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  1. Xaser

    What are some good map tropes?

    Dioramas. Gameplay-wise, an ample supply of rockets vs. a pile of zombiemen or imps never gets old. Gimme gibs!
  2. Xaser

    What are some bad map tropes?

    [EDIT] Ignore this post; I tried to do a thing to one-up the nested quote image, but it didn't work and clogged up the thread a bit too much. :P [DOUBLE-EDIT] Effit, have a deep-fry. I believe this accurately sums up my thoughts on the matter.
  3. This dips into monster modding territory, but something I've wanted to try for a while is giving the spidey the ability to walk while shooting. Ducking behind cover is a bit trickier if she can just circle-strafe your ass. :P
  4. I'm a long way from being anything close to a proper digital artist, but I did a decent chunk of heavy editing of things last year and feel less uncomfortable than usual doing art-y things. Not really sure I'll ever count it until I get to the point where I can comfortably create things from scratch, but Vesper's mugshot turned out well and I certainly couldn't have pulled that off a few years ago: I ended up getting a decent drawing tablet recently and while I haven't used it a ton, there are a few textures for a BTSX E3 map that turned out pretty well which I guess y'all will get to see sometime in the next seventy years. :P No idea what my real long-term plans are here but it's fun being able to doodle on textures to change 'em up a bit, if nothing else.
  5. RDETalus's and bofu's posts demonstrate the need for clarity on the duplicate-resources rule -- folks are still confused in this thread even after my attempt at explaining it. :( Take 2: the rule means that your wad can't contain lumps from the same IWAD you're targeting -- i.e. if your wad is for Doom 2, then it can't contain any identical lumps from doom2.wad. It's totally fine to yoink something from, say, hexen.wad or a texture patch from doom.wad that doesn't already exist in doom2.wad. The d1gfxd2 example I posted is because it accidentally contains a single patch (PS20A0) that already appears in doom2.wad, which (annoyingly) fails the check. There are some exceptions -- music, for instance (e.g. you can copy a music lump and rename it to D_RUNNIN to put custom music on your MAP01 and it's fine) -- but I don't have an exact list because it isn't written down anywhere. The best rule of thumb is to run SLADE's function ("Archive -> Maintenance -> Remove Entries Duplicated from IWAD") since that's exactly what the maintainers use to check. Or look at the SLADE source code, I guess. :P This rule made some sense back when /idgames was founded -- the original doom EXE has a bug/quirk/whatnot in the sprite loader which prevents custom sprites from working unless a wad contains every single sprite from the game* (i.e. not feasible if you're wanting to replace, say, just the imp sprites). Standard practice at the time was to upload a wad with just the custom sprites and include a batch file that uses DEUSF or NWT or some similar tool to append all the missing IWAD sprites to the wad (or at least instructions on how to do so), so the end user would assemble a "playable" version of the wad on their local machine. Meanwhile, the /idgames rule was added to prevent people from saying "fuck it" and just dumping all the IWAD sprites into the wad to make it work -- or worse, try and distribute an entire IWAD with just one or two things changed. It's fine to have something in place to catch egregious cases like that, but most of the time it's a vestigial stumbling block. [*There's also a lesser-known DEHACKED sprite-renaming trick that's used in a few wads like STRAIN, D2TWID, and KDiKDIZD, but not too many folks seemed to know of it.]
  6. The fact that /idgames is seen only as a place for final-ish versions of wads is a huge flaw. There is rarely a such thing as "final", and many projects never make it to that stage, which indeed runs the risk of them dropping off the face of the earth. And that's even presuming they aren't part of the "fuck it" camp who doesn't even try to upload it at all because it's all so stone-age. Xymph's uploader fixes one of the biggest pain points (seriously, extremely-huge thanks for making it), but there are still others that really bog it down. The biggest fish for sure is the delay between submission and availability -- not only is it long, but it's unpredictable, so pushing bugfixes is painfully slow and it's right out for anything with a target release date. Yes, uploads need to be human-verified, and I don't propose that process should go away, but it would be great if some resident programmer folk could get together and figure out what it would take to get some sort of authentication process into the