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  1. You should probably consider letting Remilia handle all the PR for your port, that way folks might actually take it seriously.
  2. Xaser

    What do you miss about Doom?

    Not gonna quote anyone in particular 'cause the point isn't to shame, but several of y'all are "missing" things that absolutely are still being made by the Doom community today. If you're having trouble finding a particular wad that suits your tastes, try making a thread to ask about it -- you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Xaser

    linux doom builder

    Yeah, even though OP is reluctant to use Wine, that may be the best option if you want to get DB working right the heck now. I got an older GZDB-BF build working great on my Linux PC (running Pop!_OS in case distro matters) a couple of years back, and it's stable enough for regular use, so can confirm the method ain't impossible. :P
  4. Regarding wads with significant difficulty leaps at the end, a fun visualization for this would be some sort of graph that shows the difficulty of each map over the whole wad, so we can see the whole "difficulty curve". Don't have a mockup offhand because im lazyposting on my phone, but there's a fun idea for someone I guess because graphs are cool. :p
  5. Xaser

    What do you miss about Doom?

    I'm gonna be that weirdo who says "nah, not really". Pretty much all the big things I'd longed for have all resurfaced: the author of my favorite wad started making maps again, there's many more mapsets coming out now that are experimenting with gameplay tweaks, the new Doom games don't suck, and outside of Doom itself there's been a huge resurgence of classic FPS gameplay in the indie scene. My oddball choice of lifelong hobby is in a pretty damn good place right now. :D
  6. Sam's level design is Just Fine(tm). It's pretty basic, but it does exactly what it needs to do: not get in the way. The monsters are the star of the show, and all the levels need to do is give 'em some space.
  7. Xaser

    What are some WADs that deserve a new MIDI Pack?

    re: an NEIS pack, that one may be a weird one to pull off because both of the primary authors are active on the forums and at least one of them (me) is very very picky about music. I don't want to ruin the project by being an omnipresent ogre and nitpicking everyone's tracks to death, but it would also be weird to just hang around and ignore its existence like I'm not here. :P I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I dunno how I feel about the idea -- unless NT says do it, in which case go for it. :p
  8. Welcome to the future, Agent. Vesper is a shiny new weapon mod for MBF21, showcasing a full arsenal of high-tech & demonic weaponry that'll make you say "I can't believe it's not GZDoom!" Built using pure DEHACKED, with a little help from DoomTools, it doubles as both a feature demonstration and a standalone weapon pack to use with your favorite maps. Blast 'em away with plasma shotguns, acid grenades, and heat-seeking blood sprayers! Downloads & Links Current release: v1.0.0 -- released 2022-01-02 Release Archive Git Repo Project Homepage, hosted by Hellforge Studios as part of Doomforge Supported Ports dsda-doom Woof! ...More to come! Gameplay Reel: Big thanks to @rd. for putting this together! Watch the mod played by someone who actually knows how to play the game! ;P Obligatory Weapon Previews: Blunderbuss: A highly-portable plasma shotgun. For when buckshot just won't do (which, coincidentally, is always). Nox Launcher: Break-action delivery device for specially-formulated anti-demon Nox Grenades. Bring a spare pair of lungs. And more! Download the dang mod already and check 'em out! Screamshots Click for fullscreen versions. Also yep, that's Proper Valiant, Sunlust, and Eviternity, showin' off the DEHACKED compatibility. Word. How the hell does any of this work? Some geeky details: This is all done with with DEHACKED, and these gifs were taken with dsda-doom. The secret sauce is in the MBF21 spec: there's a whole host of new weapon codepointers that let you do all sorts of fancy business, and combined with DEHEXTRA's ability to have virtually-unlimited* states, it's now possible to do incredibly advanced weapon & monster logic without making the leap to an advanced port (i.e. GZD or EE). The "Boom" family of ports is no longer stuck in the stone age. :D If you're wondering how all this works behind the hood, or want to learn how to build an MBF21 project of your own, check out the GitHub project for the mod. It contains the full source used to build the WAD with DoomTools, including source for the incredibly-powerful DECOHack, which is the key to making all this fancy 21st-century DEHACKED stuff possible. If you've ever written a line of DECORATE or ZScript, you'll feel right at home. [*yeah, there's DSDHacked which has literally-unlimited states, but it may be a while before all relevant ports support it, so Vesper targets the 'lesser' of the two specs for now.] OBLIGATORY FAQ: Q: What port do I need to run this? A: Any port that supports MBF21, though dsda-doom is the primary target. See the list at the top -- everything else is swim-at-your-own-risk. Q: Does this project feature new maps? A: Not yet, just plug in your favorite mapset and have fun. Maybe if this takes off, I'll start up a Vesper mapset project or somethin', but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :P Q: Does this project feature new monsters? A: Nope, just guns. For now. ;) Q: Hey, the mod's busted in GZDoom! A: GZDoom's MBF21 support isn't complete just yet, and the mod doesn't work in GZD at the time of writing. It'll support it before too long, I imagine, once the kinks are all worked out. Q: The mod isn't working in [some other port x]! A: In this case, you're probably best off seeking help from the port developer. Vesper is written using spec-compliant MBF21 features, but since the standard is so new, it's more likely that there are going to be bugs with port-specific implementations of MBF21 features rather than anything wrong with the mod itself. Either way, it's best to start there, then we'll figure out afterward it turns out there's anything in the mod that needs fixing. OK that's it, now let's shoot some goddamn guns!!
  9. Xaser

