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  1. I tried to go to the Zdoom website to check the forums, but instead of typing www.zdoom.org, I accidentally typed in www/zdpp,/pr[.

    Heh. Just thought it was funny.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Bloodshedder said:

      <day-o p.annf ,.cpe co ,d.b frg ajjce.byannf o,cyjd yr Ekrpat mre. abe oyapy yflcbi a ,drn. xgbjd ru oyguu abe erb-y p.anc;. cyv C odrgne p.annf hgoy ygpb ydco t.fxrape odrpyjgy ruuv

      I tried transposing my hands in various positions to try and translate that, but to no avail.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Cy-o jago.e xf o,cyjdcbi yr yd. ekrpat nafrgy cb PYF go.pv Cy-o p.annf 'gcy. oypabi.v C tbr, nam.by jab ucigp. cy rgy cb dco d.aev D.-o erb. cy rb CPJ x.urp.v

    4. AndrewB


      Do I detect Dvoraker undertones?