uploader so it'd be possible to whitelist "trusted" users to upload things directly (with some sensible filesize & rate limits), or at least update their own wad once the first version passes inspection. Obviously not a trivial task, but that's the biggest thing holding it back right now. While on the topic, the "contains unmodified id resources" rule needs to be updated with instructions on how to fix it (namely, use SLADE's cleanup feature: "Archive -> Maintenance -> Remove Entries Duplicated from IWAD"), since that's not at all clear from the rule wording (it looks like it means "don't used ripped resources", but it doesn't -- that ship has long since sailed). There are also a ton of people that get sniped by this on accident because they're either using an existing texture wad that accidentally has a duplicated patch (d1gfxd2 is a common one) or they use SLADE to copy+paste texture entries between wads (it's a bit overzealous about copying over patches it doesn't need, often from the IWADs), so folks aren't even aware they've broken the rule.
  7. What more is there to say? Worst Hub is a dumb shit post that lives up to its title (unfortunately) and I'm sorry you had to suffer through it. I was just acknowledging that yes, playing through it is the worst. :P
  8. What on earth are you attempting to communicate here?
  9. In fairness, the wad title did warn you. :P
  10. Doom's boss maps haven't aged particularly well, but they were certainly a hell of a challenge for those of us who had no idea how to play the game back in the day. *insert old man with cane emoji here* :P I'll step in and be the one weirdo who defends E3M8: it makes the unusual choice to place the final boss "behind" the player, off to the side, so when playing the map for the first time as a kid my experience went something like: blunder into the arena, hear a weird screaming noise, go "what was that?", hear something creeping up on me from behind, go "what is that??", then turn around and come face to face with the spidey and go "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!?" before getting shredded to bits. I was legit terrified of the Spider Mastermind as a kid, to the point where I was actually scared to play E3M8 or E4M8 again. I may be one of the lucky few where the boss map's design totally "clicked", but I'll be damned if it wasn't effective, if only the once.
  11. HAPPY NEW YEARS MOTHERFUCKERS it's a HERETIC PROJECT Heretic is a classic, but many of us in the community agree that it's very rough around the edges compared to Doom. Its map quality varies wildly, with some amazing classics (e.g. Guard Tower and Citadel) interspersed with a lot of forgettable filler. Its gameplay can get a bit monotonous, and all the maps start to blur together since the game barely has enough textures to sustain a single episode's theme... and there are five of them. There's some great stuff in there, but it's stretched too thin, like butter over too much bread, as a certain wise hobbit once said. All that said, what would the game be like without these flaws? What if every map was as good as Guard Tower, each episode had a visually distinct theme, and the gameplay was polished to a really shine? What if these questions weren't hypothetical but instead part of a secret evil plot to use a Tome of Power on HERETIC.WAD itself? Time to commit Sacrilege. This project is essentially a "remix" of Heretic, sitting somewhere between a remake and a remaster. Map-wise, it's a mix of light touch-ups of the Good Stuff(tm), overhauls of the slightly-less-than-good stuff, and a handful of new maps to fill in the gaps, all arranged into thematically distinct episodes. Gameplay-wise, it uses Wayfarer's Tome as its foundation, with a few additional tweaks and tricks up its sleeve, and the maps themselves have been rebalanced to take advantage of all the new goodness (and just be more fun in general). Finally, there's a slew of new & edited textures to actually make each episode (and the maps within) not look like the same damn thing over and over. :P As a disclaimer, this is mainly a fun personal project rather than an attempt to make "Perfect Heretic Exacly as Raven Ought to have Done" or anything, but I aim to make it much less left-field-crazy than Lost Episode was, for folks who remember that business. :P THE MAPS Maps in Sacrilege are divided into 5 episodes of 6+1 maps each, rougly totaling the length of the original Heretic (sans the SotSR add-on). In addition to the 3 original episodes, there are two brand-new ones with new themes, 'cause heck yeah. The maplist thus far (with some details TBD): EPISODE 1: City of the Damned -- classic Heretic Episode 1 style, castles n' towns. - E1M1: Docks - E1M2: Dungeons - E1M3: Guard Tower - E1M4: Cathedral - E1M5: Crypts - E1M6: Cataclysm (formerly "Hell's Maw"; renamed to avoid naming confusion) - E1M0: Graveyard EPISODE 2: Forsaken Kingdom -- new theme: spooky forests, castles reclaimed by nature, and lots of green overgrowth. - E2M1: Copse (new map) - E2M2: Quay (heavily remixed) - E2M3: Guildhall (formerly "Gatehouse", heavily remixed) - E2M4: Citadel - E2M5: Academy of Magick (new guest map! details TBD) - E2M6: Profaned Keep (new map; perhaps a new boss ;) - E2M0: Reliquary (new map) EPISODE 3: Hell's Maw -- fire, twisted iron, ashen brick, and a sprinkling of ice, Because Magic. - E3M1: Crater - E3M2: River of Fire - E3M3: Ice Grotto - E3M4: Chasm (fiery makeover edition) - E3M5: Ramparts of Perdition - E3M6: Portals of Chaos - E3M0: Glacier EPISODE 4: The Dome of D'sparil -- underwater palaces, waterlogged dankness, coral (maybe), and obligatory bathroom tiles - E4M1: Cesspool - E4M2: Confluence - E4M3: Azure Fortress - E4M4: Hydratyr - E4M5: Colonnade - E4M6: D'Sparil's Keep (new map, reusing the old name) - E4M0: Aquifer EPISODE 5: [NAME TBD] -- the borderlands of the afterlife. dark, evil, red, and bloody. - E5M1: Sepulcher - E5M2: Shadowlands (new guest map! details TBD) - E5M3: Ichor Shrine (formerly E6M2, "Water Shrine" -- a bit more bloody now) - E5M4: Foetid Manse - E5M5: Abyssal Gates (new map) - E5M6: Oblivion (new map) - E5M0: Mausoleum (with infinitely less bullshit progression :P) If you don't see your favorite map in the list, never fear... maybe. I have a vague plan for an "expansion pack" consisting of all the maps that didn't make the cut arranged into 3 more episodes (for 8 total, egads!), but no guarantees I'll get around to making it. Perhaps if this one pans out OK, then we'll see, but I'd better not get ahead of myself. SCREAMSHOTS The project's still a pretty heavy work in progress so not all episode themes are represented just yet, but as a teaser, here are some before-and-after screenshots of the Hell's Maw episode to give everyone an idea of what to expect: More previews to come as I work on more things. ;) YE OLDE QUESTIONSE Q: Why? A: 'Cause it's fun. This is just something I've wanted to see for a while now, so I figured I'd try my hand at making it. Q: OK, but "Better Heretic," really? C'mon man, ain't that a bit ego-headed? A: Despite the cheeky marketing speak above, this really just a fun personal project; even though the rough goal is "improve things", it's still just "Heretic the way Xaser wants to see it" more than "The Definitive Most Objectively Best Heretic Version Ever". Though I'm doing my best to try and identify each map's strengths and bring them out rather than just steamroll everything with my own BS, it's highly likely that a map you love hasn't made the cut or I end up making some changes to something that feel poopy or weird, 'cause that kind of thing is inevitable with these sorts of projects. Do share if you think I ruined a thing though -- this isn't meant to be a pre-emptive deflection of criticism or anything, just an acknowledgment that I'm a goofy bastard with opinions. :P Q: Why'd you pick map [x] and not [y]? A: Buncha reasons, which all boil down to "it's how I felt at the time". I may make a longer post later explaining the map choice "process", including the hidden backstory of the project, which may help explain why some maps exist while others don't. If it helps demystify anything, one of my critera was "how easily can/does it fit the episode theme?", and as a result there were a few maps that either got cut or moved to another episode entirely. It's not strictly a "best of" collection, though the "lesser" chosen maps are all getting an overhaul, so in the end it oughta work out... even if that means more work on my plate fixing up a few problem children. :P Q: I'm seeing a whole lot of red and brown in those "after" screenshots -- where's all the damn color? A: Most of the work done so far has been on the Hell's Maw episode, so all the preview screenies have a pretty muted color palette. Other episode themes will feature much more color, especially Dome of D'Sparil and the new overgrown-castle-themed Forsaken Kingdom episode. The idea isn't to give each episode a boring monochromatic palette, but the lava-and-iron theme was a perfect fit for the Fire episode so that's what it got. :P Q: When will this be released? A: Soon, sorta! It'll be a while before the full project is complete, but I plan on sharing each episode when it gets done-ish and Hell's Maw is getting pretty damn close to completion at the time of writing. Stay tuned, I suppose. Q: Are you gonna make it so Ice Grotto doesn't have ice directly next to lava? A: Hell naw. Changing that actually would be sacrilege. :P That's all for now -- stay tuned for more heretical musings, and comment away!
  12. Xaser

