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  1. DSC

    Any wads like AV?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I will try out HR today, and although I have heard about its extreme difficulty, at least I also remember that the first maps aren't that though, so at the very least I can warm up a little bit. I'm also quite interested in Resurgence, since so many people recommended it.
  2. DSC

    Any wads like AV?

    As some of you might know thanks to my endless, and to be honest, quite annoying, questions on this forum, I had been playing through Alien Vendetta, and just recently finished it. Absolutely loved the wad all the way through, beginning to end. I actually like all the maps! So, if I'm not bothering anyone again, I just want a few suggestions for any similar mapset. I do know that HR and Eternal Doom inspired it, so I am also curious to play those two.
  3. DSC

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Whenever I can, punch and chainsaw pinkies and spectres to save ammo.
  4. "Cool guys don't look at explosions".
  5. DSC

    Are Those Items MP Only?

    Thank you very, very much!
  6. Hello again, everybody. Sorry to bother you with yet another question about the same map, but I also noticed a curious thing... In Demonic Hordes, a map from Alien Vendetta, I noticed three invulnerability spheres outside the boundaries of the map, and I think you can´t get them. Are they multiplayer only?
  7. Oh, too bad then... Guess I will just noclip...
  8. The Lost Soul is not near the center, though. Does that mean I can kill him?
  9. Don´t you mind just telling me a bit more about it? I still will finish the map if I can't kill the Lost Soul, the others convinced me that it really is not a big deal, but now I'm quite curious...
  10. I'm using ZDoom, and they count as kills in that source port.
  11. Hello, everybody. I am currently playing through AV, right now on Demonic Hordes, and have got almost every single thing done on this map, but there is a problem: a lost soul is trapped on that pit with the pain elementals, and I do not know if it is possible to jump inside it. You see, I don't want to cheat, and don't want to play the map again too, because it is very long and has got more than 1200 monsters... Anyone got any sugestion?
  12. DSC

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    None. Doom has got one of the most balanced weapon rosters out there, and not only is that worthy of admiration by itself, you also have to take in account how old the game is, making that feat even more extraordinaire!
  13. That dude kinda looks like a spartan to me.
  14. DSC

    Problems With Save Files

  15. Icon Of Sin if he was smart enough to cover his brain.