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  1. Yo-Han

    What the...!? Who's articles is most accurate?

    So in the small outside areas(like one of new screenies with spiders) whe'll have magnetic boots or we'll float a bit and we can take long jumps in 1/3 earth gravity ...that would be fun
  2. Yo-Han

    New article + 2 screenshots

    It's the top of it's head..hehe ..7 is a holy number,they never appear in 7's PS..or is it the bottom in their case :-))
  3. Yo-Han

    New article + 2 screenshots

    no problem with some analasys as it stays reasonable for the subject your on :-)) ..i'm gonna look for that 8 th spider now :-)..
  4. Yo-Han

    New article + 2 screenshots

    Ok what i liked: -7 spiders..ok that's a pack.. if they can render so many enemy's(ok small ones) in that environment i'm very positive.. -OK the revenant and his rocketlaunchers look a bit awkward in that one pic,but hey maybe he just fires this small rockets(they are made in hell so why should they make sense ) The good thing is that you can fire those out of the air with good aim because of per poly hit detection..that's cool -The windows on the outside ,the vacuum,the alarm,can have very dramatic lighting effects( alien like effects) and add extra tension when oxigen dissapears -Some behaviour of demons where cool:the pinky above on the glass,demons throwing stuff,others hiding in the dark,others running in from far away..lot's of variety in enemy's and their attacks ...another good point -new generation physics,who said only HL2 would have them? no one :-)..as far as they are needed they are here Not to mension the crane games and other stuff we'll encounter -NPC's, distant batlles, where are our fellow marines and stuff?all questions answered now and it makes sense I think it's good to choose to let sometimes people guide you or not ;different option in how you play..then again you'll have to offer protection to unarmed friendly's -Variety in level design..i liked the second part where you see that the base is getting HELL-ized..demons spawning from fiery spawnpoints sounds cool..the atmosphere is letting you know hell is colonizing -or trying to- the base(little like in aliens when to search for the survivors in that reactor) -flashilights..i can understand ID's decision and i have faith in them.. Limiting a flashlights use is easely done with battery power,or just making it a small light beam..so you really need to point out where you look ... I say it looks good and promising!
  5. Yo-Han

    New article + 2 screenshots

    You know some people are real good in deep analysis, you can analyse and analyse every little tidbit of doom3...idon't care, it's the shrink or therapist his job to analyze things and people...games are meant to be played an have fun with.. I'm happy with every new detail i got to read about doom3 because i don't analyse it untill i almost drop dead,i do not do this with people on the net also ..on the net you never can judge people in a good way(only in reallife you can) I'm just happy to read that doom3 is coming along very well ...they also disancourage some points of angry other minded fanboys ,i like that..see the eurogamer preview,constantly comparing to HL2? WTF? When i read a doom3 article i don't care about something else... When i go to a porsche garage for a porsche i don't wanna here about ferrari's ;)
  6. Yo-Han

    MP add-on

    Playing as a zombie would indeed be fine..for now it'll be just green yellow red an blue doomguy..seeing some zombies walkin around as players in DM could be fun..or when hardware gets faster a 4 vs 4 match ,zombies against marines :)
  7. Yo-Han

    Will you be honest?

    Buy for sure.... i don't buy (or play) a lot of games..but this one will be worth it
  8. Yo-Han

    MP add-on

    "(WW2 castle like locations, gothic Quake 1 locations and Strogg Quake 2 locations apart from the obvious D3 setting)" Great idea ...it means a lot of work making new textures for like the castle part and stuff..but a castle location suits a scary atmosphere very well...
  9. Yo-Han

    BFG 11K

    "while the rest of us who enjoy games with a little more realistic flavor hang out with the rest of the world" hmm these so called reality based games etc are popular..but don't think that sci fi and horror shooters only are played by a vast minority...in fact fiction is mostly more popular then reality when it comes to entertaining people ;)
  10. Yo-Han


    I used to work as a theatre technician in a big multiple theatre room complex We used color codes for keys..black:all technical rooms green:all normal passage doors blue:catering and bar Seems realistic to me.. overuse or simplistic use of these items you probaly will not see in the new doom PS:Find the blue key and fetch yourself a beer!
  11. Yo-Han

    Reduced violence?

    There will be gore for sure..but the amount of it will probaly be variable (in the graphics or game options menu) like in many fps games..this is done mostly for perf issues on lower end systems
  12. Yo-Han

    Im back you pissmonkeys

    Read that too..the only european mainland gaming site (gamer.nl) i thought, a dutch one ,also could hear more about the SP on Quakecon..they also had to wait till sept 23 untill they could talk about it..so sept 23 whe can expect at least some new material ..
  13. Yo-Han

    Doom 3 music

    Hmmmm there was some post in the news that ID was searching a new person for the sound for 6months..why could trent not be busy making an album..he's a musician .. That was a while after the legacy video clone... I think there will be work of trent in it for sure...and maybe some work of that other guy maybe that ex NIN member..
  14. Yo-Han

    Doom 3 music

    Trent had to take them off from doom3 for a new album..he could be agian on it or he could be not...
  15. Yo-Han

    Doom 3 music

    DOOM3 Music Speculation 22:42 PST | Anticonscience Recently there has been much discussion on whether or not Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is still involved with the DOOM3 project. To throw a bit more fuel on that fire Chris Vrenna was spotted around Quakecon this year hanging out with various members of the media as well as the members of id Software. Chris Vrenna was a long time member of NIN who has pursued a solo career over the last few years. In addition to this he also scored the soundtrack for the Quake3 engine based game Alice. So does his attendance signify that he has possibly taken over the musical reigns on DOOM3? Only time will tell. We will leave it up to you to debate in our forums. You can find more information on Chris Vrenna at tweaker.net. from planetdoom