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  1. theycallmefog

    No textures - need some help

    F for the "Convert all" button. :)
  2. theycallmefog

    Sector music/sound

    Hi! Is it possible to make a sector (or if i cross a line) play different music? Like in Doom2016. I did not found any tutorial about this. Thanks!
  3. theycallmefog

    No textures - need some help

    Thank you, that explains a lot. Is there any option/setup to load the aliens' textures to my wad? I usually just drag and drop wads to gzdoom i want to play. I'm looking for a way to make it simple.
  4. theycallmefog

    No textures - need some help

    Hi! I'm a new mapper and i run into a little bit of problem when i try to load my .wad to Gzdoom - the textures won't load. When i test run in the Doom Builder everything is fine. I added 2 resources: doom2.wad, and aaliens.wad. I learnt the basics like making doors, switches, portals, even 3d floors, etc... Now i wanted to test some custom textures using the Ancient Aliens wad (because it has some awesome stuff in my opinion) and the textures are just white-blue squares. Pls check screenshots and let me know if you need more info to help me out. Thank you!