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  1. DSC

    Memento Mori Download

    Hello everybody! Just completed Plutonia, and now I want to try some community made wads, starting with the legendary MM. But there are several files in id Games Archive. I then remembered that, becuase it was quite a big game at the time, it was split into several parts. But there is still one that contains the entire game, I believe, and that is the one I want to get, right?
  2. Today is the eleventh anniversary of Richard Wright's death. And of course I couldn't pass the change to remember him, I mean, just look at my profile picture... Anyways, he was an amazing musician, truly a master at the keyboards. May he never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, Rick.
  3. I am very, very sorry for asking yet another question... But I quickly ran into a problem: I am trying to make a floor that perpetually raises and lowers like a crusher, for decorative purposes, in Doom Builder X using the ZDoom Doom in UDMF format, but i can not make it work! Don't you mind to help me?
  4. Hub Worlds are a interesting but not very used mechanic. So, I just want to know the best wads that use them.
  5. I instantly knew what room you where talking about, but too couldn't remember it, and so I went and searched for a little bit, and remembered that the room was one of the last of Deepest Reaches.
  6. DSC

    Best Game Configuration?

    Nice, because it was exactly for ZDoom/GZDoom that I will intend my maps to be played on!
  7. Hello again, everybody! So, I first started making my first map using the ZDoom Doom in Doom format, but after a while, I had some trouble making a huge outdoors area with lots of buildings, because of a few problems with the sky textures and making doors... So I switched to the ZDoom Doom in Hexen format, since it allowed to actually build in 3D... But it got me thinking... Is it still the best one? With so many game configurations, I want to ask, which one was got the most and best features to work with and that the community likes to play the most?
  8. DSC

    Favorite Metal Bands

    About that new King Gizzard album, I actually saw a magazine that called its genre of "trash" metal instead of thrash...
  9. DSC

    Most Popular WADS/PK3S

    Thank you very much!
  10. Pretty self-explanatory. As you all know, Doom Explorer automatically installs any resources we don't have once we try to join a server. So I will ask you all, to save me some time: which are the most popular of all wad and pk3 files?
  11. DSC

    Which 32in24 Edition Is The Best?

    Thank you very much. Don't worry, its alright. Just talk about the ones you know, especially 11 and 13 if you have played them, since they were mentioned by Marcaek.
  12. DSC

    Which 32in24 Edition Is The Best?

    That is very good to hear! But, if you don't mind of course, can you please just give a quick summary of how each one plays?
  13. Hello again, everybody! So, I very recently became aware of this quite famous series of mostly DM and CTF wads: 32in24. There are a lot of editions, many have been quite well received, and I pretend to try Zandronum once I finish Plutonia and NRFTL... So, I will ask now so I can download them later: which is the best one for deathmatch, and the best one for capture the flag?
  14. DSC

    Favorite Metal Bands

    As you all know, Doom is quite metal, indeed. So it is no surprise that many community projects have custom music made of MIDI versions of well-know metal classics... Heck, even the original Doom OST had many tracks that had a resemblance to famous metal songs! And I assume many of you also like this style, so many times misunderstood by the media and mainstream... Many subgenres are some of my favorite music styles, along with progressive rock, as you can see by my profile picture. But enough talk, share with us all your most liked bands! Oh, and you might have noticed that I did not mention any bands that I like... That is because I am still relatively new to the scene, and while I love it, many bands that are my favorites are also some of the most popular, and I am a bit ashamed of that, so I while refrain from mentioning anything in particular, if you do not mind...