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  1. eirc

    [RELEASED!] Oculus Malus - SIGIL Inspired Solo Map

    Took a while but my playthrough is up too
  2. eirc

    [RELEASED!] Oculus Malus - SIGIL Inspired Solo Map

    Hey just finished this, definitely a map worth playing. I started playing this saveless but the big cyberdemon puzzle room was a showstopper for that ;) I admire the fact I found all monsters and secrets even if playing blind. Everything is telegraphed properly! I'm struggling to find suggestions but maybe I'd prefer if the backpack was available earlier even if in a secret - actually since the backpack proper is also only available only in a secret (and actually the more luckluster one) I'd suggest to have one on the normal route and one secret earlier. I also think there are a few places where there are leftover evil eye wall sockets (or it was the ones that close, I'm not 100% sure). Finally the final red key section with the crusher corridors really confused me, I didn't really understand what the progression was, I was just trying to keep going in places I hadn't been. Also I have a feeling the cyberdemon in the plasma room was supposed to teleport in earlier? It did after I got the red key for me. Overall this was an awesome adventure! I recorded my playthrough and I'm currently uploading it to youtube if you wanna check the blind experience. I'll share the links (did it in two parts) when it's ready.
  3. eirc

    Katyusha - my 2nd map for DOOM 2

    Hey there, here's my no commentary play-through of the level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_rpWQDiK_w. Like the guy above I have to agree that having the rocket launcher in a secret is not a good idea since it's pretty much mandatory for both the mastermind and the archviles fight. The saving grace is that the rockets spread around scream "hey go find that". While some may see that as a negative, it worked for me since it made me look for it and find it. Also regarding the secrets at least use the classic "different standout texture" if they're gonna be random wall-humps. I actually found them because they are visible in the minimap for some reason. So I'd suggest looking into making them not stand out in the minimap but stand out a bit in the normal game. Finally the cyberdemon crushers do not provide the expected payoff because we don't get to see them get crushed since the switch is in another room (I didn't even realize which switch actually was that did the job). Maybe you could have the crusher switch in the cybie room and it slowly gets revealed as we get the keys. That could make us need to stay for a few seconds in the room maybe to activate the crushers and then we'd sit back and enjoy the squishage. I'll close with the positives: The gimmick with running from the Cybies (and multiple time) is indeed pretty cool and worth revolving the map around that. The action, difficulty and balance were also well thought out and really made me enjoy playing the map. Make more :)
  4. You have my mouse! Doomworld Handle: @eirc Skill level: Doom noob (played in 1994 and again in 2019), experienced gamer, trihard. I always do pistol start UV and use saves outside of combat, determined enough to handle a ton of deaths Preferred difficulty level(s): UV, willing to do anything for playtesting purposes if needed Maximum number of maps in a set: ~ episode length Minimum number of maps in a set: 0 Preferred genres: Slaughter, Puzzle (combat/layout based), Fast paced action, anything not mentioned in I-don't-like Genres you don't like: Excessive platforming, Mazy layouts, Puzzle (switches/untelegraphed stuff/sudoku), Gameplay/weapon/monster mods (I can handle small scale changes) Preferred source ports: GZDoom, GLBoom+ Source ports refused: All except preferred Demos or written comments: Written feedback, video from blind dying in the first room to uvmax (without commentary) Mapping Experience: Made a couple maps, will make more. ´╗┐Notes: I want to tell you what I liked and what I didn't on your map so you can get motivation from the likes and improve on the dislikes. Obviously always take it with a grain of salt! I also just like to play obscure stuff so your map's my delight.
  5. Cool map, and it's somewhat difficult even if the rooms are pretty huge. My only issue was spending a lot of time running around to gather single hp, armor and clips. Maybe they could be more clustered or sth? Recorded my run here https://youtu.be/RpO1dH9Fu1g
  6. Hey mate thanks for doing this, your feedback was great and you made a lot of good points I can focus on improving! Especially about the arenas being essentially big rectangles, I only noticed it after people started commenting on it so I'll be more mindful about that next time. I do have some ideas on how to apply it on this map which I'll do if I manage to stick to it in the long run and package it in a multilevel wad later. Again thanks for this, and you got my hopes up again since you seemed to enjoy the map. I was getting super worried about that because I'm getting lots of feedback of people getting brutalized by the later fights.
  7. Ok, I guess I shouldn't ask people that don't do slaughtermaps to run them :) The amount of monsters scares people and they end up camping which actually makes the map way more difficult and you end up quicksaving every couple seconds which is definitely not fun. If you see for example how you did the rocket launcher fight, running back at the maze is really a deathtrap, a couple tries running in the "arena" and you did it easily. Same with the next fight. All the fights can be done way easier by running around avoiding projectiles and trying not to rocket your face :) Of course this playstyle is difficult and not for everyone. Anyway this was very helpful, I'll disclaim the slaughter part more and I'll try to balance non UV even better so I cannot thank you enough for sticking through it and I'll let you know if I make a normal map! PS You're really doing a great service to the community btw, keep it up!
  8. Wow mate that was some quick delivery! Thanks for taking the time to do this. So it's gonna be movie night tonight watching you smack against my wad :)
  9. eirc

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Yea not firing a shot will not wake up the viles and hell knights that teleport in too you cheesy bastard. Good running tho :D
  10. eirc

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Wot you managed to skip the whole fight there??? I put in those last two cybers thinking noone will be able to dodge them with all the commotion behind them! That's pretty impressive - and another thing going in my cheese list lol.
  11. eirc

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Ok noting this along with the other cheeses people reported, I'll get you in v1.4 you filthy cheesers :) Umm there was another big fight with viles, cybers and a ton of imps back upstairs right? Just asking to make sure everything worked ok and didn't bug out. Again, thanks for the feedback!
  12. eirc

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Hey hope you're enjoying it, this and the next fight are waaay harder than the first part of the map tho. Try HMP if you're having trouble, there's an invulnerability for each of these fights there.
  13. Hey there, I'd very much appreciate feedback on my first map. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete, and the second half is pretty much a slaughtermap. I'd recommend GZDoom for the best experience, saving between fights, and maybe try HMP instead of UV if you're not into slaughtermaps.
  14. Hey there, I'd very much appreciate feedback on my first map. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete, and the second half is pretty much a slaughtermap. I'd recommend GZDoom for the best experience, saving between fights, and maybe try HMP instead of UV if you're not into slaughtermaps.
  15. eirc

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Hahaha you didn't break it, that was so funny. Here's what you had to hump to move on: https://youtu.be/Dz03PVvhNdY?t=550. That was a great run btw but you stopped right before the difficult part starts!