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  1. Burnov

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    You know. I still would have accepted a movie about doom wherein they simply curtailed any direct mention of the term hell or any display of pentagrams, etc. Even if the monsters just came from some "other dimension" I still would have accepted it. Which technically they did. Hell or not. It's some other plane of existence that looks very... hellish. However the whole government virus thing just takes the whole movie in a really stupid direction. Same with the whole survival horror element. You cannot expect to make a movie based on doom and add that psychological horror element to it like in alien. It's just not that kind of game, it shouldn't be that kind of movie. Unfortunately that's what is deemed popular with the stupid fucking ignorant consumer masses right now, so that's what studios are going to try to give them. It'd be even worse if they added some cleavage sporting bimbo with big guns for all the geeks to get their rocks off.
  2. Burnov

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    Well alright. But I more or less meant that Ghosts of mars took place in that area... Where does the doom movie take place? As far as I understand it. Some generic planet in a galaxy "Far far away". Either way though. There's no way in hell I'm going to see this movie in the theaters. I didn't see AVP... not so much because of the principal of the thing, well partly that. However also simply because the movie looked boring, and reminiscent of some kind of really bad power rangers episode featuring musclebound predators. To be honest I simply cannot be bothered to get off my ass and pay with my own hard earned money for a movie unless I'm going to really enjoy it.
  3. Burnov

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    Then you're basically reinforcing the idea in hollywood that they can get away with completely bastardizing source material for movies. Crazy idea here. How about not wasting your money on a bad movie and encouraging others not to either? Instead of doing something stupid like a petition, I think there should be an organized boycott of this movie. I think contributing to the commercial failure of a movie like this would be way more entertaining than actually going to watch this piece of shit when it's out in the theaters and wasting 13 bucks just so I could justifiably complain about it. News flash though, you pay for it. The studio execs don't care. They've already got your money. People like you are the reasons movies like this keep getting made. Honestly how hard is it to NOT go waste your money on something that's obviously as shitty as this movie is going to be? Sorry to say, but at this point. Ghosts of mars is actually looking to be more true to Doom than the actual movie will be. I mean fuck. At least THAT movie was actually on MARS!
  4. For my suggestion. As far as the rest of your mod goes. If you're going for mad amounts of death animations, how about adding the "brink of death/recovery" animation that was in the Aliens 3 tc. Where a guy would remain locked in a suspended death animation for a moment and it seemed like random chance as to whether he would drop dead or pick himself up and continue the fight. Anyhow. I think that'd be cool. It seems like there's already every plausible doom weapon you could put in doom submitted anyhow.
  5. Redundant post. Nevermind. Browser fuckup
  6. Cool guys, thanks for the info. I'll be sure to check on all of them and see what they can do.
  7. I personally can't validate that because with Jdoom running the aliens 3 tc, it's just screwed up. It still runs but it's messed. The sprites are all mis-matched and eggs are moving around and their attack frames are facehuggers... the proxy bombs are messed and the animation is pretty much the only thing left since it switches between a muzzle flash and a shot of a guy holding an orange and grey disc. Hopefully there's some other source ports that support dehacked a bit better.
  8. I want to know if there's a source port out there that will fully support just about any dehacked mods out there. None I've tried thus far have been able to support some of the more complicated dehacked mods like alien doom 3.
  9. I know you can download an avp doom mod through a link on doomworld that does for the most part look similar to the one I downloaded off of Cd-rom.com way back when their ftp server was still up. I recall it having some very interesting levels and most of all, some very interesting tricks using dehacked. For example, soldiers getting shot and occasionally falling to their knees and bleeding for a moment, and as if by random occurence, they get up and fight on, or they die. Another was proximity mines which were and odd orange color as I recall. This other version of avp doom unfortunately falls short on these interesting innovations. If any of you have by chance come across it, I'd really appreciate knowing where to get it again. Cheers Burnov
  10. Fuck. I'm beginning to thing no doom game out there fully supports dehacked patches. I don't know what that scripting shit is, but unless it's simple to do and it can allow for greater gameplay customization by means of weapons and entities... It's quite useless to me. As zdoom is shaping up to be. Again. Fired up another source port of doom... health of player set to 25... my health is at 100 when I start... fucking thing. Doom is not fun when you can take 50 million bullets and live.
  11. I'm in the market for a good doom source port that's easily edited... as in dehacked-type editing. I love doomsday but there are just certain things you can't edit with dehacked patches such as hitpoint values for players or other things... so it's basically useless to me. I specifically want to crank the hitpoints for players down to 25 or so, like in marine doom. I find there's just not enough excitement and challenge otherwise. Anyhow. If anyone would has any ideas for me I'd be appreciative. I would on a subsidiary note prefer something graphically appealing. But even if the port still looks like old vanilla doom. It's better than nothing.