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  1. GratefulName

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    I made this patch real quick, i know Dragonfly uploaded his AI version but this one was made by Scuba Steve, enjoy i guess. TFCWide.zip
  2. GratefulName


    Elijo el mapa 35
  3. GratefulName

    Your favorite video game character quotes

    "Are you gonna sign this or will it be your surviving family members?" -Some guy that just wanted milk and petitions.
  4. GratefulName

    prboom+ wont let me play doom 2

    are you using the parameters correctly? (-iwad "doom2.wad")
  5. GratefulName

    Hell Unearthed - 6 DOOM 2 Limit Removing Maps

    Hey there! just made this UMAPINFO Lump for this WAD so everyone can properly enjoy of this map in your favorite Sourceport. (Includes Level Names, Music and Skies) Also @Lerxst_In_Wonderland i would really recommend you to add CWILV Graphics for your map. LERXSTPAKUMAP.zip
  6. GratefulName

    UMAPINFO Appreciation Thread

    This is not the correct thread to ask this. Still, dynamic lighthing is not a feature on PRBoom+ UM and if it were possible you would need some kind of ZScript or Decorate Script to make a fully functional flashlight. If you want a flashlight just find a flashlight mod and use it with GZDoom. In case you have more questions you can go check the Actual PRBoom+ UM Thread:
  7. GratefulName

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    You got to do it in the Sky Transfer Linedef like this:
  8. GratefulName

    Winnie the Pooh is now Public

    I'm official now-
  9. GratefulName

    wtf is up with my prboom plus? (I fixed it)

    It happened to me in my old pc (4 GB RAM, AMD E2, All In One) but then i got a better one and the problem dissapeared.
  10. GratefulName

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    Here, i made it myself but you can use it freely.
  11. GratefulName

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    Just bought Classics Revolution, if you do so you get both Classic Encounters for free in their standalone version!
  12. GratefulName

    What games should I get based on my wishlist?

    You could unlist these ones and buy Serious Sam: Classics Revolution, it comes with both encounters + an extra one, also new optional weapons and enemies. Also an Enhanced version of the Serious Engine 1
  13. GratefulName

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    Yup, you can find it on the Widescreen statusbars collection by NightFright: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=37960
  14. GratefulName

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    Hey guys i would like to know if by any chance if it's possible to change the Unity Port MIDI Soundfont
  15. GratefulName

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Not sure if i'm going to do that, i want full white rocks for the mountains. I didn't knew that could be done, it looks way better now, thanks!