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  1. skull

    Soul Torment (3 map WAD)

    Thank you for playing the WAD! I'm always glad to make maps and have you play them. I hoped it proved so much better than my first WAD. One thing is I noticed is that you missed the 2nd blue door in Map02, Waste Plantation, which was just shortly before the blue keycard. Surprised you missed it, and it contained a few secrets for that level too. Still, thanks again for playing it and pointing out your thoughts, David! I wanna try to do something bigger than this project sometime.
  2. skull

    Soul Torment (3 map WAD)

    Glad you liked it!
  3. skull

    Soul Torment (3 map WAD)

    Thank you, glad you played and liked it.
  4. Soul Torment is a multiple-month-long project that I've been slowly working on as my 2nd WAD project! This is my 2nd WAD, and it should be so much better than the first WAD I made and uploaded (let's forget that one), and I want to show off just how I have improved since my first map, Hell Invasion on Mars, that I made back in 2019! It's a good thing there were a couple people like DavidN and SuitePee to play that back then. Screenshots: Settings and file stuff: As said in the title, there's 3 maps. There's custom and modified weapons and enemies, thus this is incompatible with any mod or file that changes stuff like that. Some changes include new alt fires for existing weapons and weaker lost souls. The difficulty is probably easy for a pro, but it's recommended to play on UV for the best experience. There's 3 player classes, all have different starting weapons. This does not affect gameplay much, but give a different starting experience. There's also 2 custom difficulties, INFERNO and DOOM, one of which is for total masochists who try to avoid getting hit at all. Everything is credited in the credits.txt text file. Download for the WAD:
  5. Hey thanks, I enjoyed the criticism.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. This first wad was just testing the grounds of an editor, maybe I'll update it again, but for now I have plans to make another wad, and it's going to be better than this one.
  7. Hey everyone, I have updated my map, "Hell Invasion on Mars". I have made several changes to it, link down below. There will be no further updates, so enjoy the final version I guess.
  8. Hey thanks so much for playing! Loved your video, and thanks for the criticism. Hope you enjoyed killing those babies you monster! So far I haven't seen anyone find my secret, seems like I succeeded, yet that makes me sad. Hope to see you play more of my levels again!
  9. Hey, thanks for the advice and for playing my map! Maybe I worded the inspiration thing wrong, I just didn't start making maps until I saw carter's maps, despite being beginner maps, still being streamed by people. Because of that, I thought I would try my hand at it.
  10. ---EDIT/UPDATE--- (9/14/2019) Rebalanced game-play, fixed mapping issues (fixed sharp corners, secret is more obvious, messed with brightness levels), boss battle unlocks a door that ends the game, instead of ending it right when he dies. Not enough of a update to play again, but it's an improvement of the previous version, improving somebody's first play-through of the wad. If you have already downloaded it, but haven't played it, I recommend switching to the newer version. ---INTRODUCTION--- Hello doom players and makers! This is my 1st wad map that I created, with some help from my brother carter. I was inspired and interested in making doom wads when I saw the user Suitepee and other people playing and streaming carter's (formerly carter1027) wads, since his maps were new-ish and needed work. I have fun making maps and I hope people play them, despite still being a noob and needing to work on wad making skills. By no means am I going to be popular or really good, or even close to it. (Important map description below). ----SCREENSHOTS---- ----DOWNLOAD---- HellinvasionOnMars.zip v1.0 HellinvasionOnMarsv1.1.zip v1.1 ---STORY--- You, playing as the doom guy himself, is working in a Mars station, until some bumbling idiot opens the security door to the hell portal, releasing demons. Hell has quite literally taken over the small Mars station, with demons murdering people everywhere. You lock up a lone imp and find a pistol, but the imp is unable to communicate, at least in the human tongue. Now you set off, to kill all these demons that were released, and escape the station. ----DESCRIPTION---- Tested in GZDoom 4.2.0 (UDMF Format) Mouse-look, jumping and crouching is highly recommended for the best experience. The wad contains a single level, and custom monsters from realm 667. Map difficulties are implemented. (Tested on ultra violence and hurt me plenty, but there's differences for every difficulty).