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  1. Not sure if this is the best place for it, but with one mod I load up, if I open the automap it no longer displays the level name on the bottom, this is being loaded up with Wadmooshes Doom Complete, the mod being SBar+ https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=48566 I'm thinking of fixing it myself, since it seems simple, but I'm having trouble figuring out where the root issue is, looking on the wiki shows it being related to the mapinfo, that specific file doesn't appear to be in the wad file but loading it with normal Doom does display it, any other spot I should check within the file to see how to fix it? I check the zdoom wiki but I'm never exactly sure where to start with this.
  2. So one thing I notice after messing around with the customizer mods, is if I use the PCSPEED.pk3 (the one that adjusts monster speeds like the Revenant) and PCSPDKEY.pk3 (SSG/Shotgun in slot 3), that messes up the archvile and it won't be spawn-able via it's actor name PSXarchvile, it works as long as neither are enabled, (Not sure if they spawn on any map, like the Lost Levels so I don't know if it breaks that)
  3. Korvaki102

    Editing the End of Level and Screen Size backgrounds?

    Whoops, my apologies, I thought I sent one here, was multitasking alot for a while. https://i.imgur.com/2yIBB9h.png?1
  4. Korvaki102

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    So when I load this up I get this texture in the sky in the first area. I loaded everything in the normal order but I don't know what causes this, It's a missing texture bug but I can't say I ever seen it in this spot. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/290378105355370499/620356314027261969/Screenshot_249.png
  5. So since the customizer exe gives me a Game_info error upon using it, I'm setting up a file with either a batch file or Doomie, to get the set up based on the normal batch file, what pk3s/wads do I need to load, apart from PSXLoad and whatever in the customizer, and what order do I put them in? I'm doing trial and error with a seperate install to test the customizer but I don't know the rest of the PK3s EDIT: So one quirk I notice while playing around with this, is if I enable "PC Monster Speed" (Revenant Speed) or "PC weapon Key" (3 for both shotguns), the Archvile is no longer spawnable via Summon psxarchvile, the stealth version works but the regular one just doesn't work anymore
  6. Looking for some advice for a light TC I'm doing, I'm trying to change the background for the screen size (so hitting -), as well as editing the end of level background image, I tried to edit the end level screen but some artifacts and sprites remain in the screen, so sprites like buildings, tried looking through the sprites but couldn't find where those were, same with the screensize, I exported the graphics to png but never found it, here's a screenshot for reference.
  7. Korvaki102

    Adding Projectile Sounds to monsters?

    Managed to fix the Sentinel and Acolyte now, thanks for that one. Got a few monsters ported in, so far now I'm stuck on the Stalker (little spider) and the Crusader, the Stalker doesn't show up at all even with the sprites in the right folder, and the Crusader has a flame attack, that doesn't show up without the sprites and I'm having a hard time finding it even after ripping the spriteset, I did look on the wiki for the right prefix but hadn't found it.
  8. I'm messing around with Slade a little and figure I'd port Strife monsters into Doom, So far I've got the Acolyte, Sentinel, Crusader and Inquisitor, but one issue I'm having is the projectiles and sounds, the Sentinels projectile doesn't show up, finding the graphic for that has proven tricky, same with the Inquisitor, and the Acolyte doesn't have a death sound or sound when he fires, both of which are appropriately placed. Do I need any decorate files in place? I'm putting them in via pk3 for organization.