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  1. Yossarian


    I don't have MS Paint installed, what am I supposed to do then?
  2. Yossarian


    Nice wallpapers guys. I wanna know some things: BBG, how did you change your taskbar color? Where can I get that wallpaper? Do you guys use DeskMod or what? I've been to that site but I never really understood how to change Windows around like that. What screenshot programs are you guys using? I'm looking for a free and infinite-day trial version, if you have a link I would be very grateful. Thx. -Yoss
  3. Yossarian

    Wolfenstein 3D version of ZDoom?

    Yeah thats it. You know how they took the original version of Doom II and made ZDoom for WinXP? I want to know if anyone has done it with Wolf 3D.
  4. Does anyone here have a link for anything close a Wolfenstein 3D version of ZDoom? If that made any sense, any help would be appreciated.
  5. Yossarian

    Amusing multiplayer moments

    Jumping no-scope headshot with the AWP sniper rifle in Counter-Strike on Fy_Iceworld. That and when I got a double headshot the other night with the AK.
  6. Yossarian

    Hullo, my name is Ed!

  7. Yossarian

    Where can I find a Doom(2) t-shirt?

    If I ever see one I'll let you know. Also, does anyone know where I can get a Doom II poster? I haven't checked Ebay yet but if anyone else knows of some other way please let me know.
  8. Yossarian

    Some never learn or don't care!

    cadman's post was long, so why should i have to cut down on my sig?
  9. Yossarian

    Seeing distant battles

    Doom 3 needs one bigass boss or some demon that makes you shit your pants when you see it coming barreling down some hallway at you. Remember Duke Nukem 3D and its big mother-f***ing bosses? Yeah, D3 needs some of those.
  10. Yossarian

    Half-Life 2 vs. Doom 3

    No, Valve released a statement that the release date for HL2 will in fact be Sept. 30. Don't believe it unless its from Valve. HL2 will benefit from the mods and the likes, but Doom 3 will probably be better graphically since nothing has been said that it will be playable on low-end systems.
  11. Yossarian

    Some never learn or don't care!

    All true. We need Doom III.
  12. Yossarian

    Seeing distant battles

    Yeah the cameras and the feeling of being alone (a la Aliens vs Predator) are a must. Might also be cool to see some other marines join you and you go through a level or two as a squad. With Carmack's genius, I bet they could figure out some way to incorporate it. Also, if anyones played Unreal II, even simple scripted events such as an Imp running across a hallway would make for a great scare tactic.
  13. Yossarian

    strange things you've noticed in the game?

    yes i realized that after i posted for some reason i forgot the game has been out for 4+ years
  14. Yossarian

    What everyone looks like.

  15. Yossarian

    How to get Started

    I'm looking to get started in level editing for Doom II and I just want to know if any of you guys have a suggestion for a starter program for a newbie such as myself.