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  1. Hey there Xaser; First of all Hi My name is Bombchu Link or BLink for short. This is going to be a really long and complicated wall of text but yeah I though it was worth informing you about. 

    First of all I'm the current Owner/Admin of the Cave Story Modding Community and knowing that you've made Schism, one of the most well known Cave Story mods ever I would think that this would be of your interest. 

    So basically to start off this story, There's this monthly "modfest" competition that goes on every month where we all get together for the better part of 5 hours and make Cave Story mods; there's tons of shits and giggles to be had and it's just a cool community thing. What happened as of yesterday though, a "new member" showed up and worked with 2 of our regulars and made a mod that halfway through, completely changes and incorporated your characters Kate and Xaser from Schism into the mod, because this second half of the mod is such a high quality of a mod as well as staying true to your original vision of the characters I thought it might interest you to sit down and actually play this said mod.  

    There is a LOT of history and mystery revolving around this "new member" and it would take a better part of an HOUR for me to explain it all, but the jist is that he's a top tier cave story modder that never posts on the forums, and strictly DM's people mods and leaves without a trace. It's an overly simplified explanation, but it will do for now.

    Basically if you're interested in playing this CS mod with your characters in it, I'd be more than happy to send it to you or if you're cool hanging out in the CSMC as well just for a minute that would also be great.

    I know this is all just coming out of nowhere and is really, really bizarre, but hey, life just finds a way huh.

    1. Xaser


      Oh, wow! This is a pleasant surprise. O_O


      Sure, color me interested! I'm flattered folks still remember Schism after... uh, it's been over a decade, hasn't it? Dang.


      And nah, no worries on the random message -- it's the best kind of bizarre! :D


      Cheers, and looking forward to giving it a shot!


    2. BLink


      Here you go!

      The first part, as said before is made by some newer members of the community so it's not really that good, but after the first 5 minutes or so, the mod really picks up and even goes into Double the original game's resolution; custom orgs, bosses the whole shebang!

      I'm not on here very much (I made this account just to tel you this lol) but you can hit me up on discord at BLink#0829 and I can go over everything in depth if you like!

      And yes, Schism is Still regarded as subjectively the best CS mod ever made. It's been only in very recent time has the modding skill level in general started to reach the caliber of detail you had 10 years ago.