuse being a bigoted asshole. Oh, and his fans. His fans... They also have made comments on one of his video reviews of The Boys supporting a villainous character that was a stand-in for the online alt-right. Openly defending fascist behaviors, hmm, doesn't the fanbase reflect well what kind of a person he is? I personally remember one of his morons openly saying they wanted to assault and beat up Greta Thunberg. This was a few years ago... When she was still underage. And the list of awfulness goes on and on... Sorry I couldn't elaborate even more on how much of a godawful person this douchebag is, but I have something called "sanity" that I would like to preserve the little that's left. Writing all the previous stuff was tiring enough already. And I'm not even done. You see, scalliano, for the longest time I just, as the saying goes, used to live and let live. Your comments seriously upset me, but I'm just another man, you didn't break the rules, nothing to do. But over the past years, my life took a big shift. I was always someone lost and without goals in life. My sophomore year was a disaster. I failed miserably on the very first year of higher education at an university, and I changed course and institution. Currently hoping to see if this time it goes better... But as it stands I'm a miserable man, stuck with severe OCD, without many friends and difficulty talking with them thanks to being a complete social inept that can't talk and interact like a normal person... And all this, amplified more thanks to COVID. I know its a rant, and a boring one at that containing my entire biography, but context is important. Again, the past year saw some big changes. I've become much more depressed and cynical. You see, I got radicalized by the anti-SJW wave as an younger, dumber teenager. Then the tankies nearly got me, but thankfully I escaped their nonsense in time. Every day that passed and I grew slightly more mature and less ignorant, becoming a bit more aware of the troubles of the world, and about how even more helpless I was compared to even just a normal man in the face of it. I saw inflammatory comments and hate everywhere, and for each and every single time one was countered and neutered, another thousand would appear. I tried to shake it off, the world is full of idiots and its not the job of a single person to get rid of them all at once. But, perhaps because of my OCD, every single word of all the shitshow couldn't escape my mind. It truly was a living hell inside... I wonder if it had any impact on my insomnia too? Well, one thing was for sure, I just couldn't shove those thoughts away. If you look in my post history, you can even see my struggle documented pretty well, I mentioned it here several times... That's where you come in. Perhaps I'm just going insane, perhaps I've hit my breaking point and just want to release all my anger somewhere. Not behavior worthy of a civil man, but I'm long past the point of no return. Many of the posts you've made were one of countless things bothering me. You always an obnoxious Internet libertarian, always moaning about your freeze peach and freedumb and "Oh ma gawd censorship, literally 1984" bullshit, peddling stupid tinfoil hat conspiracy theory after the other, being a fearmonger and just overall being yet another useful idiot in the interests of the alt right. Yes, you may not be a nazi, but you still allowed and unintentionally took part to further their causes and help them spread their vile shit, maintaining the pipeline of radicalization. Have you seen the man you tried to defend just because he was on your "side"? I'm going to repeat myself... I'm done with it. I will do something that just this morning I would have found unthinkable. But honestly, I truly believe its what needs to be done... Go fuck yourself you piece of shit. ... Ahh... It actually felt good! Yes I know its meaningless. scalliano isn't offended by it, it changed nothing and I behaved like a complete asshole. The mods will probably suspend or outright ban me. I just want to say, I'm sorry mods that I made you all read this unhinged nonsense. You people were something close to friends to me, and I have the utmost respect for you and many other members here. But... This was something that needed to be done. Its a meaningless gesture, its a stupid Internet comment no one will give a damn about, but it IS something. I needed to stand up to myself, and this was the way it came to be. All the shit going on in the world I can't change, but at least I tried this, tried becoming something slightly closer to a real man, and doing so out of my own instinct, my way. It feels so good... For once I can feel, I'm finally gaining motivation and not starting to get offended by online stupidity anymore... Really! Of course issues more of the real life issue are a thing, but I'll be able to handle them now. So... You can post any Old Man Yells At Cloud images. I deserve it, and now that I feel better, I can laugh at myself again because I don't hate myself anymore.
  8. DSC


    If there's anything in excessive abundance in the classic Doom universe, its for sure jokewads.
  9. DSC


    Seriously dude, you need to start an AVGN style show where you talk shit like this to crappy "joke" wads, that would be hilarious!
  10. The people described in the first two paragraphs definitely aren't filmbros. Well, at least the kind I'm talking about in this thread, the ones in the last paragraph.
  11. A lot of media from the 50's is about McCarthyism, and since "reds under the bed" has been resurging back at nearly full force within modern Internet speech, its more crucial than never to acknowledge and talk about it. But even ignoring modern politics... Art IS the reflection of reality. What else could it be? Some examples... Dante's Divine Comedy, Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, old Twilight Zone episodes... All mirrors of the circumstances of the time they were made in, and in some aspects even of the times of today.
  12. I came across this today, and I'll be posting here to perfectly exemplify what kind of stuff filmbros say. Because, holy shit: How fucking stupid do you need to be to spit such utter nonsense? And to think this dumbass has over a million subs on YT and is very popular overall there. I know its because of the fact he's a grifter that appeals to and validates the opinions of the people who watch him, rather than his media illiterate and anti-intellectual form of "criticism", but still...
  13. DSC

    Make my mod for me

    And wasn't Somewhere In Time, with that exact title pic, already an actual released wad? That even didn't get the chance to be finished because of a hard drive crash? This keeps getting better and better...
  14. DSC

    Best Sites To Waste Time

    Its the kind of stuff best consumed already filtered through third-parties, yeah.
  15. DSC

    Best Sites To Waste Time

    0.0 Really? I mean, sure, there has been some interesting stuff to come out of it, the SCP Foundation, the Backrooms... But the site itself is widely considered to be a cesspool not worth your time for good reasons.