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  1. Mega Man X6. The game was rushed by Capcom and, no joke, seriously could've ended even better than X4 with what they had there.
  2. HOLY CRAP!! I know that Amy Chua fellow!! A few years back she wrote a book where she described how she educated her children... It was godawful, she verbally abused them and called them garbage: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Battle_Hymn_of_the_Tiger_Mother
  3. So, I was getting for the very first time a Wii game to play on Dolphin Emulator, and something happened... You see, those files come compressed in a nkit format, and you need a special tool to convert them into ISOs. Fortunatly, I've used that tool several times before on GCN games, and so I went on and tried to make an usable game file...


    But it kept DELETING it, driving me insane!!! What was causing that!!?!? Was it because it was a Wii game?!? Is there anything else I should've done?!?




    Turns out I just forgot to unzip the original nkit files. I'm a bloody idiot.

  4. One I remember well happened the first time I played Circle Of Death. When I first got to the arch-vile, I had no idead how to deal with him, or how he even managed to damage me in the first place. The walkthrough I was following didn't mention how to avoid him. I probably spent around 5-10 minutes just getting my behind burnt to a crisp over and over before finally realizing it.
  5. Boomer-ish rant incoming, but thats my big, big issue with electronic music. You've got this gigantic array of otherworldy sounds at your disposal, no limits anywhere, and yet most of the time people just make ear rape EDM. No thanks, I'll have Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Shulze and Tangerine Dream before any of that.
  6. Forgot an incredibly useful one: close range rocket launcher. Its pretty much necessary in some slaughter maps, and even in regular ones it can help alot.
  7. DSC


    Masterpiece. However, I must disagree with my fellow critic TheMagicMushroomMan here. This work very evidently doesn't possess the usual characteristics of Kurosawa's works. Instead, it immensely burrows from the techniques of Ingmar Bergman while applying them fully succesfully in a completely new medium, losing none of the master's touch, and adding just enough of a personal taste in order to stand itself out. A sight to burrow itself in our collective memory and never come out, masterpiece deserved to be played by all.
  8. Yeah, that reminds me of this one post, unfortunatly forgot by who, but I do remember it was a big community member, who explained very well how combat puzzle and slaughter maps shift the gameplay around by swapping the monster priorities, for example, making the AVs and Pain Elementals harder to kill. Its incredibly interesting.
  9. Thats the one I immediately thought of reading the thread's title. Punching barons and knights is incredibly useful too.
  10. I know. I must say though, for the Sonic song selection, Starlight Zone was a weird choice... But alright.
  11. Oops... Lets see if I can find another one... EDIT: Found one! This irishman recorded the moment his athletes came on screen, and the song was playing:
  12. I can't even... Dear goodness, this is the best thing I've witnessed so far in an olympic opening ceremony, whoever had the brilliant idea to play this deserves no small raise. Simply amazing. On the video below at 41:43: EDIT: Forgot to mention, it wasn't the only video game song played!!!
  13. I went on to check it, but I believe its been corrected, unfortunatly.
  14. This reminds me, I remember reading once on a Terraria site about a boss thats a reference to the band, and I believe the page genuinely called Pantera a "indie rock" band.