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    The homepage hasn't been set up just yet -- there's still a few to-do's on that side of life. Will probably make another post when it's up.
  10. Xaser

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    Speaking of updates, HELLA BUMPO! Got a couple of announcements: First off, Vesper has been blessed by Sir @Bridgeburner56 and is now part of Doomforge, a.k.a. the official Hellforge Studios doom project pantheon! We'll have some stuff set up in the Hellforge discord shortly, so stop by if you wanna chat about the mod or otherwise hang out with cool Doom folks. Second on, holy heck it's a release! And a logo, for some reason! Get v1.0.0 here! NOTE: GZDoom doesn't work with it just yet, so now's as good a chance as any to set up dsda-doom if you haven't yet! Have fun, y'all!
  11. A psychotic gameplay mod for ZDoom. Current Release: v1.0.0, 12-27-21 --Compatible with ZDoom 2.8.1, Zandronum 3.0, and modern GZDoom.-- CREDITS: .....Xaser - Concept, weapons, design, insanity, stuff .....Kate - Early testing, hacking, constant support, mysteriousness .....SIR Belfin (MasterOFDeath) - Accidental co-founder, ideas&support, good chaos .....amv2k9 - Heretic, Hexen, & Strife support ...& the testing team: .....WildWeasel, Project Dark Fox, Chopkinsca, DoomRater, Snarboo, Bashe, Jimmy, Marty (sorta) THE FUCK WHAT? So... this is probably old news to a bunch of y'all, 'cause this is an old mod, but certain recent happenings made me pick it up and finally polish off the last couple of bits and hey ho here's a v1.0 release. For those new to the neighborhood, here's the gist: You have guns and psychic powers, you can mix and match 'em, and you can upgrade them at will with cash dropped by fallen foes. Expect a completely different style of gameplay from this one -- with the ability to upgrade your character as you choose, no two games are the same! Also, this works not only in The Dooms, but in Heretic, Hexen, and Strife as well. Insert Programmer joke here! SCREEBSHOTS (click to enlarge): ALSO A TRAILER OR SOMETHING (thanks, MasterOFDeath!) A few essential things to know before playing the mod: Primary fire uses guns, while secondary lets loose your psychic power. Psychic powers are cycled using the same controls as choosing inventory items. Just make sure to "use" the selected power in order to actually switch to it. Be sure and bind a key to "Buy Items" in the config menu, else you won't get far. Spend your hard-earned cash, or Blood Money, at the store to purchase new guns, psychic abilities, and upgrades. Just make sure and nab the bouncing coins quick, else they'll disappear after a while. The new HUD may look overwhelming at first glance, but the relevant pieces are easy to spot. Health & Armor is at the very left, just to the right of it is your BloodMoney count, and the right side contains your list of psychic powers, stats for current weapons selected, and the all-important Psymeter -- that's the blue bar on the extreme right. It gets used up as you cast psychic powers, and don't let it get too low or you'll burn yourself out and take damage. To recharge the meter, simply refrain from attacking. Gonna leave this up for a few days and see if any major issues come up before uploading to /idgames, but barring any last-minute fixes, this guy's basically done now, a whole friggin' decade later. :P
  12. Sorry for randomly butting in, but ideally this shouldn't make a difference. In vanilla, all it takes to add a graphic as a patch is putting it in the PNAMES lump (the PP_ markers are just an old convention from early wad editing tools and aren't actually used), and if the wad is directly replacing the RSKY* lumps then there's no need to do anything else since those are already defined in doom2.wad's PNAMES. If Oda is doing something different, maybe there's some old-zdoom legacy code doing something weirdly? Or maybe there's something else naughty with the wad -- on my phone right now so I can't check it out myself (what vile laziness! :P )
  13. Sorry, I'm gonna have to disagree with folks who are calling for this to be stickied. It could work as a wake-up call for unskilled newcomers with big egos (whether or not they'll read it is a gamble, though occasionally it sinks in :P ), but it isn't useful for anyone who's wondering how to improve. This sort of post is a real kick in the teeth for the other kind of newbie -- the self-conscious sort who are aware they don't yet know what they're doing, but are straying out of their comfort zone in an explicit attempt to improve. Link this post to that sort of person, and they'll bolt and never look back. Maybe a better way to phrase my thoughts is: it's wiser to invest the time in earnest newcomers and let the occasional dunning-krueger ego-head figure it out for themselves, rather than risk alienating the former in an attempt to forcibly educate the latter.
  14. Xaser

