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  1. MoxiumJackal

    Why Was Doom 4 Called Doom?

    Windows OS Quick Links MS-DOS Windows 1.0 - 2.0 Windows 3.0 – 3.1 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows ME - Millennium Edition Windows NT 31. - 4.0 Windows 2000 Windows 2001 Windows 2003 Windows 5.0 Windows 5.1 Windows 6.0 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Server Windows Home Server Windows CE Windows Mobile Windows Phone 7-10 THERE IS NO WINDOWS 9... -_- Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox Scorpio, Xbox Two is Code-named Scarlett and It's Coming in 2020 Ps1 Ps2 Ps3 Ps4 PsV....
  2. MoxiumJackal

    Can I.D please add Gameplay Modifiers? as a free DLC

    i kind of wish that this would be released as a free DLC update to Doom 2016 and maybe even get added to Doom Eternal Really just wanted to recreate this feeling from my modded map (but throughout the whole campaign) after making that level, i tried to play through the game, but there was never enough to kill. the different between the frantic madness that was my custom level, over the main game =[ yuh the enemies litterally flooded the map, respawning endlessly And alfred, the other baron of hell helped me, until he died... Alfred had like 4x the amount of health as others. xD
  3. For the longest time now, i have had this piece of me in my head, that had some ideas, for basic little gameplay mods, built into the game. similar to the optional Skulls from Halo 3, these modifiers simply add small changes to the game. You can turn them on or off freely, and alter the way the game plays by various degrees. 1: Bring on the Pain, All this does, is increase the amount of spawned enemies by double or triple. [2x or 3x] 2: Flight or Fright, This modifier increases or decreases your movement speed [130% movement speed or 70% movement speed] 3: Fists of Glory, This modifier gives a chance for 10 seconds of free berserk after glory kills [10% chance or 30% chance for berserk] 4: Rock on, An infinite ammo modifier, simply gives unlimited ammo in all weapons except BFG [Infinite ammo or no ammo pickups] 5: Unleash the Flood, this modifier, makes all lesser mobs constantly respawn, infinite amounts of lesser mobs spawn, [Lesser only or Lesser and Greater endlessly] 6: Endless Torment, this modifier increases the damage you take or deal, [Deal 20% more damage or Take 20% more damage] 7: Where's the Doctor?, this modifier removes all health drops, or increases health from health pickups [no health pickups or +20% more health from health pickups] 8: Where's the Mechanic?, this modifier removes all armor drops, or increases armor from armor pickups [no armor pickups or +20% more armor from armor pickups] 9: Gates of Fury, this mod will boost enemies health by 2x or even 3x its base [Enemies have 2x health or 3x health] 10: Unchained Beasts, this mod will modify the entire games enemy spawns to spawn mostly just bigger enemies, not as many lesser ^basically, it will spawn out way more giant monsters, even more spawns will unlock flooding the maps ^as well, some mobs will fight amongst themselves as this mod causes factions to spawn in between, attacking you, and each other. 11: Flowers for Daisy, every so often, a mini boss will spawn to attack you, a demon version, of Daisy the bunny [Doom 1-2] 12: Bloody Roar, Enemies have their movement and attack speeds increased [enemies move 20% or 40% faster] 13: Never Rest Again, Lost souls and imps will constantly spawn close to you and chase you down. never letting up [Slow spawn or faster spawn] i was thinking that the modifiers would either be unlocked from the start or you just had to beat the game 1 time to unlock them all. they may disable achievements though, but yeah. you can use them in the snapworld mode as well as the campaign. Unchained Beasts- most imps will spawn as hellknights more mancubus will spawn and lost souls would mostly be Cacodemons instead pinky's will spawn in 3's with 1 baron of hell with them