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  1. Just because you didn't outright kill the old lady doesn't mean breaking her hand is still ok. "Tame" degenerativity is still degenerativity.
  2. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, you fucking with some wet ass pussy Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet ass pussy Give me everything you got for this wet ass pussy" Wow, those are some truly "well-written" verses.
  3. DSC

    Tasing Beginner

    When I saw the title I actually thought about tazers for a second...
  4. I'm actually starting to really regret posting all those classic death metal albums, they don't deserve being on same literal page as WAP.
  5. My favorite song by the band, excellent choice!
  6. IMO the worst part about the song are the lyrics. They're the most degenerate, tasteless exploitative crap there is. There isn't a single drop of artistic merit even at Planck's scale. If I were to make a "Worst Literature Ever" thread or something like, that garbage would be for sure one of the first things I would mention.
  7. DSC

    Post your favorite album art.

    This a million times. Roger Dean's covers for all those progressive rock albums albums are out of this world. Relayer's one of my favorites too! Other than him, here are some of my favorites: And, other than Dean's works, probably my favorite album cover of all-time:
  8. I'll show you some classic death metal as an introduction, not everything in that genre is Cannibal Corpse! Here: Liked it? Like others have said, its an acquired taste and just a very misunderstood genre in general. But if you are properly introduced to the genre, then everything becomes much easier to understand!
  9. I believe he is referring to the people defending GMan.
  10. DSC

    Doom Sucks

    BTW, in case anyone is wondering, I have quickly checked @Elio AF, and it seems she was a legit regular member here in DW, so its very likely that the account theft thing is true.
  11. DSC

    Doom Sucks

    I've sent a private message to another one too, this probably will be resolved very soon. If your story is true, then don't worry @elio.exe.
  12. DSC

    Doom Sucks

    Don't worry, I'll just inform the mods, they will look further into this and take care of it.
  13. DSC

    Doom Sucks

    You mean someone who hates you IRL just made an account with a similar name and an identical profile pic just to taint your reputation?