    Share Your Sprites!

    Finally got 'round to finishing up a spriteset for a Certain Thing(tm): Still some unpolished bits here and there (for fun, spot the leg inconsistency), but it's Good Enough(tm) for v1.0, so here we be.
  15. Hope I'm not raining on the parade too much, but the more I think about this project idea, the less I feel it's really a viable thing. There's a couple of ways this could play out, and they all have their work cut out for them: 1) Try and directly emulate the original Master Levels' style (i.e. the DTWID approach, with some goofy appropriate acronym). From experience, this is very very difficult to do; the first DTWID kinda fell short of the goal and D2TWID only hit the mark because there was a tight-knit team that spent an ass-ton of time analyzing the old maps and iterating on the new ones. Both projects had a gigantic amount of content left on the cutting room floor (there were more fully-complete cut maps than there were levels that wound up in the final projects), so unless everyone's prepared to go the full nine yards, it'll fall short. That and Master Levels are widely regarded as a bit of a mixed-bag in the first place... then again, so is Doom 2. :P 2) Try and emulate the spirit of Master Levels and the shoot for "let's craft the best maps possible"... but then it'll just be like every other community project in existence. 3) Try and emulate the process of Master Levels and shoot for "let's craft the best maps possible", but do it as an invitational, i.e. reach out to a bunch of established mappers and ask 'em to make a thing. Trouble with this route is it's kinda "elitist" so to speak, and would feel a bit like a rug-pull to talk about it in a public thread and then go "actually nah, none of y'all can make a map for it" :P -- that and while I can't speak for everyone, I'd feel uncomfortable contributing to a project titled Grandmaster Levels with that premise, since it'd feel way too much like going "hey everyone look how awesome I am" D: 4) Flip #3 on its head and make it an open project where folks emulate the style of well-known mappers, as @Degree23 suggested. This seems like the most viable idea of all, conceptually speaking, but it's also the furthest removed from Master Levels' concept/process/etc. -- it'd basically be taking the name and using it for something totally different... which may not be a bad thing, mind you. Though I do feel a bit weird suggesting it; don't wanna come across like I'm requesting a tribute map or whatever. <_< Anyhow, maybe I'm cynical -- and I say this as one of the weird oddballs who actually rather enjoys Master Levels -- but at the end of the day, the most notable thing about 'em is they were a commercial product. So maybe the "most accurate" emulation would be an option 5) where a bunch of folks make some maps and then sell 'em... which would be the weirdest path of them all. Probably better to pick up GZDoom and make a full game at that point, since that's a thing now. :P
  16. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.23.0]

    Huh, sure enough, it only seems to bork if "SDL" is selected as the midi player -- switching it to one of the others fixes it, and I can reproduce this behavior on pr+ upstream, so I'll report it over there. Thanks! Weird, I could've sworn I tried wiping my config and trying it, but that may have been with one of the other ports.
  17. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.23.0]

