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  1. Maidoomku

    Flats only for floor/ceiling textures?

    Well I completely got what you were saying, no doubt in my mind there are a lot of expectations for maps of a 25+ year old game with many not being the "most" creative, and I should have watched more tutorials first my bad on that, I'll check the links and few others to help wrap my head around mapping. Anyway, this is something I've always wanted to do so I'm happy starting with Doom. I can't guarantee any maps I make will be any good but I'll try and make most different in my own way, especially ones I post. Also happy to join the community dudes, appreciate all advice (should have included that in my original post)
  2. Maidoomku

    Flats only for floor/ceiling textures?

    I appreciate the method, but there aren't many flats I might need on a wall... There's a ton of wall textures I would need on a floor or ceiling, only drawback for Boom so far. Edit: Thanks boris I'll keep that in mind
  3. Maidoomku

    Flats only for floor/ceiling textures?

    I had thought about making most in Boom and then switching to UDMF after getting some experience, but using them base on the map is much smarter. Thanks for the advice! I'll try tinkering with a map later.
  4. Maidoomku

    Flats only for floor/ceiling textures?

    That's a bummer, but thanks for the answer. Would it be best to stick with Boom and download flats (and if there are ways of getting simpler wall textures as flats) or to switch to a different format?
  5. New here and new to mapping and it looks a ton of fun, I'm starting off using GZDoom builder in the Boom format, only problem so far is as mentioned all other textures don't appear for the floor and ceiling except flats unlike other formats I tried. Any solutions?