    [WIP] Sacrilege - Heretic "Remix" Project

    It's kinda hard to muck with Heretic without infringing on Hexen's territory since the games share so much DNA, but I'm trying to avoid using Hexen textures for the most part, since a lot of Heretic projects simply just pull in Hexen's graphics and turn the aesthestic into a sort of generic "Raven mush". Though I say that and a few snuck in anyhow -- those twisty skull columns were hard to resist. :P That said, yeah, at a very basic level if you were to give Heretic's mappers a bunch more textures and go "hey make some new stuff"... you'd get exactly Hexen. :P
  13. Xaser

    [WIP] Sacrilege - Heretic "Remix" Project

    Belated thanks, y'all! Taking me a bit longer than expected to get the first (er, second... no wait, third) episode ready for release 'cause there's yet another Heretic project that's been eating a bunch of my attention -- more on that later I guess? WTF I'm dual wielding. re: maps making the cut or not, the maplist is in the OP for those who don't mind the spoilers. Fate's Path itself would've been a tricky one to try and turn into a theme since it really did feel like a series of outtakes (one proper map, one doom reskin, and a gimmicky 4th-wall-breaker), but they'll all show up somewhere if I ever get around to the expansion and one of the maps was cool enough to make it into the set proper, so there's that at least. :P Anyhow, while I'm here, have some more screenshots of Ice Grotto: This was a fun one to work on -- it's arguably the most iconic map from Hell's Maw, but its construction is frankly rather primitive. Certainly not short on cool ideas though, so it was fun to work with, though I did go pretty ham with the ending of the level to try and make the secret exit a bit more interesting than just a random hole in the wall (and up the cool factor of the famous "eye room"). Relatedly, here's automap screenshot showing off the aforementioned greeble -- forgive the Doom colors; the editor's not called Ultimate Heretic Builder, I guess. :P
  14. Xaser

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Ah cool -- ye, widescreen assets are indeed in the small little sliver of the venn diagram that works in both. TBH it's probably best for the original person to distribute it as a .wad in the first place (or provide both .wad and .pk3 versions), since there are many many ports besides GZDoom that support 'em nowadays. But that's a bit off-topic at this point. :P
  15. Xaser

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Which mod are you trying to load? The vast majority of pk3 files are for GZDoom, and it's highly unlikely it will work in dsda-doom in the first place.
  16. Xaser

    [GZDOOM] My D*** is In This Wall Part 2

    Thanks for letting me sneak in and do crimes. Still laughing at the end result. :P For the uninitiated, this map is basically "what if ZDCMP except on all the drugs?" Play it, dammit.
  17. For general atmospheric creepiness, Transduction (MAP12) from Revilution nails it.
  18. Xaser

    2000s-era Internet Nostalgia

    This thread needs more Arfenhouse. (cw: 2000's internet humor slurs -- pretty mild, but present).
  19. Xaser

    Cut Doom levels?

    Eeeey, these are nice! Exactly what I was hoping to see -- definitely worth tossing up on /idgames or somewhere permanent-like, I'd wager.
  20. My main summary section isn't particularly interesting -- Elden Ring is #1, to nobody-who-knows-me's surprise, though I'm also in the "it doesn't count my Doom hours" bucket, so the numbers are sneaky lies anyway. :P The part I find more amusing is that little genre "spider graph" at the bottom: Souls-like and Metroidvania are accurate, and so is Survival Horror to an extent (I do have a ton of hours in various Resident Evils), but the "Open World Survival Craft" item is literally just Terraria (which I play like an insane murder-hobo), and "Zombies" is Killing Floor 2 (which is a game all about being an insane murder-hobo). Unfortunately, I have so many hours in those two games that in the years before "Souls-like" was a tag (and before I started getting on a Metroidvania kick), Steam's algorithm saw those and decided "oh you like multiplayer zombie survival sim games then?" and recommended me nothing but stuff like DayZ and similar for years straight. Nope, Steam, I don't like those; don't even play 'em. Swing and a miss, you big data nerd. Anyhow, it's caught back up at this point. Not that I ever actually follow any of its recommendations, but it's the thought that counts. Ish.
  21. Xaser

    Cut Doom levels?

    My favorite "lost maps" have always been the two unused maps from the Doom alphas, particularly the "devoid of real levelness" E1M11: One of these days I'd like to see someone do a TWID-like "what if Sandy had finished it?" sort of thing to this and the old Doom 0.5 E1M1. Sure, there's Lost Episode, but my own interpretations are very "out there" and I'm wondering what someone actually good at getting in the TWID headspace could do with 'em. :P
  22. These types of threads sap way more enjoyment out of me than any map ever could.
  23. Xaser

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Have you tried switching the lightmode from "indexed" to "shaders"? Fancy GL options like filtering and anisotropy aren't compatible with the indexed lightmode, so you'd need to switch back to one of the truecolor modes first. If it's still not working, it may have been pruned, but: At least one other person has posted about missing anisotropic filtering, so you're not alone on it.
  24. Xaser

    dsda-doom v0.25.6 [2023-01-15]

    Sorry, I'm not planning on diving any further into the GL engine than whatever's necessary to support the new lighting mode. I'm nowhere near a GL expert; I basically learned just enough to get this particular feature in working order, since it's been on my wishlist for aeons. :P That said, it's still worth bringing these things up, since there are some other folks who have poked and prodded at the GL renderer a bit in recent-ish times, but that's a pretty big undertaking from my understanding and I'm not the guy for the job, unfortunately.
  25. Could we get an option to select which folder(s) the IWADs are in, rather than require they be moved or copied to a specific place? This is a bit spooky for an official launcher (the instructions as written may break other sourceports if someone moves their IWADs by dragging them) and doesn't play well with those of us that already have things set up a certain way. Additionally, dsda-doom itself (and virtually all other modern sourceports) will search for IWADS in the DOOMWADDIR and DOOMWADPATH environment variables, so auto-populating from those would be good too.