    Got a bug report of sorts -- module music doesn't seem to work in the latest dsda-doom, though it plays fine in pr+um upstream (and all the other MBF21-supporting ports I've tried thus far). Quick test wad -- https://static.angryscience.net/pub/doom/tests/moduletest.wad -- warp into MAP01 and the music just sorta glitches and stops playing. FWIW, I tried both the official build and Ramon's Win32 build and both of 'em glitch out in the same way. [also, to answer the "ok but who even uses modules in non-zdoom projects question" in advance -- my WIP thing does. :P ]
  18. Xaser

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Sorry for the hella-late response, but I suck at words and I'm still kinda in shock (in a good way). Just wanna say super-thanks for the writeup and the kind words and dammit I still can't believe this has happened. o_O I do feel a bit sheepish 'cause there's like a zillion unfinished things on my plate, one of which is a long-arse list of people to thank that's still brewing in my head 'cause I don't wanna forget anyone, but for now I wanted to at least highlight this one bit 'cause it nicely sums up where my head is at: I ain't done yet.
  19. Huh, this is interesting -- something that's been on my mind for a while now is that most of ZDoom's "it's super-inaccurate" reputation is because of poor choices of default settings more than anything else. There's plenty of compat/gameplay options that, with a bit of fiddling, can let you configure the port to be Close Enough(tm) to the base game that all but the most geeky of users won't be able to tell the difference (excluding multiplayer and demos). It's been a while since I've looked at this, so I need to comb through it again and come up with a list of suggestions, but would you consider changing some of the defaults so it's a closer-to-Doom experience out-of-the-box? Funny enough, the port already solves a bunch of these already by not having the GL renderer (GZDoom's default rendering options are way far from how the software renderer looks), so that's one victory already. :P [EDIT] Hmm, if this port is based on 2.9pre, that means it has at least some level of ZScript support, right? Having just the basics is still a gigantic step up from 2.8.1 DECORATE, so this might be an interesting thing for mods to target.
  20. Xaser

    Heretic: The Way Raven Did?

    A "HTWRD" project is kind of a tricky proposition because Heretic's "style" is a lot more loosely defined than Doom's, IMO -- e.g. compare Guard Tower with most of the other maps in the game, and there's a pretty stark quality/style difference. It's like Doom's Romero and Petersen contrast cranked up to 11. :P
  21. Xaser

    [v1.0.0] Vesper - MBF21 Showcase Mod

    I'll post updates when there's updates.
  22. Xaser

    More Memorable Maps

    I may have to wait a while before I can make a proper post in this thread. My list is adorned with map titles such as "Miles Under the Skin", "The New Technology", and "The Dark Rift", which a handful of you may recognize as coming from certain unreleased projects. :P Maybe someday we can all look back at this post and go "oh hey, I get it now". :P
  23. Well, the de facto answer is if it works in Chocolate Doom, it's vanilla. :P Maybe the best "academic" answer I've heard is that "vanilla" basically means "anything you could do using the tools that existed before Doom's source code release", hence why DEHACKED is considered vanilla while Doom+ is not. The line is arbitrary, but there it is.
  24. Xaser

    dsda-doom source port [v0.23.0]

    UDMF itself isn't GZDoom-specific -- it's got a base spec that GZD extends with its own namespace and adds a bunch of gzd-specific stuffs. UDMF's base spec doesn't require any sort of GZDoom fanciness, so it can be adopted by other ports without any sort of compat shenanigans (e.g. EE). Either way, this isn't much more difficult than supporting the Hexen map format, which dsda-doom already does :P -- kraflab knows what he's doin'.
  25. Xaser

    How do I encourage players to switch weapons?

    Yeah, what NiH said -- weapon switching in classic Doom is much slower than its modern counterpart, so you'll need to whip out DEH or some other fancy port-specific editin' language and make it faster. Which is to say: try it! Gameplay modding is fun. :P Another thing to note is that a big reason why weapon switching is such a common thing in 2016 and Eternal is that it cancels the weapon animation, so you can cycle between two powerful-but-slow weapons (i.e. Ballista/Gauss + SSG) and fire them rapidly. You'd have to do some funky trickery to make that work, and while you can definitely achieve this in GZD with its extended A_WeaponReady and the WRF_NOFIRE flag, I dunno if there's an equivalent in DEH, even in MBF21 (I didn't really consider this use case for whatever reason :P).