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  1. Ok, so I got it working great at 100 health. Next I'm trying to drop the health pickup when Samus' health is less than full. My approach is this: Scripts: Monster death state: I get no errors when starting the game, but it just doesn't function properly. The monster only drops health when Samus' health is below 100. I'm assuming that 'APROP_SpawnHealth' grabs the health of the Actor when they spawn, which is always going to be 100. I tried 'APROP_Stamina', with the same results. The Energy Tank upgrades coded as such:
  2. I kinda figured it out. I researched a bit, and saw that I also have to compile the scripts. So I did that, and it gave me the error that "return" can only be used in a function. So I had to use "SetReturnValue" instead within the script, and it worked! Thanks again. I know I'll have more questions later ;)
  3. Thank you for the response! I've entered these into the "scripts" file (I'm assuming it doesn't matter where in that file they are entered, so I put them at the top), and added the triggers to my test enemy's Death state. This is how I'm calling it: ZOOM H 5 { if (CallACS(PlayerHealth()) < 100) { A_SpawnItem ("MedHealth",0,0); } } ZOOM I 5 A_Scream ZOOM J 5 A_NoBlocking ZOOM K 5 POSS L -1 Stop If I call the function in DECORATE as you've typed it, I get an error at startup: If I enter it like this page suggests (with quotes), the game launches fine, but when I kill the enemy, I get the message: P_StartScript: Unknown script "PlayerHealth". Here's how I've entered it based on that ACS page.
  4. ==Question== I've been tweaking this Metroid Doom mod, and I want to make certain enemies drop health and missile ammo, but only when Samus' health/missiles are less than full. The closest I got was getting an if/else statement in the enemy's Death state: But this is just random chance, without regard to Samus' health. Is there something I can use, like "if(PlayerHeath < 100)"? Thanks!